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The citizenship

Similar to your wardrobe, when it comes to outfitting your home, there are pieces worth investing in (read: a mattress, a couch, and maybe a dining area), and others you can basically steal. Affordable home decor can range from accessories to furniture, so there are plenty of routes to consider whether you’re decorating a space from scratch or just refreshing a corner or two. So we scoured the internet for the best cheap home decor and we didn’t come up empty handed.

Our secret? Cheap parts that may shock you because they see Dear. Take, for example, a set of old-school inspired cups and saucers that are vintage but priced under $4, a 1960s Robert Sonneman chrome pendant for $200, or a set of plastic storage baskets. handwoven wicker on sale for $60.

All in all, there’s plenty of cheap decor out there, you just have to know where to look. Luckily, we’ve done all the heavy lifting and share our favorite spots with you. All you have to do is choose your best products and decorate. Did we mention that several upcoming seats are also on sale? If you miss the promotions, don’t worry. Every week we launch a roundup of home-centric bestsellers, so you’re always bound to find affordable home decor at incredible prices.

Scroll down and you’ll also see big hitters like Wayfair and Amazon’s hidden home outlets section. At the same time, consider unique places like The Nopo, a platform selling handmade decorations from artisans around the world. The options are endless, to say the least!

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Best bohemian style


Minka textured pot

Best Random Finds


Wooden candlesticks

Best Mid-Century Modern-Inspired Pieces


Mid-Century Modern Molded Chair

The largest selection

Design by Trent Austin

Corum abstract rug

best handmade


Macrame Nylon Hammock Shield

Best vintage

Robert Sonneman

Chrome ball suspension from the 1960s

The most affordable


Stoneware mini plate


western elm

Metal frame swivel wall mirror

Best Luxury Goods


Cloe Bone China Hybrid Small Bowl

The most comfortable

Home items

Wool Blend Waffle Knit Throw

Best Accent Decor

Hello my dear

Wicker basket, set of 2

Best Accessory

The citizenship

The Nieve Pillow

Best Dupe


Compact Stand Mixer

Best range of items


Cassia Rattan Bar Cart

The most artistic


Blue and pink heels Art Print

The most comfortable


Organic Cotton Comforter Set

What furniture and decor should I splurge on?

Pieces that don’t serve an essential function, like flower vases or decorative accents, aren’t worth splurging on. We recommend investing in pieces that you plan to keep for years, like couches, mattresses, and rugs.

Can I decorate my living room for less than $1000?

Yes, you can decorate an entire living room for less than $1,000, as long as you know where to shop! Be sure to check out our favorite stores above for big sales and remember that you don’t have to blow your budget to get your space organized.

Beautiful houseShopping editors spend their days scouring the internet for the most stylish decor at unbeatable prices, so you can count on this list to be the best of the best.

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Soundproofing tips for your bedroom and apartment https://nelshael.com/soundproofing-tips-for-your-bedroom-and-apartment/ Wed, 16 Nov 2022 17:37:07 +0000 https://nelshael.com/soundproofing-tips-for-your-bedroom-and-apartment/

When you share a living space with another, or just live in an apartment with neighbors, you can understand how thin the walls can be. Whether you have multiple roommates in an apartment or have neighbors on either side of your apartment, you know how far noise can travel, from casual music streaming to loud children throughout the day. Although the apartments can be adapted to accommodate several, they are unfortunately not the most soundproof accommodations you will live in. Luckily, there are things you can do to help soundproof your bedroom and apartment to make apartment living easier.

Keep reading to find soundproofing tips for your bedroom and apartment.

Photo: Pexels

Add window inserts

If your sound problems stem from outside noise filtering through your windows, you may want to consider placing window inserts around your apartments. Window inserts are usually clear glass or acrylic panes that you can place over existing windows inside your home.

Depending on the type you choose to purchase, the sound can be reduced by at least 50%.

Add seals to door gaps

If you have noticed that your doors have gaps between the door and the frame (extra light or air leaking in), this may be the cause of extra sound leaking in and out of your bedroom and apartment. You can add a door sweep (usually with a rubber strip) or a windbreak between the bottom of the door and the floor.

Hang heavy curtains

Not only can curtains prevent unwanted sunlight from making your room brighter and warmer, but they can also help soundproof your room and apartment. For example, IKEA sells curtains that are thick and designed to absorb and reduce echo and reverberation from mid- to high-frequency sound.

While not specifically designed to be soundproof, or advertised as such, opting for heavy curtains advertised as blackout or insulated can help soundproof your apartment.

If your apartment has the default flimsy blinds that come with many rentals, you can always install heavy curtains with a tension rod to make the soundproofing hack tenant-friendly.

Hang acoustic panels on your walls

Although typically used for home studios or home theaters, you can use acoustic panels to soundproof your room and apartment. Panels are usually square or rectangular shaped fabric covered panels that can be hung on the wall to reduce noise and echoes.

If you consider acoustic panels to be against your desired aesthetic, you can play around with different shapes and colors to achieve your desired design.

Hang fabric on your walls

If the look of the acoustic panels doesn’t match the mood or design you’re looking for, you can choose to hang fabric on the walls instead. All soft surfaces can help absorb sound, so adding soft fabrics from tapestries to blankets and quilts can help soundproof your bedroom and apartment.

