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Painter Rommel Rico in a fundraising project.

Caveat’s Oscar correspondent and New York-based painter Rommel Rico recently came to town to brave the pandemic to personally push his ongoing advocacy for children with HIV / AIDS.

Shortly before that, Rico concluded a one-man virtual painting exhibition titled “Salamat Frontliners” under the auspices of VIRRCO Virtual Art, the UP College of Medicine Class of ’97, and Film Arts. This was hosted by Giselle Toengi and highlighted by artists led by “Crystal Voice of Asia” Sheryn Regis with Rachel Alejandro, Jerome Amanquiton, Louie Roa and a local Zyruz Imperial, also a film actor.

Another reason for the painter’s return to his roots is to film his mythical hometown, the island of Sibuyan, in the province of Romblon; its rich biodiversity of flora and fauna is scientifically recorded and more than fifty species are found nowhere else in the world under the banner of the endemic “Nepenthes sibuyanensis”, a one-of-a-kind pitcher plant.

The island of Sibuyan has never been connected to any part of the Philippine archipelago since its formation, which is why it is called the “Galapagos of Asia”.

It sounds like another Andy Warhol making a controversial crossover from his canvas to film medium, including the social media surfaces that Rico is also concerned about. Like Warhol, he adopted the innovative technology of historical sublimation arts where his pictorial works are incorporated into textiles, clothing, accessories ranging from shawls to ties, bags to laptop sleeves, wall decorations to glasses, etc. for practical use.

Rico’s germinal paintings – mostly acrylic on canvas – are refracted in his semi-figurative abstractions from the tangible essence and charm of his childhood years on an island known for its crystal-clear waters, sunny coastal facades, unspoiled countryside. , simple and sustainable life of the fishermen of the village, and his favorite subject – women.

These images are rendered in brilliant abstractions and lyrical images of fully clothed nubile women from the past (including her grandmother) in colorful native costumes meandering at their feet chatting merrily and going through early morning labor for sell large catches of stirred fish harvested by men or their husbands in the village; these are contained in native handcrafted baskets, fixed above their sturdy heads.

It’s the painter’s way of re-imagining abundant and haunting memories of strong and charming women of the house through several rich creations in his host city, New York.

Early on, his solo exhibition in the lobby of Pfizer’s headquarters, 42nd St., New York, caught the attention of art critics and aficionados for his unique brush works that were endowed with dye and dye. ‘a distinct synthesis of Mediterranean allure and “tropical oriental brillo”. . “

As stated, Filipino children who are suffering from the aforementioned health condition through “Project Duyan” under the Project Red Ribbon Care Management Foundation, Inc. are the beneficiaries of the proceeds of Contemporary Artworks, at Rico’s fashion and laptops in limited editions available at www.virrco.net

Rico, who is a nurse by profession, streamlined his advocacy, saying it has opened doors for him to become proactive through the arts with the deplorable situations of Filipino children living with a health problem who are forced to do so. lost in health centers. for adults with the same affliction.

Marginalized families in this state have found it much more difficult to care for their children; this in the sense of keeping the secret of the diagnosis of children and to face the stigmatization and prejudices due to the lack of information.

Rico added: “There is a need for us to take our educational and therapeutic role with these families to help them develop effective child care programs and strategies with the cooperation of schools and other care agencies to help them develop effective child care programs and strategies. build an inclusive social support network or system around the child with HIV / AIDS. “

Before long, Rico will be back in New York early next year for another round of exciting and hysterical predictions among those who “will win” and “should win” the nominees for the upcoming 2022 Oscars.

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stylish ways to enhance staircase walls http://nelshael.com/stylish-ways-to-enhance-staircase-walls/ Fri, 17 Sep 2021 07:56:12 +0000 http://nelshael.com/stylish-ways-to-enhance-staircase-walls/
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  • Create a space to pass by with interest, rather than letting the decor go unnoticed. Because most staircase wall decors demand attention – welcome the right staircase wall idea to enhance walkway space.

    Staircase and hallway decorative ideas range from classic gallery walls of framed artwork to imaginative painting ideas to make a design statement. Decorative wall panels and wallpapers also create standout decorating elements, both of which should be considered to inject maximum style impact into a small space.

