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In partnership with Omaze

I know a few people who have converted vans, turning ordinary haulers into very comfortable houses on wheels that give boutique hotel suites a run for their money. The online #vanlife craze never really appealed to me, but seeing these well-appointed motorhomes in person? It converted me into a believer.

If you’re like me (and most normal people) – not quite up to the task of stripping a vehicle down and refurbishing it in style, but have dreamed of picking up a motorhome on your own version of the Great American Road Trip – you’ll want to enter the contest happening at Omaze. They currently offer you the chance to win a Mercedes Sprinter Van with an $80,000 upgrade by Vansmith, one of the best van conversion companies in business today. It’s an all-in-one adventure machine that’s ready to roll as soon as it hits winner’s lane, no DIY skills needed.

The contest is already going on a bit, but right now you have less than three weeks to enter, as the draw ends on December 2 and the winner is announced a month later, around January 4. After you make sure there is in the garage (or driveway or street) and decide to put your name in the hat, use our unique code INSIDEHOOK50 when you enter which will earn you 50 bonus entries.

You’ll definitely want that extra edge, because who wouldn’t want to head off into the sunset in this spacious Sprinter? Especially once you learn that there’s even more to this Vansmith build than the tantalizing pictures let on.

You can keep the plane window views, that’s the one we’re looking for.


Specifically, this Mercedes Sprinter Van will be fitted with Vansmith’s Green Pack, which uses a number of sustainable materials for construction, such as wool for insulation, insect repellent pine for ceilings and bamboo for countertops. . But it’s not just about the immediate impact, as this version also includes a carbon offset package that amounts to 72,000 pounds of CO2. Vansmith is thinking about the big picture here, so you can drive all around this great country knowing you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle that was made with intent.

Not just you by yourself, watch out. This is no way to travel. You’ll want to bring someone along for the ride because this van seats (and sleeps, thanks to a double bed) two people. There’s also a modern galley with a sink and 85-litre fridge, plus storage space for all your gear, snacks and the souvenirs you’ll pick up along the way. In other words, it’s got everything you absolutely need, more than a few hardware comforts, but nothing too complicated for anyone who’s never experienced VR life before. Plus, it’s a more than manageable size (144-inch wheelbase), so it’s like driving a modern pickup truck, not a monstrous motorhome that’ll leave you with sweaty palms every time you need to park.

The open door to a motorhome courtesy of Omaze, with a view of the welcoming interior with a bed and a kitchen

It can accommodate two people, so who will be the happy companion?


So we have the van, your companion, now all you have to do is think about where you’d like to take this traveling base. There are a few upgrades for the winner to choose from, which can impact your grand plans. For those who would choose to add a rear rack, you might want to head to Moab, Utah for some of their best mountain biking trails. If you opt for the upgraded suspension and all-terrain tires, you might want to go off-road in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve also mapped out a number of wanderlust-satisfying itineraries ourselves, from 20 Best Scenic Drives to 21 Most Underrated (And Crowd-Free) National Parks in the country. That should be enough to keep you busy for… a year? Of them? Either way, if you land in this van, you’ll probably have to negotiate an additional furlough in 2023.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves, though. To make your Mercedes Sprinter Van dreams come true, you will need to participate in this Omaze giveaway. And for this particular award, Omaze is raising money to support the Justin J. Watt Foundation, an organization led by the current Arizona Cardinal that provides after-school opportunities for middle-aged children. A great cause associated with an excellent vehicle.

A beige and black Mercedes Sprinter Van converted into a house on wheels by Vansmith, which is currently up for grabs via Omaze

The person who wins this gift will be able to choose certain accessories, bike racks with improved suspension.


You only have until December 2 to participate. when you do, be sure to use the code INSIDEHOOK50 to add 50 bonus entries to your tally (although no donation or payment is necessary to enter or win). Oh, and just to be clear, we take no responsibility if you win and the call of the road inspires you to quit your job and become a true #vanlifer.

Adventure to the “Last Forbidden Kingdom”: Trekking in Nepal’s Upper Mustang Wed, 09 Nov 2022 21:07:17 +0000

In a rain-shadowed region of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges lies one of Nepal’s last Tibetan utopias, unknown to the masses as Upper Mustang.

With stellar views of Himalayan peaks on the trails and semi-arid moonscape terrain, getting your Himalayan trek it’s a Mustang-do. The weather-beaten residents are mostly Gurung and Thakali, inhabiting dwellings near the Kali Gandaki River, 12,800 feet above sea level.

