Photography Ideas – Nelshael Fri, 17 Sep 2021 17:45:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Photography Ideas – Nelshael 32 32 Virginia Beach photographer shares tips for taking sunrise photos Fri, 17 Sep 2021 14:51:00 +0000 Local photographer Shawn Young owns the @vabeachsunrises Instagram page, which approaches 10,000 followers.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia – With Hampton Roads on the east coast, we’re fortunate to say that we can see the sunrise over the ocean. If you wake up early enough, you can cruise to shore for larger-than-life views.

It’s something Virginia Beach resident Shawn Young does all the time.

Young is a graphic designer by training, but he’s also the photographer behind @vabeachsunrises, an Instagram page with over 9,800 followers. Her photos show off the stunning shades of orange, pink and blue that accompany the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. They were taken in different parts of Virginia Beach including Oceanfront and Sandbridge.

It’s a project he started in 2017 after leaving the countryside of Oahu, Hawaii, where he spent his mornings at the beach concentrating for the day.

Once he settled in Virginia Beach, he found himself doing the same thing and started taking photos to share with the world.

“It would hit me, like ‘Wow, it’s a beautiful sunrise.’ I would pull my phone out of my pocket and take a picture of it, ”Young said.

What’s cool about @vabeachsunrises is that most of the photos were taken on an iPhone, although Young said he used a more expensive camera in the past.

Young told 13News Now that he hopes his photos can spread positivity on social media.

“There is so much negativity on social media. Taking pictures of a sunrise will only spread joy and good feelings to people,” Young said. “In a way, it’s sharing something good with the world rather than complaining and trying to upset people.”

For those who want to go out and get the perfect sunrise shot, Young shared several tips for giving it a go.

You don’t need an expensive camera

Young said there is a tendency to rely on the functionality of more expensive cameras. When you are forced to use a cheaper device, you have to think more about the composition of your shot.

“Even though the phone has a lot of limitations, if you learn to work within its constraints, you can get some really great photos,” he said.

Young said he would check the weather, as well as the sea and air forecast, the night before filming to get a feel for what the sky will look like in the morning.

While he said clear sunny skies are nice, there is one particular weather condition he is aiming for.

“If there is a thunderstorm in the evening and partly cloudy conditions forecast for the next day, the skies will be among the most colorful and spectacular,” he said. “These are the mornings you want to make sure you get up for.”

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If you don’t, you risk ending up with lens flare and light artifacts, Young said.

Young encourages people to let the natural image speak for itself, even if the temptation to increase color saturation and add effects is real.

Young said having a prominent foreground and a colorful background can make a photo more interesting.

“Most phones have a wide-angle lens by default, so getting down to the ground and letting the water get very close to the camera can make for a really spectacular shot,” he said. declared.

“There is probably a metaphor for life in this advice,” he said.

Young pointed out that phone camera apps have a grid that you can turn on. He said that if you use it to guide your photo composition, your photos will generally look much better.

Look for new perspectives

In his final tip, Young encouraged people to keep looking for new ways to approach a familiar topic.

Young encouraged people to support him by following the Instagram page and leaving likes and comments. He also plans to release the second version of a photo book he published in 2019.

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Author’s Note: The above video has been archived since July 2020.

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Florida Police Search Gabby Petito, Request Her Boyfriend’s Cooperation Fri, 17 Sep 2021 01:47:00 +0000 “He needs to talk to us,” Josh Taylor, spokesperson for the North Port, Florida Police Department, said at a press briefing. “We need to know exactly where he was, where she was, their last locations and that he was back here for 10 days.… The family reported him missing 10 days later.”

Joe Petito, Petito’s father, said on Thursday that what matters right now is finding his daughter.

“That’s what matters, finding this girl is what matters,” he said at a North Port Police briefing Thursday.

“Everything else comes after that,” the father said, showing a photo of his missing daughter.

Petito’s family reported the 22-year-old missing on September 11. They said they were last in contact with her during the last week of August, according to North Port police.

Prior to this communication, Petito was believed to have been in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, police said. She was traveling with her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, in his white 2012 Ford Transit van with a Florida license plate, police said in a press release on Wednesday.

This vehicle was recovered on September 11 from the North Port home she shared with Laundrie and her parents, the statement said, adding that Laundrie would have returned to North Port on September 1.

The vehicle was treated and “there was material inside” that authorities will examine, Taylor said at Wednesday’s press conference. He did not provide any further information on the material.

There is currently no search warrant for this home, Taylor said.

Authorities came to the home on Saturday to ask to speak to Laundrie and her family, but “we were basically handed the information for their lawyer,” Taylor said.

“That’s the extent of our conversation with them,” Taylor said. “From what I understand, we have had a few conversations with his lawyer, but certainly nothing in terms of providing us with the details we would like.”

North Port Police are investigating, with assistance from the FBI. Petito’s family – who live in New York – had reported his disappearance to the Suffolk County Police Department, New York.

Petito and his boyfriend had an “altercation” in Utah, according to the police

In August, police in Moab, Utah, met Petito and her boyfriend and the couple were described as having “engaged in some sort of altercation,” according to a report released by the Police Department. the city of Moab.

Police in the city of Moab were called with reports of disorderly conduct on August 12 and met with Laundrie and Petito, as well as a witness whose full name was redacted from the report.

Laundrie and Petito are described as having a physical fight over an argument, but “the man and woman said they were in love and engaged to be married and were desperate to see anyone charged with a crime “, according to the report of the officer Eric Pratt.

At the officers’ suggestion, Laundrie and Petito went their separate ways for the night, according to the report. Petito is described by an officer as “confused and emotional”.

“Having assessed all of the circumstances, I don’t think the situation escalated so much into a domestic assault as into a mental health crisis,” Officer Daniel Robbins wrote in the police report. No charges have been laid.

Robbins wrote that Laundrie said the couple had been traveling together for “the past 4 or 5 months.”