    Staircase Wall Decor Ideas

    “The wall at the top of the stairs can lend itself to many types of art or mirror installations,” Jenny Allan, founder of Jenny Allan Design, says on Instagram at @jennyallandesign.

    “It’s important to measure all proportions given the double height in a stairwell, so a standard-sized piece of art may not be suitable. Walls in art galleries can work very well and are often popular on stairs, as well as sculptural pieces or a large statement canvas. ‘

    “Landing spaces are delicate and can often be overlooked, with the emphasis on the main living areas. But by adding appropriate elements to these areas, the overall layout of a house is cohesive and well thought out.

    1. Add elegance with wall panels

    Image Credit: Future PLC / David Giles

    A sleek wall paneling idea is fabulous for any space, especially a staircase where you can add maximum impact where space is minimal. Decorative wall panels add a sense of grandeur to a staircase wall, creating a subtle yet sophisticated decor to frame the stairs.

    Make even more style statement with this idea by adding color to the paneling or wall pattern above, with character wallpaper.

    2. Cover the walls with coordinating framed artwork.

    White and black staircase with photographs framed in black

    Image Credit: Future PLC / Mark Luscombe-Whyte

    Why be subtle when you can make a statement? In an already narrow stairwell you can’t worry about making the space feel closed, you’d almost be better off owning it by decorating every inch of wall space to celebrate what you have to work with . In this captivating staircase idea, the decor theme is striking monochrome, with white gallery-like walls to bring out the dramatic black and white prints in black frames.

    3. Shift wall art to guide direction on a staircase


    Image credit: David Giles

    Use the direction of the stairs to dictate the layout of your chosen wall art that runs along the stairs. Carefully measure the space and plan a staggered display that subconsciously guides the eye up and down the stairs, in line with the angles of the stairs.

    Perform a contrasting color slither painted below to go even further to frame both the stairs and the wall display of your choice.

    4. Get creative with a painted wall mural

    Staircase mural finished with colorful abstract shapes on white background

    image credit: Rust-Oleum

    Add a fun element to an empty space with the introduction of a playful wall mural. Whether you stick to a stencil drawing or decide to freestyle, a mural is a great way to add unique interest to the walls of a stairwell.

    5. Inject personality with prints


    Image Credit: Future PLC / David Giles

    For a less formal feel, mix and match frames and prints to create a less structured gallery wall idea that shows some personality. Use this idea to add pops of bright color to contrast the decor surrounding the prints. In this predominantly monochrome scheme, pops of pink and red go a long way in attracting attention in the decorative space.

    6. Keep it simple and practical

    Staircase with round mirror and picture ledge

    Image credit: Future PLC / Kasia Fizer

    To keep things simple in a small hallway, stick to minimal decoration on the walls. Keep the decor in a bright neutral, the best white paint for the bright look of the space will do just fine. Add purely functional, paired back accessories to the walls so as not to distract from the quiet, clutter-free vibes.

    This white hallway space consists of a trendy round mirror and a thin shelf for keys, a few knick-knacks, and a potted plant.

    7. Make a statement with wallpaper

    landing with black bird print wallpaper wall above the stairs

    Image Credit: Future PLC / Simon Whitmore

    Upgrade a staircase décor in an instant by adding a stunning wallpaper pattern to the most dominant wall. This will often be either the wall that runs along the staircase or the wall above, depending on the layout of the staircase. Choose the wall that will receive the most impact, making sure that the paper is the most visible and that it is given full attention.

    Wallpapering a hallway or landing requires a lot of care and long ladders to reach the top – a wallpaper job that we recommend taking a professional.

    8. Hang an organized feature gallery wall

    video wall in the derbyshire corridor tour of the detached house

    Image credit: Future PLC / Colin Poole

    9. Create an alternative home office

    landing home office with wall shelves

    Image Credit: Future PLC / Amanda Turner

    Use the space on the landing above the stairs to set up a smart alternative idea of ​​a small home office. Use the walls in this space to mount motivational artwork and storage cubes to make it look more like a desk.