Choosing to hang fabrics as a soundproofing hack can also help you incorporate a bit of decor into your bedroom and apartment when you have the option to play with the color, size, pattern and textures that fabrics can. to offer.

Rearrange your furniture

Something as simple as rearranging your heavy furniture can help soundproof your bedroom and apartment. Moving larger, heavier furniture up against walls shared with roommates and neighbors can help muffle the sound.

Moving a bookcase from a wall that is not shared with anyone to a wall shared with another can help soundproof it. Moving your sofa to lean against a shared wall or pushing an upholstered headboard against a shared wall can help.

Lay down rugs or foam mats

For a quick soundproofing hack that’s tenant-friendly and doesn’t require you to hang or install anything, place interlocking foam mats on the floor. While these mats can muffle the sound of any movement on your side if you’re jumping or working out, they can also help minimize sounds coming from the ground above you.

This might not be your favorite hack if you don’t like the look of foam mats on your floor. If you don’t live on the ground floor of a building, place rugs in a room where you know you’ll be moving around. You can also place rugs on the floor which gives you additional decor as you can play with textures, colors and patterns. The thicker and more padded a rug is, the more effective it can be at soundproofing your room.

Hope these soundproofing tips can help you minimize the noise in your room and apartment. If you’re still dealing with the extra noise from roommates and neighbors, it might also be time to take a step up in communication to get all parties on the same page.

Ababu Namwamba relaxes after working all week and shares video dancing with his sons https://nelshael.com/ababu-namwamba-relaxes-after-working-all-week-and-shares-video-dancing-with-his-sons/ Sun, 13 Nov 2022 17:23:35 +0000 https://nelshael.com/ababu-namwamba-relaxes-after-working-all-week-and-shares-video-dancing-with-his-sons/
  • Ababu Namwamba had the chance to relax at home after a long week of work with no rest
  • CS shared a cute clip in their house dancing to Shakira’s Waka Waka with their handsome boys
  • Ababu also gave Kenyans a glimpse of his luxurious home, which featured state-of-the-art furniture and appliances.

Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba has shared a video of him relaxing in his luxurious home with his children after working all week.

Ababu Namwamba relaxed with his children after working seven days without rest. Photo: Screenshots by Ababu Namwamba.
Source: UGC

CS said that after working seven days without rest, he finally had the chance to bond with his two children, with whom he was captured dancing to Shakira’s tune Waka Waka.

In the cute clip, Ababu, who was wearing comfy sweatpants and a white t-shirt, was seen playing and dancing with the boys who matched his vibe.

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They were all kicking a ball while dancing to the tune that seemed to rejuvenate his spirit after his long week.

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They alternated kicking the yellow ball with their heads and feet and also made a few moves that CS managed.

“Relaxing at home on Sunday evening after intense and fruitful official duties all weekend, a 7-day working week. Wiki njema wangwana! he wrote on Twitter.

The beautiful living room of Ababu Namwamba

The video also offered a quick look at Ababu’s gorgeous home, which is outfitted with state-of-the-art furniture.

Upon entering, one would easily mistake the house for a five-star hotel as the lounge had white leather coaches while a huge television stood out.

The wall decorations and lighting also made the whole room tranquil and charming.

Most notably, CS had three flags standing in the vast hall, while more luxurious seats were seen in the far corner.

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Source: TUKO.co.ke

10 Boston Holiday Markets Perfect for Holiday Shopping https://nelshael.com/10-boston-holiday-markets-perfect-for-holiday-shopping/ Fri, 11 Nov 2022 17:00:00 +0000 https://nelshael.com/10-boston-holiday-markets-perfect-for-holiday-shopping/

Between choosing the right gifts for loved ones, shopping for gifts, secret Santas, and everything that involves celebrating festivals and important events, the holidays are surprisingly stressful. Fortunately, Boston turns into a magical place during this time, with plenty to see and do. From late November to December, the city’s holiday markets pop up, sparkling in many beautiful colors, incredible shopping opportunities, endless entertainment options and a fantastic selection of beverages including seasonal craft beers, hot chocolate , cocktails, mulled wine and Suite. In these markets, vacationers can discover and create many unforgettable memories. Here are Boston’s 10 holiday markets perfect for holiday shopping.

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10/10 Craft Boston Holiday Show

This holiday market is vibrant and features artists who will offer their unique handmade items and a show featuring wearable textiles, sculptures, home decor and jewelry. The show also includes basketry in prizes, from small gifts to larger and more spectacular ones. There’s a lot to enjoy at this market, including some of the tastiest food and drink. Travelers who are not interested in shopping can just visit and watch other people while enjoying live entertainment.

  • Appointment:
    November 11 – January 8

9/10 Harvard Square Party Lounge

It is a holiday market that starts at the beginning of December and ends towards the end of the month. It is still held at St. Paul’s Church for eight or nine days, and it is one of the oldest and most popular holiday fairs in the city. Admission to the fair is free, and it’s a great place for beautiful, quirky, and affordable gifts for a loved one. The market is one of the liveliest in town and offers an amazing opportunity to meet new friends and connect with locals.

  • Appointment:
    December 9-11, December 16-18

8/10 Boston Downtown Holiday Market

The Downtown Boston Holiday Market sets up this place to offer incredible products for the season! Downtown Boston is known to be busy once the holiday season rolls around. The place is packed with retailers and several small businesses, where vacationers can buy almost anything for a vacation, including colorful gifts, tasty food, a fantastic selection of drinks, and more. If you’re looking for a perfect holiday market for party shopping, this is it.