Other ethnic groups such as Kami/Damai, Magar and Thakuri also make up the population of Mustang district. Although in winter, when conditions become even harsher, people tend to migrate to lower areas.

Upper Mustang, formerly the Kingdom of Lo, is the northern part of Mustang District of Gandaki Province. The province comprises three rural municipalities of Lo-Manthang, Dalome and Baragung Mukichhetra. As we hiked in September 2022, life in Upper Mustang revolved around ranching, tourism, and commerce.

The further we ventured, the more we craved ancient monasteries, centuries-old sky caves and Tibetan-style villages of a bygone era with whitewashed dwellings with firewood piled on the roofs. Adding in the traditionally dressed people tending their cattle, horses and mules, it was like nowhere else.

Yes, it is a bit expensive to enter this region of Nepal. As a once restricted kingdom and demilitarized zone – due to the presence of CIA-trained guerrillas – it was opened to the world in 1992.

Gloriously, this is precisely what makes it one of the most geologically and culturally preserved places on Earth, through the area’s respective isolation from the outside world. Needless to say, the rewards for your investment and your footslog will be tenfold to you. Here’s how.

Trekking in Upper Mustang

(Photo/Jason Spafford)

Quick Facts About Nepal Upper Mustang Trek

  • Elevation: 9,200-14,107 feet
  • Hiking season: March to early November
  • Minimum group size: Two (including a certified guide)
  • Transportation to Kagbeni: Tourist bus or private jeep from Kathmandu/Pokhara, or a flight to Jomsom plus half an hour by taxi.
  • Duration of the 10-day trek: 100 miles, average 10 miles per day.

Difficulty of the hike

Difficulty of Upper Mustang trek, Nepal
(Photo/Jason Spafford)

The hike is moderate to strenuous, where you will climb from 9,200 to 14,107 feet. Overall the trails are in good condition and no technical skill required more than putting one leg in front of the other.

Expect 6-8 hour days of steep ascents and descents mixed with “flat Nepalese” (undulating slopes). Take extra care when negotiating scree-covered terrain where the path can narrow with dizzying drops.

The footslogs (especially the 17 mile) are worth every step due to striking scenery set high against a Himalayan backdrop – all of which hit you with a unique and awe-inspiring sight.

10 day hiking itinerary

view of Upper Mustang, Nepal
(Photo/Jason Spafford)

Good to know

  • The route has been customized to keep you on a more remote trail circuit.
  • Hit the trails at 7:30 am finishing mid to late afternoon when the wind picks up.
  • Find your memories on the riverbeds – black colored ammonite fossils.

The itinerary: the distances and times below are approximate

heights reached while trekking in Upper Mustang, Nepal
(Photo/Jason Spafford)
  • Travel day: Pokhara to Kagbeni
  • Day 1 : Kagbeni to Chele – 9.5 miles, 6-7 hours and 10,006 feet.
  • Day 2: Chele to Sangboche – 9.7 miles, 6-7 hours and 12,600 feet.
  • Day 3: Sangboche to Dhakmar – 10 miles, 6-7 hours and 12,532 feet.
  • Day 4: Dhakmar to Lo-Manthang – 10.6 miles, 7-8 hours and 12,600 feet.
  • Day 5: Jhong Sky Caves, Chhoser – 9.5 miles, 5 hours and 13,025 feet.
  • Day 6: Exploring the Last Forbidden Kingdom of Lo-Manthang – 12,600 feet.
  • Day 7: Lo-Manthang to Yara – 10.5 miles, 7-8 hours and 11,833 feet.
  • Day 8: Yara to Tange – 11.5 miles, 7-8 hours and 10,630 feet.
  • Day 9: Tange to Chhusang – 17 miles, 8-9 hours, 11,676 feet.
  • Day 10: Chhusang to Kagbeni – 7.5 miles, 3 hours and 9,200 feet.
  • Travel day: Kagbeni to Pokhara

Permit required

Permit required for trek Upper Mustang, Nepal
(Photo/Jason Spafford)
  • Upper Mustang Restricted Area Permit: $500 per person for 10 days. The permit begins and ends at Kagbeni in Mustang.
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Project Fees: $23

Nepal Upper Mustang Packing List

What to bring for a trek in Upper Mustang, Nepal;  (Photo/Lisa Spafford)
(Photo/Jason Spafford)


do not forget

good to have

Hide from the rain;  (Photo/Lisa Spafford)
(Photo/Jason Spafford)

Topography and climate

topography and climate of the region;  (Photo/Lisa Spafford)
(Photo/Sarki Raj Rai)

Notably, the elevation of this route increases from 9,200 feet to 14,104 feet in elevation. Upper Mustang has a barren moonscape. Wind-sculpted sandstones and irregular morainic terraces define the steppe landscape.