The Laundrie family “stays behind”

In a statement on Tuesday, Petito’s parents Nicole Schmidt and Joseph Petito said Laundrie refused to tell them where he last saw their daughter and “refused to explain why he left Gabby alone and had drives his van in Florida “.

Speaking to CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Wednesday night, Petito’s stepfather Jim Schmidt said the young woman communicated regularly with her mother and family.

“She was coming off the grid… doing her van life stuff, exploring these different areas. So it was not uncommon for her to go away a few days at a time, but she would always go back somewhere. have Wi-Fi, upload to his Instagram, make phone calls, FaceTime, ”he said.

An attorney representing the Laundrie family said in a statement Tuesday that the family “were standing back at this point and would have no further comment” on the attorney’s advice.

“We understand that a search has been arranged for Miss Petito in or near Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming,” Laundrie family attorney Steven Bertolino said in the statement.

In response to this statement, Petito’s parents begged the Laundrie family to instead “help find who Brian called the love of his life.”

“How does Brian stay in the background when he’s the only person who knows Gabby’s whereabouts?” their statement says.

In a statement on Wednesday, Petito family attorney Richard Stafford pleaded with the young woman’s boyfriend to break his silence and help him find her.

“Every day the search for Gabby continues, the Schmidt and Petito family become more and more desperate,” the statement said, adding that Laundrie’s silence is “reprehensible”.

“We beg you to do the right thing and help us bring Gabby home,” he added. “You tarnish your love for her with your silence.”

Police describe the circumstances of the disappearance as “strange”

During Wednesday’s press conference, Taylor said police were doing “everything in our power to get her home safely or potentially hold anyone responsible for injuring her.”

“We are concerned and are working as quickly as possible to get a resolution,” Taylor said.

Previously, North Port Police had called the circumstances of the woman’s disappearance “strange”.

“Someone who’s traveled and contacted their family and then all of a sudden gloomy – it’s obviously weird,” Taylor told CNN on Tuesday.

Police said Petito was white, was around 5 feet 5 inches tall, and was 110 pounds, with blonde hair, blue eyes and several tattoos, including one on his finger and one on his forearm that read “Let it be “.

The FBI has set up a nationwide hotline – 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324) – to receive tips, police said.

“So far we have received hundreds of tips that are being reviewed by multiple agencies. If anyone has seen the van pictured and any information that might be of help, please let us know,” police said.

A verified GoFundMe page has been set up to raise funds and help find Petito, with the consent of his family.

“Our trust and security team is working with the organizer of GoFundMe to ensure funds are transferred directly to the family,” Kelsi Gantt, GoFundMe communications manager, confirmed in an email to CNN.

CNN’s Jenn Selva, Ben Norbitz, Andy Rose, and Claudia Dominguez contributed to this report.

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manufacturer of the port of Catoosa expects up to 160 new jobs and a $ 6 million investment in the plant | News from local businesses Thu, 16 Sep 2021 17:40:00 +0000

CATOOSA – A heat exchanger company in the Port of Tulsa de Catoosa plans to invest $ 6 million to refurbish its plant and plans to add up to 160 jobs by 2024.

Christina O’Connor, general manager and vice president of operations for Kelvion, made the announcement Thursday at a meeting of the Tulsa-Rogers County Port Authority board of directors.

The refurbishment of the factory is a response to a new, unnamed product that Kelvion will manufacture for a customer. The company has placed an order for robotic welding equipment and plans to begin production on the new inventory as of the first of the year, O’Connor said.

“Another of our factories is doing business with this customer and they got a new idea and a new need, and they put us in touch with them,” she said.

The new product will require the addition of 60 jobs (welders, quality, assembly) over the next 14 months and another 60 by 2024. The existing factory, which has four sites on the port, will be renovated and new equipment purchased.

To process existing product orders, Kelvion plans to hire an additional 30-40 people over the next three months (welders, assembly, fintube). O’Connor said the company has more than doubled its order intake in the past two months.

“We are still very invested in the oil and gas sector,” she said. “It will remain our bread and butter. But these new developments and markets with customers have been very exciting, and we are growing at an exponential rate at this point.”

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British Columbia vaccination card required for certain activities at Strathcona Gardens – Campbell River Mirror Wed, 15 Sep 2021 17:30:00 +0000

As per the order of the Provincial Health Officer, Strathcona Gardens Recreation Center will require proof of vaccination, depending on the activity.

Proof of vaccination will be required for adults 22 years of age and over for arena sports, the weight room and fitness room and for any organized event of more than 50 people. It will also be required for anyone over the age of 12 at paid sporting events – such as Junior B hockey games – and organized events of more than 50 people.

However, some activities and areas do not require proof of vaccination. These are swimming pools (unless an event with more than 50 people), public skating and youth programs in arenas, recreational programs for children and youth and day camps, and for adults supervising youth in arenas, swimming pools or other recreational programs.

“Strathcona Gardens staff continue to monitor the information and guidance provided by the provincial health officer and other authorities to ensure the health and safety of staff and the public,” said the senior manager of Strathcona Gardens , Koreen Gurak. “We sincerely appreciate the patience, support and encouragement we have received from the community as we navigate the new order of public health.”

Security will be on site requiring proof of vaccination.

As of September 13, proof is only required for at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. By October 24, this will drop to two doses. Adults 22 years of age and older must present government-issued photo ID along with proof of vaccination. Until September 26, a hard copy of a vaccination record will be accepted, but by September 27, the BC vaccination card will be required.

“Residents are encouraged to arrive a few minutes early to limit waiting times,” said a press release from the SRD.

The public health order will be in place until January 31, 2022, and could be extended.
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COVID-19 Local News Strathcona Regional District Vaccines

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One actor, two big bees and a lot of experts: a week spent tackling the problems of the planet | Environment Sat, 11 Sep 2021 10:01:00 +0000

At times under the early fall sun in Marseille, pre-pandemic life has felt incredibly close at the world’s largest conservation rally since the start of Covid. Scientists presented the latest nature research – in person – to colleagues they hadn’t seen in months, if not years.