  • Appointment:
    November 26 – December 31

7/10 Christmas in Boston

No holiday shopping is complete without visiting Christmas in Boston, where vacationers can find everything they’re looking for to celebrate the holidays with friends and family. This is a year-round market at the Faneuil Marketplace and should be the first stop for any tourist looking for Christmas gifts, from handmade Eastern European ornaments to wares. Boston-specific customizations to spectacular holiday backdrops.

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6/10 SoWa Winter Festival

SoWa Boston has over 100 local artists, makers, designers, and some amazing vendors selling colorful items for the holiday season. The ground floor offers some of the tastiest food and drink. This is the perfect place to satisfy the craving. On the second floor, shows and specialty cocktails await. These drinks are made by the best bartenders in Boston. Harrison Avenue is an amazing place to explore, located about three minutes from the market. The place offers a variety of dishes and open artist studios.

  • Days:
    November 25 – November 27

5/10 The Somerville Flea

This holiday market for vintage-loving vacationers is held near David Square and Union Square. There are fantastic vintage and antique items, and some have been expertly restored and repurposed. Travelers will also find handicrafts made by talented local artisans who use traditional means of production to make the items. There are also farm products, several snacks to satisfy cravings, and more. Admission to the market is free and people can shop while enjoying the live music from the market.

  • Appointment:
    December 1 and December 15

4/10 Snowport Holiday Market

There are over 120 makers in the Snowport Holiday Market, a fantastic food scene, a tree market guaranteed to satisfy all sorts of needs, a cocktail bar serving fantastic drinks and fascinating festive decor, including a wall of winter wishes. The European-style market will operate until January 2, and an unforgettable festive shopping experience is a must for vacationers picking the spot for the upcoming season.

  • Appointment:
    November 11 – December 31, 2022

3/10 Old South Church Christmas Craft Fair

The Old South Church was founded in 1669 and is one of the oldest churches in the United States. The Christmas Fair at the Old South Church in Copley Square will have everything for holidaymakers, including ornaments, photography, blown glass, candles, knitting, fine art, woodworking and more. This year’s Christmas Market Fair will be held in the church’s Gordon Chapel. Travelers will also be able to enjoy holiday music and enjoy Christmas cookies.

2/10 Boston Women’s Holiday Market

Over thirty vendors sell different items including children’s gifts, candles, handmade jewelry, framed artwork, pottery, and more. The market is free and, apart from the shopping opportunities, there are other things to enjoy, including live music. Travelers with dogs are allowed to come with them. Travelers can take the Green Line C to Union Square, then walk about four minutes to Warehouse XI. Public parking is available at some paid locations, but in the lots visitors drive through when approaching Sanborn Court.

  • Days:
    November 13, December 4 and December 18

1/10 Snowport Winter Village

Friendly locals, holiday lights, hot chocolate, and festivals are some of the things that make Boston winters bearable. And although Snowport Winter Village is an outdoor market, it actually has everything one could ask for in holiday shopping, making it a great place to pick up things, including decor, gifts for loved ones, clothing and accessories from local vendors. This holiday market will host more than 120 businesses, 66% of which are owned by locals and 76% by women or minorities. In addition, the market will offer incredible dining and entertainment experiences.

  • Appointment:
    November 11, February 26

LG’s OLED Display Showcase TV concept comes with a bold, bezel-less skeletal frame https://nelshael.com/lgs-oled-display-showcase-tv-concept-comes-with-a-bold-bezel-less-skeletal-frame/ Tue, 08 Nov 2022 23:30:22 +0000 https://nelshael.com/lgs-oled-display-showcase-tv-concept-comes-with-a-bold-bezel-less-skeletal-frame/

Designed as a proof of concept by Seoul-based Jei Design Works, the LG Display Showcase TV visually encapsulates and caricatures the idea of ​​a TV having a large frame and bezels. Much like the Samsung Serif TV’s personal take on the “frame” of television, the LG Display Showcase does a wonderful job of reinterpreting the television archetype. The TV itself is an incredibly thin OLED panel with hardly any bezels, and it sits in a stunning metallic skeleton frame that feels like looking at an old TV through an X-ray machine. The frame is large but visually lightweight, adding drama without adding bulk. In a world where companies try to build TVs thin enough to disappear into the wall, the LG Display Showcase unabashedly takes up space in a way that still doesn’t feel heavy.

Designer: Jei Design Works

The beauty of the LG Display Showcase is really that rose gold frame that surrounds the TV. It’s rare for a TV’s bezel/frame to look more alluring than the panel itself (and an OLED panel no less), but the LG Display Showcase does it beautifully, almost like the precious metal surrounding a precious stone. Display Showcase’s goal, according to designers at Jei Design Works, was to have a television that could look like a work of art, beautiful enough not only for homes, but also for offices, galleries, and entertainment spaces. retail. The frame design, for this purpose, can be placed on consoles thanks to its feet, but it can also be mounted on walls or ceilings using hooks that allow the frame to be “suspended”.

The visual lightness of the LG Display Showcase is enhanced by the fact that the screen at its center has literally no discernible frame. It sits neatly in the outer rose gold skeleton, which also helps with cable management.