Blessed with a rain shadow, Mustang’s trans-Himalayan climate experiences much less rain than other tropical regions of the country. It’s cool and semi-arid.

Food and accommodation

Meals you can find while hiking;  (Photo/Lisa Spafford)
(Photo/Jason Spafford)

Of course, you will have lunch en route at teahouses along the way. But that is dinner etiquette for your evening meal at the guesthouse where you are staying the night.

The guide will know the best teahouses and lodges, depending on your budget and needs. Double rooms with attached bathrooms cost between $4 and $12.

Valuable tips for visiting Nepal Upper Mustang

Make friends while hiking the trail;  (Photo/Lisa Spafford)
(Photo/Sarki Raj Rai)
  • Nepal Upper Mustang tourist visa on arrival: 15 days costs $30, 30 days costs $50 and 90 days costs $125.
  • Bring new, unmarked US dollar bills for a visa/trekking permit (Nepalese rupees are not accepted).
  • The Department of Immigration issues permits to non-Nepalese in a minimum trekking group of two (including guide and one trekker) for Mustang.
  • To obtain a trekking permit, an application form with your documents (travel insurance covering the maximum elevation gain, two passport photos, Covid vaccinations and passport) will be submitted to the Immigration Department via a registered Nepalese trekking agency.
  • Find one or more trekking partners if you are traveling alone or advertise your trip for others to join you here.
  • Whether package included hikes are unattractive, DIY-guides charge $25-$50 per day.
  • The agency we used for a guide and permits: Gasoline Treks & ExpeditionPokhara.
  • Reputable female guides are available at 3Sisters Adventure TrekkingPokhara.
  • Also consider hiring a porter (about $25 per day) if you prefer to manage a backpack. The less weight you carry in Nepal Upper Mustang, the easier the trek, especially at higher elevations.
  • Proceed “Namaste», the local greeting for hello, with «Dai(means “big brother” when talking to a man older than you), “Bay“(“little brother” when addressing a man younger than you), “Have I got(“big sister” when addressing a woman older than you), or “Bahini(“little sister” when addressing a woman younger than you), and the locals will think you are a native!

All photographs by Jason Spafford

Hiking in Upper Mustang, Nepal
Adventure to the “Last Forbidden Kingdom”: Trekking in Nepal’s Upper Mustang
In a rain-shadowed region of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges lies one of the last Tibetan utopias, unknown to the masses as Upper Mustang, Nepal. Read more…

12 creative ways to turn travel memories into art Fri, 04 Nov 2022 07:00:00 +0000

Scrapbooks are a wonderful way to keep travel memories, but it’s also a lot of work and sometimes forgotten in the shelves. If you’re looking for creative ways to show off your travels that are a little more obvious and maybe even useful, check out these 12 DIY projects. They’re quick and easy and give you the perfect opportunity to constantly bring up your travels in conversation. From a Polaroid coaster to a wall of postcards, these DIYs will remind you of your favorite summer trips all year.

Polaroid Coasters

Polaroid Coasters

Add a little more meaning to your coffee table collection coaster by printing out your favorite Instagram memories and sticking them on coasters from the dollar store. Cover everything with Mod Podge to prevent them from spoiling and prepare to reminisce every time you sip a cocktail. (Going through Darkroom and Dearly)

word garland

word garland

Banners are such a fun way to add artwork to the room without hanging artwork. With a letter garland like this you can make any word you want, whether it’s a favorite place you’ve traveled to or that song you stuck in your head during that epic road trip. (Going through How did you do that)

embroidery card

embroidery card

Anyone going to road trip this summer? Instead of just jotting down your itinerary with pens and stickers, make the trip truly artistic by embroidering the itinerary. It takes a bit of time, but it’s the perfect project to work on while catching up on some Netflix. (Going through Sadie Seasonal Items)

cup display

cup display

If you collect something awesome like cups or key rings on every trip you take, create a special wall of hooks to show them all off. Is it just us, or does anything displayed on a pegboard instantly become a quirky, eclectic art exhibit? If you haven’t collected cups yet, this DIY might inspire you for your next trip. (Going through Its campus)

travel satchel

travel satchel

Part album and part journal, this travel binder holds everything from coasters to plane tickets. You can add small scraps of journal and notes by writing on washi tape and putting the notes directly on the photos. (Going through Kelly Purkey)

souvenir magnets

These magnets are made with pebbles from a camping trip, but the possibilities here are limitless. Stick small magnets to the back of foreign coins, seashells from the beach, or any other small treasures you pick up along the way. (Going through I like DIY)