    A landing space may not seem like the most obvious place for an office, but when space is at a premium, it is the perfect solution. Installing a home office in the area above a staircase not only maximizes otherwise unused space, but saves you from having to settle into a “social” room.

    10. Use the space to store coats and shoes

    Staircase with hooks for coats and holes for storing shoes

    Image Credit: Future PLC / David Giles

    Make the most of the limited space by giving it a purpose. This compact area on the landing features a wardrobe for coats and shelves for shoes with cupboards above. The space would otherwise be unused, making it a valuable area to use for such a functional purpose.

    11. Welcome a slice of light by adding a window

    Staircase with narrow window

    Image Credit: Future PLC / Claire Lloyd Davies

    In a dark staircase, adding a window can be totally transformative. In this light-deprived stairwell, a narrow window has been added to accommodate a slide of light into the frame, which is all this space really needs to have more impact.

    While thoughtful staircase lighting ideas can help brighten up the space, natural light will effortlessly flood the stairwell with light throughout the day.

    12. Combine wallpaper with mirrors for a characteristic wall

    landing with gray fox print wallpaper and mirrors

    Image credit: Future PLC / Lizzie Orme

    Liven up the area at the top of the stairs with a decorative wallpaper wall with mirrors on top to make sure all eyes are on that wall. Mirrors will help reflect light around the space, making it airy and brighter, both in daylight and overhead lighting. Frameless mirrors, such as these vintage-style designs, work best for the glass to blend seamlessly into the design behind – a frame may collide with the flow.

    13. Elevate storage

    patterned carpet on the stairs

    Image Credit: Future PLC / Jo Bridges

    The upper level of a staircase is mainly redundant space, difficult to access and therefore not considered valuable space. Try this idea and flip that theory by choosing to use space more efficiently by hanging wall mounted storage units.

    14. Contrasting colors to give depth to the space


    Image credit: Simon Whitmore

    Take an alternate approach to painting your stairwell by highlighting the stairs in a bold accent color, like this example of cheerful yellow, contrasted beautifully with a serene shade of gray on the top half of the wall.

    15. Introduce a wall of mirrors to make a light and airy landing

    landing with mirrors

    Image credit: Future PLC

    Using the same principle of using mirrors to add light and decoration to a staircase, try hanging a selection of mirrors to fill an entire wall on a landing. Ornate mirrors add a touch of trendy Cottagcore charm to the look. Visit charity stores and boot sales to pick up a selection of traditional mirror treasures.

    16. Compliment surrounding materials

    staircase gallery wall

    Image credit: Future PLC / Colin Poole

    When creating a wall of frames in a small staircase, invite a mix of materials to match those surrounding the space, to create flow throughout the decor. In this compact hallway scene, the idea of ​​the wooden banister and the wooden venetian blinds are found in the frame choices, to create cohesion for the theme. Instead of everything being mathematical and overpowering, the wood accents are balanced by white, gray, and gold accents.

    17. Think outside the box for a mirror display

    Hallway with wall hand mirrors

    Image credit: Future PLC / Brent Darby

    Hang mirrors to reflect light and add interest, but do it with a difference – hang wearable designs to make a real impression. This staircase space gives an original feel with the addition of a group of different mirror designs all hanging to create a sort of alternative gallery wall.

    18. Use the wall for smart storage solutions

    landing with storage for toys and book shelves

    Image credit: Future PLC / Jonathan Gooch

    Use the walls at the top of your staircase to provide surprising storage ideas, such as overflowing rooms beyond. Simple book ledges on this landing are the perfect place to store books to avoid overcrowding a small children’s room.

    19. Pretend to have a sense of space with smart wallpaper

    Library printed wallpaper on stairs

    Image credit: Future PLC / Polly Eltes

    Add depth with trompe l’oeil wallpaper that makes the wall look like a series of shelves. While the look is loaded, it does add depth to the layout, as the right paper can be compelling enough to think there’s an extra layer of storage.

    How to decorate the wall at the top of the stairs?