The TV, slim as it is, houses a set of speakers on top that help fill the room with audio. Since the TV is never placed completely against the wall, this means that there is always a chance that the audio will bounce around and be boosted slightly, although this is purely based on my intuition.

Ultimately, the LG Display Showcase is an incredibly minimalist OLED TV that really sits front and center in any type of space. It takes terms like sleek and modern and reinterprets them differently, opting for something more artistic than just a paper-thin TV that sits flat against your living room wall. The LG Display Showcase’s unique frame design becomes its own stand, allowing it to sit on tables as well as hang from walls and ceilings. The OLED TV has character but blends in well with all kinds of decors, making it perfect for homes, offices, galleries, retail spaces and experience centers.

Smart Toilet Market Research with LIXIL Group Corporation (DXV American Standard), Geberit AG, Roca Sanitario SA, Caroma Industries Limited Organizations to arrive at a great valuation as reviewed in another business report https://nelshael.com/smart-toilet-market-research-with-lixil-group-corporation-dxv-american-standard-geberit-ag-roca-sanitario-sa-caroma-industries-limited-organizations-to-arrive-at-a-great-valuation-as-reviewed-in/ Thu, 03 Nov 2022 12:38:44 +0000 https://nelshael.com/smart-toilet-market-research-with-lixil-group-corporation-dxv-american-standard-geberit-ag-roca-sanitario-sa-caroma-industries-limited-organizations-to-arrive-at-a-great-valuation-as-reviewed-in/

Smart toilets offer built-in personal cleaning to create a cleanliness that simply cannot be matched by toilet paper alone. With intuitive controls and personalized settings, plus adjustable temperature and wand position, the smart toilet provides a fully personalized experience.

Market research report for the position of smart toilet market in the consumer goods industry. The Smart Toilet report should be used alongside customer feedback to provide a more complete picture of customer behavior. The Smart Toilets report is designed to assist and prioritize to ensure resources are invested in the right customers. The Smart Toilets Market report should be used as a guide in prioritizing customers and understanding where to allocate resources.

Request Sample Market Report with Global Smart Toilet Industry Analysis: www.researchinformatic.com/sample-request-541

This report includes information about the client’s current financial condition, current products and services, current marketing strategy, current business strategy, and current business goals. This report also includes information about the client’s competitors, their market share, growth rate and business model. Additionally, the report provides an overview of the competitive landscape, which includes profiles of key companies operating in the global smart toilet market. The companies forecasted in the report are

LIXIL Group Corporation (DXV American Standard), Geberit AG, Roca Sanitario SA, Caroma Industries Limited, Toto Ltd., Ove Decors, Villeroy, Panasonic, Kohler, Coway, Jomoo, Haier,.

There are three main approaches for resource allocation of the smart toilet industry. The first is to allocate resources based on the needs of the consumer goods business. The second is to allocate resources based on potential returns from the smart toilet industry. The third is to allocate resources based on the risk involved in competing consumer goods.

The first approach is to allocate resources based on business needs. This means that the company will invest in the areas most critical to its success. For example, a company may invest in research and development in order to bring new products to market. As a result, an increase in Good CAGR % over the forecast period. The smart toilet report also provides an analysis of customer usage patterns and purchasing decisions.

The second approach is to allocate resources based on potential returns. This means that the company will invest in the areas most likely to generate a high return on investment. For example, a company may invest in advertising in order to increase its sales.

The third approach is to allocate resources based on the risk involved. This means that the company will invest in these areas.

Request a custom report: www.researchinformatic.com/inquiry-541


The report provides key Smart Toilets market insights into customer needs and behaviors to enable the development of targeted marketing campaigns. The details are based on:

Smart Toilets By Type

Wall-hung toilet, one-piece toilet, one-piece toilet, walk-in freestanding toilet

Smart Toilets By Applications

Connected disconnected.

This report provides insights into customer demographics, including segmentation by age, gender, income, and location. It also includes information about customers’ buying habits, including what they buy, how often they buy, and how much they spend. The geographical areas covered are

  • North America smart toilet market
  • South America
  • Asia Pacific Smart Toilet Market
  • Middle East and Africa
  • Europe smart toilet market

Key Takeaways from Smart Toilets Research Report

  • Smart toilet analytics provides a customer overview with insights into customer acquisition, customer churn, and customer lifetime value.
  • The report highlights the top customer acquisition channels for smart toilets, along with the customer cohorts acquired through each channel.
  • The smart toilet report also highlights the top customer churn channels, along with the customer cohorts that are generated through each channel.
  • The Smart Toilet report provides insights on how to improve customer lifetime value through cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Smart Toilets report will be essential in increasing the company’s revenue and expanding its customer base.

Buy the exclusive report with a good discount: www.researchinformatic.com/discount-541

Contact us:

george miller

1887 Whitney Mesa

Dr. Henderson, NV 89014

Research Computing

+1 775 237 4147


]]> 24 Christmas wall decoration ideas https://nelshael.com/24-christmas-wall-decoration-ideas/ Fri, 28 Oct 2022 07:00:00 +0000 https://nelshael.com/24-christmas-wall-decoration-ideas/

Monika Hibs

If there’s one hard and fast rule in the design world, it’s this: a blank wall is a missed opportunity. It could be the last bit of personality missing in a room, a chance to tell your story and reveal clues about who you are and what you value. And when it comes to the holidays, it could be this latest eye candy that takes your space to the next level this season. We’re going to let you in on a secret: sometimes a fabulous wall moment just requires a few smart additions to your existing furniture.