Amid the excitement of the 4,000 people who met face to face at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in the French port city, with more participants online, there was broad agreement on the fact that conservation is experiencing a moment of opportunity, despite obvious challenges, and essential work has not stopped under lockdown.

From sharks to Hainan gibbons, from coral reefs to rivers, a myriad of projects were presented. Kenya unveiled its first wildlife census, which numbered 30 animal species and covered nearly 60% of its landmass; Costa Rica has highlighted its #stopanimalselfies campaign. There were discussions and debates on the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the River, Alien Species, Human-Wildlife Conflict, the Use of Smart Technology in Conservation, Genetic Engineering and much more.

Actor Harrison Ford was an unlikely voice to lead the call for leadership and unity at the start of the summit. After a long speech by French President Emmanuel Macron, the 79-year-old Star Wars star and environmentalist urged congress attendees to seek justice for mother nature.

“We all know the last few years have not been easy. It’s hard. It is difficult to be dedicated to such an urgent cause and not be able to obtain the strength to achieve the change that is absolutely necessary, ”he said. “We are ambitious for perfect solutions, perfect policies. No one has that luxury anymore. We have to get down to business. We have to make things happen. We have to get there now. “

About 4000 people from all over the world attended the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille. Photography: Guillaume Horcajuelo / EPA

Despite dire warnings about the health of the planet and the world’s failure to meet a single United Nations goal to stop the destruction of nature, there have been rumors that the pandemic has created a time for action. is possible.

“What will happen over the next eight years is so critical,” Costa Rican Environment Minister Andrea Meza said. “We only have this window of opportunity and it is shrinking. If we don’t speed up, we’ll lose our chance.

How the world should change remains to be debated. Meza, alongside British and French ministers, is leading a campaign to protect 30% of land and seas by the end of the decade in a UN deal to be negotiated in Kunming, China , next year, a goal that was officially approved at Congress. She thinks this is the best candidate for a simple, unifying slogan that will focus international action and attract much needed funding for conservation.

But the 30% target is controversial. Indigenous communities fear this may legitimize land grabbing and human rights abuses, sparking hours of discussion about rights-based conservation in Congress. As Jennifer Morris, Executive Director of The Nature Conservancy, acknowledged: “It can’t just be traditional protected areas. It must include indigenous peoples, with indigenous peoples at the table. Motions to protect 80% of the Amazon and support the rights of indigenous peoples have been passed.

Others fear that the 30×30 slogan may distract from the need for urgent change in agriculture, invasive species management, pollution and resource extraction across the planet.

Liberty Leading the People - a live art installation at Congress
Liberty Leading the People, a living art installation calling for the protection of 50% of the planet by 2030. Photography: Clément Mahoudeau / AVAAZ

Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, Meza’s predecessor, who oversees a multibillion-dollar trust fund that provides climate and natural finance to help developing countries stick to UN agreements, called for more leaders inspiring to intensify. “We need rockstars,” he said. Rodriguez doesn’t think the 30% target is ambitious enough. He wants countries to devote 1% of their GDP to halt and reverse the decline in biodiversity.

“Many developing countries think the financial burden should be on the industrialized countries of the north,” Rodriguez says. “The developed world should stop the dual agenda of conservation and sustainability while their companies mine and mine. And they have to pay. Otherwise, in 10 years, all these people living in the south will be in the north.

During the congress, it was clear that old conservation issues had not gone away and that new ones had arisen in the context of the pandemic. Forest fires and drought are intensifying as the climate warms. Gaps in the data mean that we have little idea of ​​the extent of man-made destruction of the natural world. Much of the revenue from ecotourism has disappeared and the budgets of environment ministries have been slashed.

A meeting in memory of the 331 conservationists who died in 2020
A meeting in memory of the 331 conservationists who died in 2020, with 331 flowers to represent each lost person. Photography: IISB

For Rémy Rioux, director general of the French Development Agency, which helped lead the discussions on the Paris climate agreement, attention must be paid to the reorientation of existing funding flows while making new commitments. “We estimate that for one US dollar of subsidy that is positive for nature, you get eight that are detrimental,” he said. “In the Paris agreement, we have included three objectives: mitigation, adaptation and financing. The transformation of the financial sector is an end in itself. It must be the same for nature.

During the congress, financiers, ministers and government officials ensured the return of ambitious commitments and environmental jargon, with “nature-based solutions”, “one health” and “natural capital” all buzzwords.

Meanwhile, the IUCN presented updates to its Red List of Threatened Species, with the Komodo dragon, sharks and rays and related wildlife in decline, but tuna species are doing better. Delegates voted Razan al-Mubarak, head of the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency, as the new president and a series of motions were passed, including one calling for a ban on mining in high sea.

Jean and Janique Moritz disguised as bees to raise awareness of the plight of insects
Jean and Janique Moritz disguised themselves as bees to raise awareness of the plight of insects. Photograph: Phoebe Weston / The Guardian

A return to the absurd also in the thematic spaces of nine rooms in the shade of the Vélodrome stadium: an activist disguised as a rat who quietly watches a political debate on French conservation; a couple disguised as bees relaying the importance of pollinators.

Ford said a generation of young environmentalists will soon lead the changes, helping to correct the failures of previous generations.

“Reinforcements are on the way,” he told Congress. “They’re sitting in lecture halls now, venturing out into the field for the very first time, writing their theses, leading walks, organizing communities, learning to turn passion into progress and potential into power. But they are not there yet. In a few years, they will be there.

In the meantime, many of those gathered in Marseille will look to Cop26 in Glasgow in November, where environmentalists will pay close attention to the impact of the climate emergency on nature and the crucial role of biodiversity in the health of the world. planet.