    “A staircase and landing should be an area designed to keep the design flowing around the house, so any items placed there should relate to the rest of the project,” says Jenny. “It is important not to overload a bearing and make it appear small. A narrow console can therefore be an ideal choice. “

    “If space permits, a side chair or even a stylish lounge chair can give the area a comfortable and organized feel. Landings can sometimes be dark spaces, so having a table lamp or mirrors on the walls can make the area brighter and more welcoming.

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    Widdlytinks offers a range of custom Halloween themed wall art for customers looking to purchase Halloween decorations. http://nelshael.com/widdlytinks-offers-a-range-of-custom-halloween-themed-wall-art-for-customers-looking-to-purchase-halloween-decorations/ Wed, 08 Sep 2021 17:23:09 +0000 http://nelshael.com/widdlytinks-offers-a-range-of-custom-halloween-themed-wall-art-for-customers-looking-to-purchase-halloween-decorations/

    Widdlytinks.com, an online store selling customizable canvas wall art, has a range of Halloween themed prints that will appeal to anyone looking for quirky and innovative Halloween decorating ideas.

    Halloween is a holiday that adults and children alike look forward to most of the year. Children are tempted by the prospect of large amounts of candy they receive when they go out. Adults find the day a fun way to get together with friends, colleagues and loved ones in an intimate or public setting. Whatever the plans for Halloween, one may feel the need to prepare for the holidays by putting up Halloween decorations in the house if they are playing the host, or by decorating the porch and yard if they want to invite. neighborhood kids who are out trick-or-treat.

    The most sought-after Halloween decorations include plastic skeletons, carved pumpkins, spider web imitations, and other novelty items resembling ghouls, witches, zombies, and all kinds of spooky creatures. Widdlytinks wants to challenge preconceived notions of ideal Halloween decorations and encourage homeowners to consider the often overlooked option of wall art.

    Wall art can set the mood for the holidays by displaying all kinds of disturbing messages and images that evoke a sense of dread in the viewer. If the buyer wishes, the designs can also be fun, light and humorous. While most Halloween decorations take the form of grotesque creations meant to be spooky, wall art can be designed to express a wide range of emotions, including fear and levity.

    Widdlytinks’ Halloween signs are designed with these considerations in mind. The store has many different signs that are sure to tickle the imaginations of shoppers no matter what kind of mood they are looking to create with them. The patterns are also sharp and expressive enough to blend in perfectly with most interior decors. They are easy to hang up, clean and store away after the vacation is over. Once purchased, these Halloween signs can also be reused from year to year, making them a wise buy in the long run.

    The company is asking readers, who might be interested in getting the wall art in time for Halloween, to place their orders as soon as possible to give them enough time to have the order printed and shipped in time for the holiday.

    The designs are printed on a high quality canvas which will not fade over time, retaining its appearance. The panels are mounted on dried pine stretcher bars which ensure that the frame will not warp or bend over time. The canvas used for the print is a heavyweight, archival quality, poly-cotton blend canvas that will provide great durability. The canvas is pH neutral and acid free, which means it will not yellow over time.

    Widdlytinks’ Halloween wall art range includes designs such as “Something Wicked This Way Comes Halloween Wall Decor”, “Nightshade Potion Shop Creepy Gothic Halloween Sign”, “Anatomical Skeleton Vintage Halloween Art”, “Black & White October 31 Spider Art “,” Spooky Haunted House Halloween Sign “,” Modern Farmhouse Treats or Treats Sign “,” Hocus Pocus Black and White Spooky Skull Art “,” Vintage Halloween Apothecary Sign Room ” , “Black Cat Apothecary Vintage Style Halloween Sign”, “Rustic Pumpkin Orange / Black Fall Thanksgiving Decor”, “Spooky Old Salem Cemetery Halloween Sign”, “Rustic Farmhouse Halloween Sign Feelin ‘Witchy “,” Vintage Gothic Full Moon Apothecary Halloween Sign “,” Quoth the Raven Nevermore Gothic Halloween Sign “,” Welcome Foolish Mortals Industrial Gothic Halloween Sign “, and more.