Whether you’re all about a classic garland or love to rework tradition with something loud and proud – maximalists, we’re going pattern upon pattern here – these 24 playbook wall displays from our favorite designer will transform your panels dull in any self. – respect the pride and joy of holiday fanatics.

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Increase the cozy quotient of your living room with mood lighting. In a 1910 Craftsman home, Hayley Lunde deployed a circular June Home Supply candle on either side of the window. “I loved the idea of ​​adding these sconces after seeing some on TV at the time that matched our home,” says Lunde. “We bought them just before the holidays last year, and they brought such warmth and comfort to the space. Being functional and chic is always a win.

These three hexagonal mirrors may be there all year round, but they’ve never looked better. Pretty in the Pines’ Shelby Vanhoy says she usually opts for framed art when creating a gallery wall, but couldn’t resist these mirrors to fill the wall above. his couch. “The asymmetrical layout was a clean, simple yet unique setup,” says Vanhoy. “For a cozy seasonal upgrade, I attached greenery to the frame of each.”

To give a practical entryway a statement edge, take inspiration from Hayley Lunde, who flanked the nook of her Red Wing, Minnesota home with festive greenery and complementary pillows. “My goal with our home has always been to create spaces that feel like they’ve always been there,” says Lunde. “It’s probably my favorite place in our house because it’s so much fun to decorate for all different holidays and seasons.” Not to mention it’s fabulously functional.

Maybe you love minimalism the rest of the year, but aren’t afraid to go “ham” on decorating during the holiday season. This festive Ukrainian wall covering is a maximalist’s paradise: green on green on green, with a bloom of gold ornaments and twinkling lights. It’s just the cure for the winter blues.

Who can resist a dedicated design theme? When it comes to finding inspiration, Bethany Adams’ latest design project is proof that you don’t have to look far. Here, Adams has carried the star-like qualities of the pendant throughout the room, with lighted stars hanging from the wall via a seemingly invisible string. “When decorating for the holidays, I like to play around with the permanent elements of the room – in this case, the fabulous star light fixture, burgundy silk draperies and brass accents,” says Adams. “The repetition of colors, textures and patterns keeps the festive decor from feeling too overdone.”

Maybe you’ve committed to taking up more white space. So embrace your love of evergreens with a custom wall hanging that takes a lot longer than it is. “Creating personalized holiday decor doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive,” says Rebecca Lopez of Crafted Sparrow. “A simple branch paired with seasonal wreaths and ribbon or leatherette makes this a beautiful centerpiece in minutes.”

Designer John McClain is here to remind us that inspiration can be found in the most unlikely places, even somewhere a little more “off the wall”, so to speak. “Use what you have,” he says. This bookcase has been accented with ribbons and wreaths, strategically placed in the center of each opening for a look that brings an otherwise plain piece of furniture to life. “Substitute a few of your everyday accessories for holiday accessories, and you have a holiday library,” adds McClain.

Maybe your console wants its place in the spotlight. Tasteful and delicate ornamentation like this carefully threaded singular star offers a streamlined moment of understated adornment. Bonus tip: this works really well when you have a particularly stunning wall color that is a moment in its own right.

Everything you’ve been told about blank walls doesn’t apply here – this wallpaper is all the decor you need. In this moody London home, House of Hackney co-founders Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle broke the rules by pairing this exquisitely detailed wallpaper with other traditional prints for a look that’s as opulent as it is understated. “We wanted to create a sense of nature but also inject beauty and humor into the space,” Gormley told ELLE DECOR. Mission accomplished.

Consider using household items as an easy, low-maintenance way to add style to an otherwise bare wall. This bohemian-style Christmas tree wall hanging is as playful as it is lovely. “Bohemian-style decor is hot, and bohemian vacation decor shouldn’t be an exception,” says Morgan McBride of Charleston Crafted. “This wall hanging uses several styles of texture but is easy to create and put on your own variations, depending on how you want to dye the fabric and what ’embellishments’ you use.”

Sure, you might not have many walls in your humble abode, but who needs a completely circular wreath anyway? Take notes on this Monika Hibbs setup and opt for an abstract crown that has all the drama one could want for a great vacation time. Pepper some gingerbread houses and golden candlesticks below for the finishing touch – and it’s all semi-circular!


Experiment with tree branches

A living room in Sweden is the perfect example of how to incorporate a rustic tree branch into your holiday decor. Cover it with greenery then add a collection of wreaths of varying sizes for an eye-catching look.

Sure, high-traffic areas like your living room or dining room should be outfitted for the holiday season, but don’t forget your entryway wall. A cozy plaid blanket, greenery, and pinecones play up the holiday spirit in Lucy Atkins’ home.


Celebrate with an Advent Calendar

What better way to celebrate the advent calendar season than by displaying your favorite in a special spot in your home?

We can all appreciate a quirky Christmas tree, but if you live in a small space, it’s probably not the most practical option. Instead, consider an illuminated Christmas wreath that can be easily displayed on a living room wall.

Whether it’s your living room or entryway, your space can benefit from a wall adorned with berry-filled garlands.


Don’t forget your holiday cards

Integrate your colored cards into the decor of your library. A few colorful patterns on each shelf will do.