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Christmas decorations

Commemorate each of your travel destinations with its own mini Christmas tree tag. Maps are a fun and easy way to track your travels, no matter how many countries you’ve checked off your to-do list this year. (Going through Blue I Style)

DIY travel journals

DIY travel journals

Get your kids started journaling early with these crafts journals. They’re pretty easy for kids to make, and they can write or draw the things they see on your adventures. (Going through Momtastic)

How to display your travel memories? For more crafts, follow us on pinterest!

This post was updated from 2015.

Art exhibition turns Tasmania into an invisible state Sun, 30 Oct 2022 01:28:50 +0000
The exhibition presents Tassie as an invisible state
  • New to Tasmania, Britain’s Hamish Thompson noticed the island state often lacked photos of Australia.
  • He then discovered how Tasmanians feel about being left out.
Having lived in urban Britain for three decades, Hamish Thompson picked himself up amid the global pandemic last year and moved halfway around the world to the wilds of Tasmania.
Landing first in Hobart, he rented a Toyota Hiace with a bed in the back and set off in search of a place of his own.
He didn’t know anyone in Fingal, a population of 405 and about half an hour from the state’s northeast oyster capital, St Helens, but he settled there.

Although he was ‘still hopeless’ in DIY art, he paid cash and moved into a ‘dilapidated and leaky 1850s gold rush bank’ and began to renovate it .

Yet perhaps equally obscure, the career publicist also experienced something of an epiphany upon arrival, which sparked a year-long obsession and a decision to open a different art exhibit.
Thompson noticed that earrings worn by a waitress at a local cafe were shaped like mainland Australia but minus the island state.
Baffled by the omission, he felt the jewelry looked incomplete, like “a question mark without a period”.
A quest followed. He went in search of objects that presented Tasmania as non-existent.
There were luggage tags, federal parliament memorabilia, federation memorabilia, royal visit memorabilia, brooches, postcards, puzzles and tea towels.

Thompson trawled antique shops along the east coast of the continent, across Tassie and beyond.

“I looted eBay’s vast digital warehouse worldwide, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and Google,” he says.
“I have read extensively about attitudes towards Tasmania and Tasmanians and listened carefully to Tasmanians’ feelings about their identity and the perceptions and stereotypes that are forced upon them.”
The result is State of Invisibility, over 100 representations of the shape of Australia without Tassie assembled at Thompson’s MINA Gallery in the foyer of his Fingal doer-upper.
The mix of logos, sheet music, trench art, boxes of fruit, jars of salt and pepper, lemonade, Worcestershire sauce, ashtrays, keys and spoons he was finally able to procure is, by his own estimation, stunning.
Considering there’s even a kangaroo scrotum bottle opener among the assortment, it’s hard to disagree.

“It started out as a collector’s whim, but then I noticed how Tasmanians feel about being left out,” says Thompson.

“It turned into another avenue into a discussion about Australian identity and inclusivity.
“This exhibition is a counter-intuitive love letter to my new home.”
Three rules have been set for inclusion: items must be from after Australia’s federation process began, there can be no technical reason for Tasmania’s absence, and they must be affordable everyday items .
“After Brexit and the recent royal succession, issues of national identity have probably never been more important than they are today,” Thompson said.
“What I find amazing is that a state which is 70% of England’s landmass could simply disappear from the maps of Australia.”
Although he claims no expertise on the nuances of Australian identity, he thinks there is something about entering a process of thinking about such topics via analogy.

The exhibit also features posters that turn the tables and randomly exclude other states, and a vending machine that dispenses Tasmanian air in ‘flavors’ including Roaring Years, Southerly Buster and ‘Huonglade’.

Customers are required to bring their own packaging or put their hands under the dispenser.
Thompson lists some of his other interests like spacesuits, old stationery, and crime and horror knitting patterns.