    Widdlytinks ships to all 50 states in the United States. They offer wall art designs directly to the public through their website. Widdlytinks products are designed and manufactured in the USA and are only for sale in the USA. Widdlytinks offers free shipping on all orders. The website is easy to use and navigate with all of the designs available to browse as well as artist recreations of how the designs will look on a wall when hung inside a home.


    For more information on Widdlytinks, contact the company here:

    Amy anderson
    [email protected]https://www.widdlytinks.com

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    Bamboo applications to try http://nelshael.com/bamboo-applications-to-try/ Wed, 08 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000 http://nelshael.com/bamboo-applications-to-try/

    By Désir Mbabaali

    Bamboo is a magnificent evergreen that flourishes not only as it grows, but even in its seemingly endless uses. The tree-like herbaceous plant grows to have round stems that are naturally decorated with cane-like segments. With its wide range of varieties, bamboo grows in different sizes, lengths and colors.

    It has also been credited for being environmentally friendly, as bamboo plants do not need any fertilizers or pesticides while they are growing.

    Its woody stem can be put to a list of uses in construction and other aesthetic functions due to its compatibility with other decors, its timelessness and versatility, not to mention its elegant touch that is capable of creating modern and traditional touches.


    Like Chris Musiime, an architect, sharing, bamboo is a building material with good potential for both decorative and structural use in building. He notes that bamboo can be used for roofing, walls, and as a flooring option, among other uses.

    “I would highly recommend it to someone looking for a touch of a traditional chalet, as bamboo brings that traditional, domestic, yet unique touch. Although not very common in Uganda, bamboo is also a good flooring option which can be used in place of hardwood flooring, ”explains Musiime, adding that it is not only beautiful in appearance. eye, but that its versatility also gives it an added advantage as it does not contract. or expand due to changes in weather conditions that normally affect wood floors.


    “I would also recommend bamboo to anyone who is passionate about green building materials. Gradually, people are becoming aware of environmental changes and the impact of deforestation. I find that bamboo is a perfect substitute for wood and that it can be used in a variety of ways, ”explains Musiime, adding that bamboo can be used from foundation to finish in construction.

    Alternatively, bamboo was used and can be used for ceiling finishes. “Whether it’s used partially as part of the main ceiling design or the entire ceiling is made entirely of bamboo, it will stand out,” says Sharon Chemutai, interior designer confidently. She also gives it its natural touch that breathes freshness into any space.

    “Some countries have taken it a step further to show what bamboo can really do, using it in public places such as airports. For example, Madrid-Barajas International Airport which has a magnificent exceptional bamboo ceiling that screams both nature and class, ”she says.

    She also says that bamboo poles can also be used in an open space. “Adding African inspired art to this will totally bring the African spirit home,” adds Chemutai.

    Additionally, Chemutai notes that bamboo is another material that can be used to make stunning African-inspired wall finishes for interior and exterior walls. The quickest example she sees is the finishing of the surrounding wall of Kasubi’s tombs. “I don’t know if they used reeds or bamboo, but the concept is the same,” she notes.

    Aesthetic functions

    In addition to all the building functions that bamboo can be assigned to, it can also be used in aesthetics.

    “It cannot be denied that bamboo is an excellent decorative material and that it lasts a long time. It can be used to make wall inserts in any room, it can be used to accent a part of the wall, can be used to create natural blinds and is used to make decorative items such as lamp stands, wall / photo frames, decorative baskets, rugs and other crafts. The list is endless, ”says Rona Nakaweesi, an interior designer.


    Nakaweesi also adds that bamboo is used in making a variety of utensils and kitchen utensils such as plates and dishes, mugs, platters, cutting boards, cutlery, storage containers. , kitchen organizers and placemats, among other kitchen utensils.

    Outdoors, bamboo makes beautiful planters and is used for natural evergreen hedges, but can also be planted decoratively within the enclosure. Bamboo is also a beautiful houseplant.

    Why bamboo

    Bamboo has been credited with being versatile / flexible, yet very strong, especially in construction. It also has a long lifespan, which makes bamboo products durable. Whether it grows or not, bamboo has an antibacterial component, which makes it ideal for combating bacterial growth.