Incorporate vintage accents

Believe it or not, there’s room to incorporate vintage accessories into your holiday decor. Take inspiration from this living room from Little Vintage Nest, which features a vintage sleigh next to a burlap sack containing Christmas tree clippings.

Even if you don’t have a fireplace, you can still show off your stocking stuffers. Add personality to a blank wall by hanging a trio of stylish stockings.

Adding simple red bows is sometimes enough to make a decorative accessory, like an antique mirror, look festive.


Consider a wreath and candlesticks

Go for a traditional look with a lush crown and golden candlesticks.


Display Festive Tableware

Christmas is the time to be bold with your plates, mugs and kitchen accessories. It’s a simple way to brighten up a dull kitchen shelf and take your holiday decor to the next level.


Enhance Art with Garland

A touch of wreath and draped pine cones on wall art can add to your holiday aesthetic.

Greenery always makes a room more welcoming. For the Christmas season, experiment with a trio of wreaths in different styles and sizes.

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Try These Expensive Fall Decorating Items That Are Actually Pretty Inexpensive https://nelshael.com/try-these-expensive-fall-decorating-items-that-are-actually-pretty-inexpensive/ Thu, 27 Oct 2022 16:00:16 +0000 https://nelshael.com/try-these-expensive-fall-decorating-items-that-are-actually-pretty-inexpensive/

Fall is the season to get creative and start decorating for the holidays. However, you may need to spend some money to make some changes to your home decor. The good news is that there are hundreds of budget-friendly or cheap fall decorations out there. Most of them are stylish, so you can make your home more welcoming and comfortable without breaking the bank. So here are some examples of expensive but inexpensive fall decorations.

1. Fall Leaves Wreath

A simple and inexpensive way to add a touch of fall to your home is to hang garlands of fall leaves. These attractive decors can spice up your room and make it cozy. Plus, you can choose from a variety of designs. Some fall wreaths have pumpkins and acorns for a festive vibe. There are also garlands with pine cones for a rustic vibe. Either way, a wreath of fall leaves will definitely add life to a boring wall without spending too much.

2. Plush Pumpkin Pillow

Pumpkins are a classic fall decor. However, if you are looking for expensive yet inexpensive fall decorations, you can opt for stuffed pumpkin pillows. After all, you want to create a comfortable room. As such, these whimsical pillows can do the trick. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can choose a style that will match your living room or bedroom. Besides that, plush pumpkin cushions are also great decorations for your porch. With these decors, you can create an autumn mood in and out of your home.

3. Fall Wreath

Your front door is usually the first thing your visitors will see. For this reason, you need to give your front door a festive and inviting look. The best way to decorate your it is to hang an autumn wreath. Most fake crowns are reasonably priced; so you won’t break your budget. Plus, they come in different designs, including pumpkin-themed wreaths, berry-filled wreaths, and classic evergreen wreaths. Another option is to make your own fall wreath. This way you can add your personal style to your decoration.

4. Fall Scented Candles

Of course, your fall decoration will not be complete without scented candles. In fact, these items are some of the most expensive and cheapest fall decorations you can choose. One reason is that the flickering fire of scented candles can make a room feel warm, cozy and inviting. Plus, they release an appealing aroma that will make everyone feel the holiday spirit. Some of the best scents for fall are pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and vanilla.

20 handmade items for sale https://nelshael.com/20-handmade-items-for-sale/ Wed, 26 Oct 2022 16:00:09 +0000 https://nelshael.com/20-handmade-items-for-sale/

Do you have a knack for making handmade items? Have you always dreamed of starting your own business? You can combine your skills with your ambition and create all kinds of handmade products and then sell them online or offer the items at craft fairs or other local stores.

Why should you make and sell crafts?

Selling handmade items is a great way to start your own craft business. Of course, starting a business is always a nerve-wracking endeavor, but there are a variety of great reasons why you should make and sell crafts, including:

  • Independence – When you start your own craft business, you become your own boss. As a business owner, you make the decisions and decide when and where you want to make and sell your crafts.
  • Monetization – By making and selling crafts, you can earn money from the skills you already have and profit from what was once a hobby.
  • Low level of stress – Since you’re in control of your own craft business, you won’t have the stress of a commute, a demanding boss, or even laundry since you can work from home wearing loungewear or pajamas.
  • Additional income – You don’t need to quit your day job to start selling handicrafts. Your craft business can also be a side job that helps supplement your main income.
  • Sharper skills – As you grow your own business selling handmade items, you can improve your skills or even learn new ones through online courses and workshops.

The best handmade things to sell for profit

When you’re ready to turn your hobby into a thriving small business, all you need is a craft idea and supplies to sell handmade products online or at local craft fairs. Check out the following handmade items you can sell for a profit:

1. Handmade jewelry

You can create your own handmade jewelry as simply as stringing a few beads on a string to design your own bracelets or necklaces. Jewelry makers can also buy inexpensive parts to make earrings, pendants, lockets, and other accessories to sell locally or on an online marketplace.

2. Soap

With the right materials, you can make your own handmade soaps and bath bombs to sell at craft fairs or an online store. You can even add select fragrances and essential oils to bar soaps, liquid soaps, and bath bombs to add a competitive edge to your creations.