Find more coverage on the Age of Extinction here and follow the biodiversity journalists Phoebe weston and Patrick greenfield on Twitter for all the latest news and features

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]]> UK 2021 living room ideas: how to decorate a living room – artwork, photo frames, lamps, candles and cushions Wed, 08 Sep 2021 12:46:00 +0000

These are all the essential things you need to decorate a living room

This article contains affiliate links. We may earn a small commission on items purchased through this article, but this does not affect our editorial judgment.

First of all, you’ll want to decide on your chosen color scheme and define your decorative tastes.

It can be difficult to visualize how many different elements will come together to create a harmonized look.

While you can make quick decisions for larger items, such as your sofa, it’s those extra extras that often bring a room together – as well as being very necessary for the day-to-day practical use of the room.

Here is our guide to everything you need to decorate your living room to make it functional, comfortable and inviting; from rugs to vases and photo frames to candles.

Garcia Oversized 100cm Wall Clock

Garcia Oversized 100cm Wall Clock

Knowing what time it is always important, but with this oversized piece you can make a clock more than just a practical product, you can also make it the focal point of the room.

The clock, besides being modern and stylish, is sturdy because it is made of iron.

Its design is minimalist, but that means it can be a statement without overwhelming your room. It looks classy and chic.

Battery operated and available in silver or black.

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Hole Park, Kent: Bluebell Wood in Spring by Clive Nichols

Bluebell Wood in Spring by Clive Nichols

A living room should be where you go to rest and relax at the end of the day – and therefore it should be inviting and calming.

Artwork helps to put emphasis on the room and can also be a great talking point for your guests.

This piece, created in beautiful soft pastel colors, evokes feelings of calm and serenity. You can almost feel the sun on your face and imagine walking through bluebells when you look at it.

Four sizes available. Prices start at £ 35.99.

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Samuel 160 cm arched floor lamp

Samuel 160 cm arched floor lamp

The beautiful arched chrome floor lamp is perfect for the living room.

The unique shape means it lends itself to being placed in an alcove or corner, but it can also help define separate areas of the room if you want to further define your space. This is especially useful if you have a small living room.

It could even be placed on the edge of the sofa to provide the perfect reading light.

With a curved stem leading to a shade that appears to hang in the air. The lamp, which has a dimmer, comes with a white shade, but you can also change it to match your color scheme if you like.

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Garwood gray area rug

Garwood gray area rug

Enhance the decor of your home with the stylish trellis rug. Showcasing a chic white geometric pattern on a calming gray background, this rug will instantly make your space contemporary.

Rugs are especially important in rooms without carpeting as they add warmth, but they can be added to any room for extra design points and texture.

They also define a space in the room – so they can be useful if you have an oddly shaped living space.

Available in five sizes, with prices starting at £ 39.99. Now on sale too.

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Tulip flower arrangement in ceramic vase

Tulip flower arrangement in ceramic vase

This pretty floral arrangement will create a warm atmosphere in the living room.

Tulips are designed to look deceptively real, so your guest will never guess that they are maintenance-free and not kept from you.

The advantage of having these artificial flowers is that if you buy real flowers you also have a ready-made vase as the artificial flowers can be removed if you want.

Available in seven colors; red (photo), dark pink, pink, purple, orange, yellow and white.

Was £ 53.99, now £ 49.99.

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Ranbir Peacock Cushion with Padding

Ranbir Peacock Cushion with Padding

Bring nature with this bright floral peacock cushion, which will add a touch of color to your furniture.

The bright pinks of the flowers really stand out against the golden background and the blue and green peacock is equally elegant.

The cushion is finished with piping and the reverse is a beautiful vibrant teal.

The variety of colors of this cushion means that it will complement a variety of color combinations as well.

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Tabwa Feather Candle Holder

Tabwa Feather Candle Holder

Create an atmospheric atmosphere with these candlesticks, which will look great on a fireplace or on a shelf.

The delicate feathered feathers are cut by hand; the warm tones of brass only add to the magical feel.

Pair it with a church candle or T-lamp, although they are also a great decorative item in their own right.

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Danta triple frame

Danta triple frame

One of the best ways to quickly make a living room comfortable is to add your own personal photos and knickknacks.

This unusual frame, available in antique black, can do it all. You can put anything between the three glass sides, so you can use it as a traditional photo frame.

As the photo shows, you can also place plants in the middle of the item, or candles and other popular decorative items.

Since this is also a three-way photo frame, you can easily refresh the main photo displayed by just rotating the frame.

A unique piece that is sure to get many compliments from your guests.

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Yankee Candle Medium Jar – Coral Peony

Yankee Candle Medium Jar – Coral Peony

A flickering scented candle says home sweet home.

With the scent of Coral Peony, you will enjoy a rich and lush floral scent beautifully blended with an aromatic citrus flavor.

Your living room will always smell like you always have beautiful, fresh flowers inside, even when you don’t have one.

A bouquet of floral sparkle captured in a distinctive glass jar, this will ensure the room is always inviting – and right now this candle is selling at the lowest price ever for Argos, so get yours before you go. ‘she is not gone.

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Argos Home Heart Shaped Wall Mirror – White

Argos Home Heart Shaped Wall Mirror – White

Show some love to your living room – literally – with this lovely heart shaped mirror.

Mirrors are not only handy and useful for one last check on your hair before leaving the house, but they also add light and can make a space look open and larger than it is. really, thanks to the reflected light. this.

This one has a beautiful crisp white finish so it looks clean and stylish and will easily complement any other decor choice.

Was £ 11.25, now £ 10.05.

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Habitat Decorative Marble Bookends – White

Habitat Decorative Marble Bookends – White

Show off your favorite novels with these gorgeous organic seashell bookends.

Crafted with 100% white marble and elegantly sculpted, this striking pair brings a fresh, natural touch to your bookcase, sideboard or fireplace mantel.

