DIY Souvenirs

Average cost of wedding favors

Once upon a time, favors were as common at Western-style weddings as tiered white cakes and puff-sleeve ball gowns. These days, couples getting married are pretty much split in half on their real need, but event planner Summer Newman is still a fan of the concept. “It comes down to …

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27 best ‘Schitt’s Creek’ gifts for fans in 2021

You came to this article because you are in love with Schitt Creek or know someone who keeps quoting Catherine o’harathe emblematic character of Moira Rose. The Emmy-winning Canadian show is, after all, a gold mine of sharp liners, heartwarming storylines, and downright hilarious twists. And now that the entire …

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Christmas decorations, homemade for your home

These handmade, community-based creations by women-led startups help you reflect the 2020 spirit of loving what’s made at home and helping those in need. With all the time spent at home this year, it’s inevitable that Christmas 2020 will be synonymous with homemade treats and artisan decorating. Small businesses run …

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