3. Tees

You can make and sell a variety of handmade clothes to start your own small business. In fact, a t-shirt business is a popular way to make a profit from online marketplaces and local events. You can create designs on a computer and print them on shirts or transfers. You can also design your own custom t-shirt designs with a variety of fabric decorating supplies.

4. Subscription boxes

You can sell gifts and subscription boxes that you create at home or in the office. Choose a popular product niche like candles, candy, or cosmetics, then fill a box with purchased, homemade crafts for your subscribers each month.

5. Pet products

Pet products are in high demand and are a viable business opportunity for those looking for a profitable craft. Whether you make and sell pet toys, treats, or pet clothing, pet owners will be interested in your products whether they’re sold locally or in an online marketplace.

6. Wall art

If you enjoy painting, you can place your creations on canvas and sell the wall art online or at local galleries or craft fairs. You can even turn your craft creations into printed copies and sell prints to earn even more extra cash from just one design.

7. Tote Bags

Tote bags, diaper bags and other homemade items designed to carry personal belongings come in a variety of shapes and sizes to satisfy a large and diverse market. Entrepreneurs who are proficient with a sewing machine can start a small business by making unique handmade bags and selling them online or at a local store.

8. Wooden Toys

Skilled carpenters can use their tools and create unique toys for children. Whether you make wooden blocks, wooden cars, dollhouses or even rocking horses, you can find demand from parents looking for gifts and make a profit selling handmade wooden toys .

9. Interior decoration

Crafty and creative entrepreneurs can start a small business by designing handmade decor from supplies such as mason jars, canvas, ribbon, napkins and other materials. Your home decor options are only limited by your imagination, and this is a great option to sell in an Etsy shop.

10. Carvings

Another type of art that a small business owner can make and sell online is sculpture. A sculpture may be just another handmade craft, but it takes skill to create products for an online business. Luckily, there are plenty of DIY tutorials online for those who want to learn.

More handmade items for sale online or locally

Looking for more ideas for starting an online business selling homemade crafts? Whether you’re offering high-end handcrafted furniture or low-cost digital products, there are plenty of ideas for handcrafted items to sell online or locally, including:

11. Dolls

All varieties of dolls have made great gifts, keepsakes, and collectibles, so it’s no wonder they’re also an effective outlet for starting a small business. You can make dolls out of fabric, fiber, plastic, or all sorts of other materials and list them for sale anywhere you sell crafts, toys, or collectibles.

12. Hair Accessories

Handmade hair accessories are a simple craft that can be a profitable online business venture. If you don’t know how to make these cost-effective creations, you can study online tutorials and learn how to make hair accessories to sell and then decorate them in original and creative ways.

13. Scarves

Scarves are incredibly popular handmade accessories, and crafty entrepreneurs can create them by knitting or crocheting yarn. Creative artisans can even try making scarves by combining decorative fabrics, embroidering their creations or decorating them with unique and original designs.

14. Pillows

With some basic sewing skills, you can put fabric together and create all kinds of decorative pillows to sell. A popular handmade item for consumers, pillows and pillow covers can be made in any shape and size and from virtually any material. They can also be transformed into original creations by painting or decorating them.

15. Hats

Don’t stop selling handmade scarves. You can increase your profits by also making beautifully designed hats to coordinate them. You can knit or crochet hats, or you can make them from fabric or other materials. Then list them for sale in a local store or online marketplace

16. Furniture

Are you gifted in tapestry or cabinetmaking? You can build furniture and sell it online or locally. You will need tools and equipment, but you can sell your handmade furniture for a significant profit, provided you take into account the increased shipping costs.

17. Blankets

People love handmade blankets, and they can be made with a variety of techniques, including quilting, knitting, sewing, crocheting and more. Blanket vendors can even offer personalized blankets, decorated with custom names, dates, and other details.

18. Candles

Just as they can with handmade soaps, artisans can create a variety of creative and unique candles by adding signature scent combinations. Entrepreneurs who sell candles can also use interesting and unique jars and molds to make in-demand products that sell.

19. Pins

Creative entrepreneurs can make handmade pins in a plethora of styles and designs to sell online or at local craft fairs. Whether you’re making buttons with unique graphics or enamel pins with intricate designs, you’re sure to find a market for unique handmade pins.

20. Carpet

Handcrafting large rugs can be a long and complicated process, but you can still make and sell handmade rugs if you specialize in small rugs and rugs made with similar weaving techniques. Even the smaller sized rugs will appeal to online shoppers looking to add little unique touches to their home decor.

Which handmade items sell best?

Which handmade items sell best? Whether you attend a local craft fair or plan to sell crafts online, you want to choose an item that sells and generates a profit. Although the most popular handmade items vary between different online stores and local stores, some of the most profitable crafts included handmade beaded jewelry and enamel pins, murals vinyl, candles and DIY bath bombs.

What jobs are trending in 2022?

To start a successful online business, you’ll want to be sure and follow trends in your market and offer trending products that your customers will want. What jobs are trending in 2022? Handmade jewelry enthusiasts flock to handmade items like resin and polymer clay jewelry, as well as custom jewelry designs. Other shoppers choose hand-embroidered items for home decor and other crafts, ceramic products, and woven or knotted decorations such as macrame wall hangings.

What is the easiest thing to make and sell?