Tired of falling books? With a weight of 2160g, these pure marble bookends aren’t going anywhere. They are also a great ornament in their own right.

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Habitat Duno Touch Table Lamp – Copper & Pink

Habitat Duno Touch Table Lamp – Copper & Pink

Brighten up the mood with this tactile table lamp in pink and copper.

Blending shiny metals with matte finishes, this sophisticated tactile table lamp has a fresh, on-trend vibe that will never go out of fashion.

With three settings, you can adjust the brightness from low to medium to high with the touch of a hand. In addition to being elegant, it is also very practical.

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Hesta nesting side table, green and pink

Hesta nesting side table, green and pink

A reinvention of simple nesting tables, this piece is sure to grab attention.

The beautiful variety of pastel ombre colors complement each other beautifully – and will also coordinate well with your living room color scheme.

With rounded edges and smooth surfaces, this is a modern take on a living room essential that dates back decades.

Perfect for your clean rooms, these tables add instant contemporary appeal.

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Surfers Print by Thao Courtial

Surfers Print by Thao Courtial

You’ll hear the waves lapping gently against the sand when you place this tranquil piece of art on the wall.

It’s perfect not only for people who love to surf on their own, but also for escaping to the beach when they can – although it’s often right on their minds.

David & David Studio is the brainchild of Laurence and Philippe David. From their collection, this photographic print shows surfers catching the waves in Lanzarote. Shot by Thao Courtial.

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Hampton Small Round Storage Ottoman

Hampton Small Round Storage Ottoman

A beanbag is great because it has so many functions. Put your feet up, sit down, or use it as a perch for your magazines. This pouf is a real multitasking, especially with this storage space inside.

This could be used to store blankets or the various remotes and wires for all your tech and gadgets – the possibilities are endless and everything is neatly tucked away in one beautiful piece of furniture.

This piece’s velvet fabric and classic deep buttoning give it an effortless opulence that will never go out of style.

Available in plush pink velvet, charcoal gray velvet and vintage gold velvet.

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All In by Billie Jean King review – game, set and match | Sports and leisure books Sat, 04 Sep 2021 06:30:00 +0000

Billie Jean King learned early on that as a girl who excelled in sports, she would not always be treated fairly. There was the elementary school teacher who had noted her for using her “superior abilities” at recess games, and the tennis official who took her, 10, from a photo. of players at a tournament in California because she was wearing shorts instead of a skirt. .

King then observed prominent teens receiving free meals at the canteen of the Los Angeles Tennis Club where she trained, while she and her mother had to eat the food they brought from home to school. ‘outside. Later, as a player competing on the international stage, she would see male competitors win up to eight times the cash prize of their female counterparts. “Even if you are not a born activist,” she writes, “life may very well make you one.”

King’s memoir – written with sports journalist Johnette Howard and writer Maryanne Vollers – is a vivid, detailed account of her rise to athletic greatness and her struggles to achieve equal treatment for women in a shockingly discriminatory sport. She reveals how, in the early 1970s, she paved the way for female players by leading the breakaway movement for the first all-female professional tennis tour, despite threats it would end her career. Many male players, including Stan Smith, denounced King’s efforts; Australian player Fred Stolle told him: “Nobody wants To pay to watch you play the birds. But King was not discouraged, persuading eight others, including Rosemary Casals and Nancy Richey, to register for what would become the Virginia Slims Circuit for a token dollar bill. They were called “The Original 9” and their organization became the basis for the formation of the Women’s Tennis Association three years later.

King with the Wimbledon trophy after his victory over PF Jones in July 1967. Photography: Bettmann Archives

In 1971, King, who had spent much of the 1960s living hand-to-hand on the meager per diems handed out at amateur tournaments, won an unprecedented $ 100,000; in 1976, Chris Evert’s earnings exceeded $ 1 million. There were those who thought King’s emphasis on money was vulgar, but she remained steadfast. As Althea Gibson, the first African-American tennis player to win a Grand Slam title and one of King’s greatest inspirations, said: “You can’t eat trophies.”

Elsewhere, King remembers life-changing games with remarkable clarity, in some cases guiding us through each set. It’s not as laborious as it sounds. King revel in the drama and tension, both in his tennis and in his storytelling; given her status as a record sportswoman, her occasional drops in elation seem forgivable. The preparation of the famous match “Battle of the Sexes”, in which she played against Bobby Riggs, and the circus that surrounded him, is terribly told. Riggs, an attention-seeking 50s and self-proclaimed “chauvinist pig,” had challenged King in a fight to prove that women’s tennis was inferior to men’s tennis and was not worth investing in. Where King spent the weeks before the match training hard and studying Riggs’ game, he spent a large portion of them taunting her in media interviews and making sponsorship deals. She beat him in straight sets.

King’s campaign went beyond tennis, of course. She marched for women’s liberation alongside Gloria Steinem and, facing fierce criticism, publicly declared that she had an abortion. King has also undergone a close and unfair scrutiny of his marriage to lawyer Larry King and his sexuality. For years, she was silent about her relationships with women for fear of exploding her career (she is now a staunch advocate of the LGBTQ community). While All in contains a lot of athletic ups and downs, it’s his thoughts on that denial and secret that give him his emotional weight.

King has repeatedly lied to his family, colleagues and the media, even after a former girlfriend, Marilyn Barnett, exposed him in 1981 by filing a palimony complaint. King poignantly writes about her denials of homosexuality, which she said were the result of fear, shame, and her own internalized homophobia. “It’s a legacy of so many things, including not knowing if you can trust someone with the information,” she observes. “People in the closet often take comfort in the idea that at least they are in control of who knows the truth, when the real truth is that the closet is in control.” Later, she adds, “I didn’t fully come out and I wasn’t comfortable in my skin until I was 51. I wish I could have come out sooner.”