A public exhibition for State of Invisibility is planned, but for now, Thompson occasionally opens the thought-provoking MINA exhibit, usually by appointment.

Hocus Pocus Family Fun Day at Sylvan Beach Fri, 28 Oct 2022 16:14:29 +0000

It’s time to get the family together and put on your best costumes. The Oneida Lake Arts and Heritage Center in Sylvan Beach is hosting “Hocus Pocus Family Fun Day” on Saturday. The event lasts from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. and is fun for the whole family.

They have a whole list of fun things to do so you’ll never be bored during your stay. They have a playroom for the kids with lots of games including:

  • Tic-Tac-Toe Pumpkin
  • Spider race
  • Gravestone Throw
  • Graveyard Eyeball Throw
  • Spider Hat Ring Toss
  • mummy wrap
  • Creepy Coffin Reach-n-Go
  • Wii Halloween Dance
  • creepy piano

Besides that, they have many other fun events throughout the day like Halloween Song Karaoke, Choir and Storyteller. At 5 p.m. they will have a screening of Hocus Pocus 2.

They will also have a space where you can take your picture for free with the whole family. Be sure to share it with the tag #olahcenter on all your social networks.

There will also be a 50/50 raffle where you have the chance to win either a Family Fall Basket or a “Halloween Dracula Dude”. Tickets will be drawn at 5 and the winners will be called.

If the kids didn’t take you out at the end, you still have a chance to have fun on Halloween. Saturday is your last chance to go to “Frightmare Farms Haunted Scream Park” in Palmero, one of the most haunted houses in America. You can find out more here.

Halloween Attractions to Check Out in the Utica and Rome Area

These Utica-themed Halloween costumes are sure to be a hit this year

Not sure what to do for Halloween this year? Carefree. These DIY Halloween costumes will be loved by everyone in the Utica area.

Why a Family Celebrated Christmas Before Halloween in Utica

Here in Utica, Abraham House offers terminally ill people and their families a safe and loving home with all the support they need for end-of-life care. They also go above and beyond family requests. That’s why a family was able to celebrate Christmas before Halloween here in Utica.

What is my deductible when traveling to France by ferry? Tue, 11 Oct 2022 14:37:30 +0000

Reader question: I understand that my personal duty free goods allowance when traveling from the UK to the EU by car or train is €300 and €430 if traveling by sea or air. If I take my car on the ferry to our second home in France, what limit applies?

Since the UK left the EU and its customs union, UK second home owners are limited in what they can bring to France as people come from other non-EU countries.

Read more: Crossing the Franco-British border now like going to the United States say French customs

We asked the French customs officers, who confirmed that a ferry is considered a sea voyage and therefore the €430 excess applies, even if you take your car on the ferry.

They said these limits apply to all UK-France travellers, whether they are, for example, French residents returning from vacation or Britons visiting a second home. These are European regulations and the lower allocation has been designed to take into account that some Member States have land borders with countries where prices are lower. Allowances are per person.

Allowance for UK tourists returning with souvenirs etc.

The allowance for children under 15 is €150 worth of goods. The allowances are mainly intended for tourists visiting the UK and returning with souvenirs, gifts, luxury goods, etc. They may apply to items such as toys, perfumes and electronics and to gifts purchased in the UK for people in France. Items like furniture or DIY materials for a French home would not be included in this. Customs officers can assess which items the duty allowances may or may not apply to.

Read more: Summary of post-Brexit tax rules: sending gifts between the UK and France

You should not be taxed on your ordinary personal effects (clothing, toiletries) which are “reasonably necessary for the trip” and these will not be taken into account in the calculation of the allowance.

Please note that separate allowances apply for cigarettes and alcohol and these are not counted towards the €430.

Read more: Will Brexit mean caps on transporting alcohol from France to the UK

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Apply for a ‘return goods waiver’ to transport items from France to the UK

Summary of post-Brexit rules for importing items into France from the UK

What you can and cannot bring to France from the UK

How to dive into the shell decor trend Fri, 07 Oct 2022 21:40:09 +0000

Coastal living is just a dream for some, but coastal decor is for everyone. A conch here and a whelk there can add subtle style to any home, regardless of location. From the shores of the Atlantic to the landlocked states of the South, the use of seashells as home furnishings is a trend that is riding the high tide that we can follow.