    Bamboo has so far been highlighted as the fastest growing plant on the planet, making its supply sustainable but also ideal when fast growing tree-like plants are needed.

    It also absorbs carbon dioxide, releasing much more oxygen than the normal plant, making it ideal for use indoors and outdoors. It is also low maintenance as it does not need fertilizers or pesticides and can thrive in a wide range of weather conditions.

    Therefore, whatever your needs, bamboo looks like something that we all need.

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    Portland, Maine Travel Guide: Where to Stay, Eat and Play http://nelshael.com/portland-maine-travel-guide-where-to-stay-eat-and-play/ Fri, 03 Sep 2021 18:46:14 +0000 http://nelshael.com/portland-maine-travel-guide-where-to-stay-eat-and-play/

    Courtesy of the Inn by the Sea.

    Dave Cleaveland Imaging of Maine www.maineimaging.com

    With views of Crescent Beach from every corner and the ubiquitous scent of the ocean, Inn by the Sea lives up to its name. Located just 15 minutes from Portland, the pet-friendly resort offers vacationers an idealistic Maine getaway with the convenience of exploring both the city and the coast. The 61 suites are dressed in playful nautical decors like antique buoys, but still feel sophisticated enough for a longer stay, and come equipped with everything you need to do so, from unlimited coffee to lobster crackers. Beyond the spa, heated pool, and lavish outdoor lounges, a scenic promenade guides guests through a sea of ​​local wildflowers to the beach, equipped with matching blue umbrellas and chairs. Surprise summer treats like s’mores, pre-sunset bonfires, and kid-friendly and adult-friendly ice cream nights make days at the inn even more enjoyable.

    Where to eat

    Courtesy of the Highroller Lobster Company.

    Once a much sought-after food cart parked at local haunts, The Highroller Lobster Company finally found a permanent home in the heart of Portland a few years ago. Today there is still a line up across the street to order one of the city’s many creative versions of fame, a lobster roll. Try the Gooey Lobster Grilled Cheese or the Crispy Lobster Taco.

    The sister restaurant of Portland’s iconic Fore Street, Scales serves upscale seafood in a sober and elegant setting on the Quayside. The knowledgeable staff are keen to ensure that local dishes are suitable for all tastes. While halibut dressed in a buttery hazelnut sauce will change your life, the freshest oysters in the state are also an absolute must.

    Managed by award-winning restaurateurs James Beard, Honey Paw offers an eclectic menu with a focus on Southeast Asian cuisine. Try the khao soi with smoked lamb, and their version of a Banh mi (made with chicken liver mousse for carnivores, tofu for vegetarians). Every Honey Paw meal should end with a gentle swirl – flavors change seasonally.

    Adorned with pastel pink borders and filled with freshly baked pastries, Little Woodfords is one of the cutest cafes you’ve ever come across. They prepare a special astrological drink that changes with each new season of the zodiac. (Virgo is an oatmeal honey and fresh mint glazed matcha latte, enhanced with a blend of adaptogenic herbs.) And if you don’t go out with an ice cream sandwich, you’d be wrong!

    Blyth & Burrows is more than a brand new cocktail bar; it is an immersive sensory experience. If you’re lucky enough to sneak into the back bar hidden behind a shelf, try one of the New England Clambake cocktails created to put a summer party in your mouth. Also note the offer of oysters in dollars every Wednesday.

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    Alissa Violet takes steamy rocking mirror selfies in sexy pink lace lingerie http://nelshael.com/alissa-violet-takes-steamy-rocking-mirror-selfies-in-sexy-pink-lace-lingerie/ Wed, 01 Sep 2021 04:30:36 +0000 http://nelshael.com/alissa-violet-takes-steamy-rocking-mirror-selfies-in-sexy-pink-lace-lingerie/

    Blonde beauty Alissa Violet wowed her 10.3 million Instagram followers with her latest share, two scorching selfies in which she rocked a set of sexy lingerie. The set was from the Lounge Underwear brand, and she made sure to tag the lingerie brand’s Instagram page in the first photo, just in case any of her fans were looking to purchase the set themselves. .

    Best place to take selfies