Nonetheless, the courage and endurance it took for King to take on a defensive, intractable and often fanatical tennis establishment, and to win, was no small feat, although it turned out that his bigger battle would be with herself. All in describes a life made up of one epic fight after another, both on and off the pitch. “But I got out of it,” she wrote in the epilogue. “I’m free.”

All In: An Autobiography is published by Viking (£ 20). To support the Guardian and Observer, purchase a copy at To order Delivery charges may apply.

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Budget-friendly ways to enjoy Michigan’s fall season – The Oakland Press Sat, 28 Aug 2021 14:31:54 +0000

There is nothing quite like the sights, sounds, tastes and smells during fall in Michigan. People can spend a small fortune to visit apple orchards, pumpkin farms, cider mills, corn mazes, haunted houses, and other attractions in September and October. These are definitely some great things to do, but if you’re short on cash, you shouldn’t miss out on all the fun that fall has to offer.

There are many ways to enjoy the fall weather and seasonal produce without spending a lot of money. Consider these economic ideas:

• Heat things up. Gather around the fireplace for good conversation and s’mores. You can provide the marshmallows, apple cider, and blankets and ask guests to contribute to the meeting by bringing in creative toppings like chocolate bars, peppermint patties and cups of peanut butter as well as different flavors of graham crackers and cookies to sandwich everything. If you are having a small gathering, just offer marshmallows and a conversation

• Take him outside. A nature walk can soothe the soul and provide a quiet slice of time during an otherwise busy season. Explore a new trail, bring your binoculars for migrating bird watching, or just sit on a bench to clear your mind. The Polly Ann Trail is a great option that runs along a former Orion Township rail corridor on the border of Lapeer County and Oakland. The non-motorized road winds through the quaint communities of Addison Township, Leonard, Orion Township, Oxford and Oxford Township.

Photo courtesy of Metro Creative Connection

Baking is a wonderful way to spend quality time with the family that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Photo courtesy of Metro Creative Connection

• Make a homemade apple pie. It doesn’t matter if you pick the apples from an orchard or buy them at the store or if you skip the process of making a homemade pie crust in favor of the store-bought refrigerated version you roll out. The point is, you gather in the kitchen to cook as a family and if you have any, pass the family recipes on to the next generation.

“The baking and baking products are so emotional,” said Pam Turkin, a local pastry chef who teaches baking skills online. “Every time we work together in the kitchen, you build memories that can last for generations to come. “

Turkin said Michigan has the best apples in the country and there are a ton of varieties. She enjoys exploring different apples and mixing them together to create unique pies. She said when making apple pie from scratch it’s important to make sure the butter is cold.

“Also, research your apples, make sure they’re the right apples for the taste and texture you want,” she said. “A final tip: I always throw my apple slices in the flour before adding them to my pie shell. This helps thicken the juices.

• Look at the stars. On a comfortable, clear night, spread a blanket, sit outside, and stargaze with your family. You can even bring mugs of hot chocolate outside to keep everyone warm. If you want to learn more about the solar system, uncover the stories behind the constellations, or take a map of the current night sky, consider a visit to your local planetarium.

• Cheer on the home team. Get into the spirit of the community by attending a Friday night football game at your local high school or enjoy a beautiful location along the Homecoming Parade route. Even if you don’t have a high school student, cheering on the home team is a great way to connect with friends and neighbors while watching a good game, shouting with cheerleader chants and while listening to fantastic bands.

• Hang on to it. Many high school students wait until fall to have their pictures taken, and for good reason. Interesting fall foliage and colorful leaves provide the perfect backdrop with very little effort. You also don’t need a fancy camera or matching shirts. Just ask your loved ones to meet you at a local park, sunflower field, apple orchard or pumpkin patch and you will get snapshots you are sure to cherish for years to come.

Photo courtesy of Metro Creative Connection

Reading books aloud is a great way to build literacy skills and introduce young children to the love of lifelong learning. Photo courtesy of Metro Creative Connection

• Getting lost in a good book. Reading books aloud is a great way to build literacy skills and introduce young children to the love of lifelong learning. It is also a wonderful activity for older families who can look forward to reading the next chapter of a book together each evening.

Lisa Mulvenna, head of children and youth services at the Clinton-Macomb Public Library, said there was nothing better as the nights started to get cooler so the family could all put on their pajamas and read stories together.

“Especially with young children, I like to choose books that explore the world and the books of the seasons do,” she said. “Children absorb so much new information that they have new experiences, even if those experiences are done through books. It helps them prepare to learn later in life.

To start a family story time, Mulvenna suggests picking a time that works for your family, whether it’s bedtime or after school, and stick to it to make it routine. She said if you have an older child take turns reading because even older kids love to be read to them and don’t be discouraged if a younger child isn’t sitting next to you for a while. reading the story because they are still listening.

When choosing books, she said remember that you don’t have to be serious. Use a funny voice when reading and laugh when the parties are funny.

“Laughter is contagious and if your child sees you laughing, so will they,” Mulvenna said.

If you don’t have a home library or are looking for new books, visit your public library for new ideas and let your child choose the book whenever possible.

“Children’s favorite books are the ones they choose for themselves,” Mulvenna said.

Here is a list of her fall reading suggestions:

• “Apples and Pumpkins” by Anne Rockwell
• “Autumn is not easy” by Marty Kelley
• “Fall Leaves Fall” by Zoe Hall
• “The mixed autumn” by Bob Raczka
• “In the middle of autumn” by Kevin Henkes
• “The Leaf Man” by Lois Ehlert
• “There was an old lady who swallowed leaves” by Lucille Colandro
• “We go hunting for leaves” by Steve Metzger

• Enjoy it all with pumpkin spice. It’s definitely not a flavor for everyone, but if you love pumpkin spice, now is the season to indulge in new products or get creative at home. Bake pumpkin pancakes on a Saturday morning, meet friends at a cafe for a traditional pumpkin spice latte, or whip up a pumpkin shake or smoothie in the blender, you get the idea. Enjoy all the pumpkin spice you can, because after October 31 it’s all about peppermint and eggnog.