“I don’t think it should be reserved for coastal homes. Nature is always a good choice for decorating,” says the interior designer Dawn Nakamura on the trend. “I love bringing nature into the home so the outdoors is connected to the indoors. Seashells and corals are different than what you would use for your other accessories like pillows. It’s not as trinket It’s more elegant.”

Not only is living near the beach not essential for seashell decor, but neither is a traditionally nautical home style. “Every piece is different and there is such a variety of colors in nature, so incorporating them into the home works with many different interiors. It adds warmth and melts the area where you use them,” says Nakamura. “Nautical [style] are we expected to have shells, but I think anyone can bring shells. It just brings the outside in, like a sanctuary. It makes this space come alive.”

How to board

Just like she did when incorporating seashells into our 2022 idea house, Nakamura recommends starting your maritime decorating journey by focusing on color palettes. Take stock of the colors already present in your room and choose shells that match what you already have. Because seashells come in so many different colors, from oranges to pinks, blues and even darker tones.

For an urban home, Nakamura recommends adding a mix of natural elements — her favorite is butterfly wings — to amp up the intrigue of natural decor without going into a fixed coastal theme. Another way to change up the attitude of a seashell infused home is to use darker colored seashells for a darker, yet still au natural design.

Once you’ve decided on the seashell color or theme that would work best for your home, one way to start your seashell decorating journey is to add individual pieces. “I would start with accessories first,” says Nakamura, “putting them on shelves is a good place to start, and inside cabinets.” Other places to put your seashell structure include bedside tables, bookshelves, and even showers.

From there, “the possibilities are endless,” says Nakamura. “Mirrors are always a good choice.” The same goes for mantelpieces, bar surrounds, plant stands, wall panels, headboard or bookcase perimeters and glass hurricanes which she says look beautiful when left uncovered. filled with shells and an elegant candle.

It’s definitely a trend with a treasure trove of DIY potential. Seashells for your home can be stored in multiple ways, including those picked up on a trip to the beach. “People fill bags full of cockle shells because they love putting them in their garden as decorative borders,” says Captain Darryl Marsh which organizes bombing adventures around Swansboro and Emerald Isle, North Carolina, including Bear Island. Along the way, he picked up an impressive collection of seashells to decorate his home, including a decorative jar filled with lettered olive shells and a wooden bowl filled with sand dollars that serves as his hall centerpiece. to eat. In addition to seashells, Marsh points to the popularity of assimilating other beach finds into home decor, especially driftwood, which Marsh sees primarily used as garden accents, but he experiments with as a base for the wall art.

By decorating your home with beach souvenirs, you also integrate souvenirs into your decor. After a family foray to the shore, Nakamura says her children give her seashells which she proudly displays as both a fashionable decorative item and a sentimental keepsake. “I put them in my bathroom to see them every day or on the bedside table,” she says. “It just reminds me of them, which I think is a nice sign.”

Shells for the home can also be sourced from antique vendors who may offer much larger shells than you’re likely to find on a casual stroll along the coast, while still being more accessible inland. . Based in McKinney, Texas, but hailing from Key West, Florida, East End Recovery offers a collection of large conch shells full of character. They are a century old, beautifully weathered and with rustic barnacles and fossils to prove it. Owner and curator Kaci Lyford displays them in curio cabinets, on shelves, in shelves as bookends, placed on stacked coffee table books, and on metal racks. “It makes the shell look like a work of art,” says Lyford. “Everyone is unique and no two are ever the same.”

Similarly, craftsmen like Christa’s Southern Seashells in West Palm Beach, Florida, offer unique seashell decor and furniture for those who love the seashell look but don’t want to go the DIY route and want a larger-scale effect rather than decorating with individual pieces. “It’s such a powerful way to decorate, whether you’re doing it all beige with a very subtle background or doing a really neat 25-foot seashell fireplace in all the colors,” says seashell enthusiast Christa Wilm. designate. “It can go in so many different directions, that’s one of the reasons I love it.” His shell-centric designs, such as mirrors, wall panels, mantelpieces and chandeliers, have found their way into numerous home improvement projects as well as elegant hotels, including the Hotel Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida, the Hotel Faena in Miami Beach, and the Hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Seashells can also be added around the house for a festive and seasonal touch, not just for summer either. “A lady here from Swansboro painted Grinch faces on sand dollars for Christmas decorations and that was the best thing,” Marsh says. From stylish home accessories to busy furniture to creative DIYs, this case trend is flowing.