In the field of crafts, some products are certainly easier to manufacture than others. One of the easiest crafts to make and sell is handmade soap and candles. However, the unskilled craftsman should not be discouraged, as many online tutorials are available to learn almost any trade, and serious entrepreneurs can even hone their skills by attending a workshop at a local college.

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It’s a Merry Christmas at SM Supermalls https://nelshael.com/its-a-merry-christmas-at-sm-supermalls/ Sun, 23 Oct 2022 15:43:00 +0000 https://nelshael.com/its-a-merry-christmas-at-sm-supermalls/

SM North Edsa continues to spread sparks of happiness with a magical Christmas event

SM Supermalls brings excitement to every visit, joy to every sight, and a magical connection to every experience that will make every Filipino’s Christmas happier and brighter.

Your magical vacation in the North has arrived

SM continues the holiday season with a spectacular light show and festive celebration during Magic of the North Holidays at SM North Edsa on October 21st.

A vacation Aurora Playground experience awaits, clad in a giant 60-foot Christmas tree, surrounded by a multi-sensory display of Aurora trails and adorable reinbears. The joyful celebration will continue until January 8, 2023.

If you missed SM North Edsa’s Christmas event, there are still other ways to celebrate the joys of the holidays. SM Supermalls offers exciting and festive activities just for you and your loved ones! Check out the details below:

More Christmas tree lighting activities at your favorite SM mall!

Besides SM North Edsa, other leading SM malls will be lighting up their huge 60ft Christmas trees to share hope, joy and love with every SM customer. Check the dates below so you can drop by your favorite SM mall and watch the lighting of its dazzling trees full of lights, stars and colorful ornaments:

• SM Mall of Asia, SM Aura Premier, The Podium – October 22
• SM Southmall and SM Cagayan de Oro Downtown Premier – October 23
• S House – October 25

Santa Approved Christmas Playground

Witness your favorite SM mall open up a new world of Christmas with towering centerpieces, functional spaces and sprawling activities at Christmas Playpark. Explore Christmas markets and playgrounds, and watch out for Santa Claus appearances, character encounters, and other surprises! Plus, you also get a multi-sensory experience at the play park’s sound and light shows, festive meals and holiday treats, and many more scents and sensations that will envelop you in the warmth and ambiance of the holidays.

Twinkling lights to brighten up your holiday

Christmas will not be festive without lights. Marvel at hallways adorned with twinkling lights, illuminated tunnels, radiant walkways and illuminated parking bays as they shine at their best.

Dine alfresco in the Super Spots decorated with lights

SM Supermalls has also created outdoor attractions for perfect and memorable shopping, dining and leisure activities for the whole family. At the Podium, buyers are at the rendezvous for Joie De Vivre with its Holiday Night Cap from October 21 to 23 and from October 28 to 30 at the ADB Al Fresco, and the Food Lab from October 24 to 30 at the Atrium East Level 2 so that everyone can discover new food specialties this Christmas. You can also enjoy special treats, promotions and exclusive offers from your favorite restaurants and food vendors at the SM Mall near you!

Turn Christmas into reality at SM

Don’t miss a phygital The SM Christmas experience integrates the holiday season with augmented reality. In SM Megamall, four AR filters have been made available, including Santa Claus, Reindeer, Snowman, and Sparkle. Just scan the QR code at the SM mall near you and see the Christmas centerpiece and magical places come to life!

Discover the Stations du Bonheur

SM has installed various happiness stations where you can create lasting memories with your family and friends. Spot the giant bears with lights at the Bears of Joy corner, the Photo Wall of Happiness, the Christmas tree decorations with your family photos or the huge TV screen where you can watch your recently filmed Tiktok or IG video at your favorite mall.

Make your furbabies feel happiness and love

Christmas is for the whole family, including furbabies! Make them happy and feel loved by joining Holiday Paw and Costume PAWty play dates. You can also flex them in the Christmas photo challenge and win amazing prizes, or buy them from the Christmas markets. Plus, SM Supermalls will once again be partnering with organizations for a pet adoption campaign so you can help the little ones find a home in time for the holidays.

Unlock a bigger, better and brighter virtual Christmas village

SM will reopen its virtual Christmas village to provide an exciting, engaging and enriching holiday experience for Filipinos. Check out https://gosm.link/ChristmasVillage2022 as it goes live from October 28 to January 5 for a superb augmented reality shopping, dining and entertainment experience. Create your own avatar, meet other SM Buyers and Ambassadors online, and hang out with family and friends while playing fun games in immersive virtual Christmas zones designed just for you.

Create circles of happiness by purchasing products for cause-based programs

As it’s giving season, you can support the advocacy work of individuals and organizations by purchasing products that provide opportunities and livelihoods to marginalized sectors. For this year’s 100 Days campaign, SM teamed up with bag designer Zarah Juan, Spark PH, Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP), Association of Foot and Mouth Artists of the Philippines and Quezon City LGU for its Vote to Tote initiative. .

“This Christmas, we are sending a message of happiness to every Filipino. With every activity we have for them, we hope to inspire everyone to spread sparks of happiness in their homes and communities as we celebrate the holiday festivities of this year,” said Steven T. Tan, President of SM Supermalls.

A new light of experiences will bring happiness and kindness to every Filipino as SM Supermalls create more magical memories and opportunities to touch the lives of others this holiday season. Check out www.smsupermalls.com and follow @smsupermalls on all social media accounts to stay up to date on various holiday events.