• Cinema evening with a host family. Pop some popcorn and gather around the TV to enjoy a season favorite like It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, or Hocus Pocus. If you prefer, stream something even more spooky and stay awake all night listening to the bumps in the dark.

• Jump into a pile of leaves. Children will be more inclined to help rake leaves if they know there is a reward at the end of work time. Collect as many leaves as you can and have fun spending the afternoon laughing and taking photos. Then have everyone help carry the leaves in orange plastic bags with pumpkin faces on them.

Photo courtesy of Metro Creative Connection

Children will be more inclined to help rake leaves if they know there is a reward at the end of work time. Photo courtesy of Metro Creative Connection

Whichever way you choose to fill this brief fall season, be sure to get outside to create memories and make the most of the season’s sunny days before the snow begins to fall.

A bonus for bakers

Baking is a wonderful way to spend quality time with friends and family that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Plus, the results can be absolutely delicious!

Whether you’re cooking together in the same kitchen or you’re online and virtually cooking together, making a seasonal treat provides plenty of time for conversation and laughter. Pam Turkin, a local pastry chef who teaches baking skills online and is the administrator of the Babka Brigade, a Facebook group where members can share their culinary achievements and cheer on others, shared this recipe for a delicious crumble that can be used to garnish all kinds of pastries. of seasonal pies. She said it also freezes very well for future use.


6 tbsp. Butter
1/3 cup white sugar
1/4 cup brown sugar
2 cups of flour

Melt the butter, add the two sugars and mix. Add the flour and work until it is crumbled. Add liberally on top of any pie.

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Being You by Professor Anil Seth review – the exhilarating new science of consciousness | Science and nature books Wed, 25 Aug 2021 06:30:00 +0000

For every stoner who has been overwhelmed by a deep insight and dragged, “Reality is a construction, maaan”, here is the amazing assertion. Reality – or, at least, our perception of it – is a “controlled hallucination,” according to neuroscientist Anil Seth. Everything we see, hear and perceive around us, all of our beautiful people, is a big lie created by our deceptive brain, like an eternal version of The Truman Show, to appease us to live our life.

Our minds invent for us a universe of colors, sounds, shapes and feelings through which we interact with our world and relate to each other, Seth argues. We even invent ourselves. Our reality is therefore an illusion, and understanding it involves addressing the thorny question of consciousness: what that means, well, to be.

Conscience has long been the prerogative of philosophers and priests, poets and artists; now neuroscientists are investigating the mysterious quality and attempting to answer the difficult question of how consciousness appears in the first place. If this all sounds a bit difficult, it actually isn’t in the masterful hands of Seth at all, who skillfully weaves the philosophical, biological, and personal with lucid clarity and consistency that’s exciting to read.

Consciousness, which Seth defines as “any kind of subjective experience whatsoever,” is central to our being and our identity as sentient, living creatures. What does it mean for you be you, instead of being a stone or bat? And how does this feeling of being emerge from the spongy cluster of cells that we keep in our skulls? Science has avoided these kinds of inherently experiential questions, in part because it’s not clear how the tools of science could explore them. Scientists like to pursue “objective” truths and realities, without probing the perspective domains of subjectivity to seek the truth of nostalgia, of joy or the perfect blue of a Yves Klein painting. Also, it is hard. Seth could use other words, but essentially he’s exploring the science of souls – an arduous task.

Yves Klein blue paintings at Tate Liverpool.
Yves Klein blue paintings hanging at Tate Liverpool. Scientists like to search for objective truths and realities, rather than, for example, probing the realms of subjectivity in perspective to search for the truth of the perfect blue of a Klein canvas. Photograph: Paul Ellis / AFP / Getty Images

All of this, of course, makes consciousness one of the most exciting scientific frontiers, and no one is better placed to guide us there. Seth has researched the cognitive foundations of consciousness for over two decades and is an established leader in the field. He pioneered new ways of analyzing the impenetrable and measuring the incalculable in his quest to deduce the constituents of our feelings down to their atomic basis. This highly anticipated book exposes his radical theory of our invented reality in accessible and compelling writing.

We take for granted the idea that we travel through life, inhabit a world that is truly out there, as the main character in our own biopic. But this hallucination is generated by our mind, Seth explains. The brain is a “prediction machine” that constantly generates the best causes for its sensory inputs. The mind generates our “reality” based on the predictions it makes from visual, auditory, and other sensory information, and then constantly checks and modulates it with updated sensory information. “Perception is done through an ongoing process of minimizing prediction errors,” he writes.

These perceptual expectations shape our conscious experience. When we agree on our hallucinations, we call it “reality”; when we don’t, we are described as “delusional”.

Sometimes these disagreements can help us peek beyond what William Blake called the “gates of perception.” One of those baffling events you might have experienced was #TheDress: an overexposed photo posted to social media in 2015, in which a striped dress looked blue and black to some people, and white and gold to others. . Which version people saw depended on their brain taking into account an adjustment in ambient lighting when generating their reality. People who spent more time indoors were more likely to see the blue and black dress, as their prediction machine was designed to take yellowish lighting into account when preparing for the hallucination. Those who spend more time outdoors have their brains ready to adjust to the bluer spectrum of sunlight.

The sartorial phenomenon, Seth argues, is “compelling evidence that our perceptual experiences of the world are internal constructs, shaped by the peculiarities of our personal biology and history.” In objective, non-hallucinated reality, however, the dress does not have physical properties of blue, black, white, or gold. Color is not a physical property of things like mass is. Rather, objects have particular ways of reflecting light that our brains include in their complex production of “reality” in Technicolor.

“We see the world not as it is, but as it is useful to us,” Seth writes. In other words, we have evolved this generated reality because operating through our hallucinated world improves our survival, helping us to avoid danger and recognize food, for example.

This is still an emerging science and Seth is generous to his fellow sailors, including those with competing theories, as he gently and persuasively guides us through optical illusions, magic tricks. and the fascinating experiences that build his case.

We are, according to his research, much more likely to perceive things than we expect. In a study in which people were shown brief flashes of different images in their left and right eyes, hearing a signal for an image meant that they were much more likely to “see” that image while being oblivious to it. competing image shown to the other eye. . Sometimes our hallucinated world is completely out of sync with other people’s – we lose our grip on reality. “What we call a ‘hallucination’ is what happens when perceptual assumptions are unusually strong, crushing sensory data so that the brain’s grip on their causes in the world begins to slip.”

Seth has been experimenting with changing his own reality – he describes using virtual reality headsets and taking LSD. I learn to my surprise that hallucinogens really take you to a higher level of consciousness – your amount of consciousness can now be measured regardless of arousal. This had life-changing consequences, Seth explains, allowing “locked up” patients to be recognized as conscious, despite their seemingly inert state.

What then is the zero point of consciousness in a living – or even an artificial being? At its most fundamental, it’s self-awareness, knowing where you end up and where the rest of the world’s matter begins, and Seth explores a diversity of self-perception, from parrots to octopuses – whose suckers attach themselves to. almost everything except their own skin, because they can taste each other. He questions self-knowledge from the inside out, debunking the idea that our emotions produce bodily expressions, like tears. Instead, Seth argues, our emotions are a response to the mind’s perception of our bodily reactions: we are sad because we perceive ourselves crying. Likewise, we are afraid because we perceive that our heart is beating faster – a survival mechanism to prepare us to respond to a threat picked up by the visual cortex, for example. Our feelings, even much of our experience of agency, are also hallucinations emitted by the mind to control us.

The self is therefore another perception, a controlled hallucination constructed from an assemblage of better perceptual assumptions, previous beliefs and memories. Seth movingly writes the episodes of delirium and delirium induced by his mother in the hospital, and tells the story of a talented musicologist who suffered catastrophic memory loss. Memory loss, Seth explains, disrupted the continuity of his self-perception – his “narrative self” – eroding his personal identity.

We see ourselves as controlling ourselves, is Seth’s often counterintuitive but nonetheless compelling argument in this meticulously researched book. However, we are just as important the perception of others. Seth briefly mentions that we modulate our behavior in response to our perceptions of what others may think of us, but the social context of our “selves” is far more important than that. We are largely the brainchild of others.

Being you, after all, is not only about the sensitivity you feel, but also the the youth of you. By the time my beloved grandfather died of a stroke in 2012, I had been mourning him for two years already. Dementia had taken a smart, funny, sweet man and left us with a stranger, who lashed out or spoke inappropriately and meanly. He was clearly someone – he was fully aware – but he was not himself. It was we who, deprived of his advice and conversation, knew who we had lost – and with that, something of ourselves.

That said, Be you is an exhilarating book: a vast and phenomenal achievement which will undoubtedly become a founding text.

Gaia Vince is the author of Transcendance: How Humans Evolved Through Fire, Language, Beauty and Time (Allen Lane)

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]]> The 5 best tips for creating your photo book Mon, 23 Aug 2021 10:03:42 +0000

A photo album is like a time machine. It helps us go back in time and relive the best memories of our lives. This is the reason why people want their photo book to be nothing short of perfect. However, if not designed properly, photo books can often become boring and uninteresting. To avoid such situation, users can use poster design software and photo album design software. This software is packed with advanced features that make it easy to create photo albums. To make your photo book creation experience even better, we’ve come up with five tips that will guide you on making your own photo book.

Choose a theme for your photo book
The first step in creating your photo book is choosing a theme or guiding concept. This step is crucial as it will shape your entire photo book. Determining the theme is the first step in designing your photo book. Here you need to decide if your photo book will be a documentary with photos from your trip and selected events in a particular order. Or will it have a narrative focus where you choose a combination of images to highlight the highlights and memories of your relationship and friendship. Here you have to decide if you focus more on the aesthetic value or the order of the photos. The decision here will affect all steps from here.

Choose the order in which you will organize the images
The order in which you organize the photos plays an important role. You can organize your photos by geographic, chronological and thematic order. This order acts as a thread that holds all the scattered photos together, giving them some context. This background ensures that the person viewing the photo album does not lose their attention. To organize your photos in the order you want, you can create a new folder with all the selected photos. Here you can rename the photos according to their order. For example, Vacation Day 1 no. 46. ​​Using such nomenclature will help you organize your photos easily.

Select your target audience
Determining the target audience facilitates the selection of images. If it’s for a larger group of people, you can omit personal and intimate elements. If it is dedicated to one person, you will not face such limitations. Moreover, you can use filters and effects accordingly.

Choose the best photos
After you have gathered all the photos, now is the time to choose the best photos that will appear in your photo book. First, you can select your favorite photos first, and then you can filter the photos based on their quality. Here you have to make sure that your photos are not blurry. Because if they are, they will look blurry when enlarged and printed on your photo album. In addition, you will have to choose a photo from the group of similar photos. Here you have to choose a photo which has the best lighting and the best angles.

You can also improve the quality of your chosen photo with editing. There are lots of photo album maker software that comes with advanced editing features. You can use features like crop, add background, resize, etc. to ensure high quality of photos.

Create variety
Photo albums are visual representations of your memories. And the last thing you want them to be monotonous and boring. To avoid this, you can add variety to your photo book. Using advanced photo album designer software, you can use different types of photo book layouts, templates and styles to improve the quality of your photo album.

Introducing variety helps you tell the story by showcasing certain photos in a creative way. For example, you can put a single photo on the whole page, add multiple photos on a single page, or put a small photo in the center of the page.

Photo albums are important to us because they are the means by which we cherish our memories. This is why it is important to make sure that you follow all the best practices to create a perfect photo album. Hope this article has provided you with some must-have tips that will help you effectively create your memories in the photo book.

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