Sand dollar Grinch ornaments made by Joan Gerdsen.
Courtesy of Darryl Marsh

]]> THICK’s “Local Bands We Love” Playlist Thu, 06 Oct 2022 07:00:00 +0000

For some reason, those “Is Rock Dead?” think pieces continue to be produced despite the fact that we live in a time when bands love THICK roam the country whenever they’re not tearing things up in their own Brooklyn backyard. Sure, the idea that there may be that the genre has struggled to move forward in recent decades, but what they seem to overlook is the fact that most of we’re pretty happy with where it ended.

Case in point, THICK’s latest album happy now brings together 11 irresistible and incredibly catchy grunge-pop songs with all three members – Nikki Sisti, Kate Black and Shari Page – sharing the vocal duties. There’s really no attempt to accomplish anything beyond recording cathartic earworms that double as invitations to get active during their live shows – no misguided integration of trap beats or Auto-Tune to tie it to the here and now.

And THICK is far from alone in this fundamentalist ethos, as evidenced by the collection of 26 songs from various bands within their local scene that helped inspire the record (if not encourage them to create the band) that they have shared below. The playlist they’ve created for us is a testament to the flourishing state of no-frills rock music as it’s heard in the dive bar down the street, or opening for a favorite band that has long traded his guitars for synthesizers.

You can consult happy now here if you haven’t already, and read on to learn more about each of their playlist picks below.

BODEGA, “Pillar on the bridge of you”

We have always been fans of BODEGA. This track from their new album Broken Equipment is so catchy. The lyrics really resonated with us: “There’s different kinds of love (but I know) / But there’s no selfish way to love / ‘Cause it wouldn’t be love.”

Gustave, “Book”

Gustaf is one of our favorite live bands. It feels like watching one big, happy post-punk family. Lydia is a dynamic singer and the interaction between the instruments and the voices of the members is so much fun. Fun fact: Gustaf’s bassist Christine was the original bassist for THICK before Kate joined the band and we all love her.

Flossing, “Heart of Hearts”

This is a new solo project from Heather (ex-BODEGA). We haven’t seen Flossing live yet, but based on the new EP, we can’t wait! It’s always exciting to see an artist embark on a solo project and get a glimpse of their personal psyche.

79.5, “Terrorize My Heart”

Shari was immediately drawn to this band when she heard this song. She likes current music that sounds disco-adjacent. This one is a particularly fun song because the hook comes early and there are sick flute riffs throughout.

Grim Streaker, “Spirit”

We played a few early shows with Grim Streaker and loved following their transformation over the years. We were practicing in our rehearsal space recently when we heard a band in the hallway and we were like, “That sounds cool. So we knocked on the door and found them inside!

Model/Actriz, “Suntan”

Kate went to see one of their shows alone and was completely blown away. The band is so intense and full of energy that they pull everything together in a way that club kids and punks alike feel at home.

Johnny Dynamite and the Bloodsuckers, “Triflin’ Kids”

It’s one of Nikki’s favorite tunes to dance to – every time it comes on, she starts dancing around the room. Johnny is a really talented musician and so much fun to watch.

Whiner, “Sleeping Pills”

This whole album is amazing. Cammy is a great lyricist and plays from her heart. He’ll be releasing his own solo project later this month and we’re all excited to hear what it looks like!

Bambara, “Serafina”

Bambara is such a wild band to watch live. This song in particular is one of our favorites to explode on tour – it has an energy that helps fuel some of our long drives.

Fat Trout Trailer Park, “Belt”

Nikki discovered them recently at a Bands, Bikes and BBQ event and they blew her socks off. They were so tight and all of their songs have cool rhythmic accents and mood changes that grab your attention.

Jess X, “Scream”

We’re obsessed with JessX – she’s a wonderful person and the community around the group is so inclusive and inviting that it reminds us of the DIY days in New York. They really bring it to every show, and we’re thrilled to have them joining us at Saint Vitus on October 15th! It’s going to be a complete rager.

TVOD, “Underdog”

TVOD is another rising star on the Brooklyn scene creating something unique. This song is an OG hit and is lyrically vulnerable. This is in contrast to the live sets in which Tyler (founder/leader) goes completely outside the walls. It’s been wonderful to see the evolution of this project – Nikki and Kate used to play in this band – and we’re so excited for the new singles coming out in October!

Frida Kill, “Mujeres Con Mangos”

It’s a very New York song about women selling mangoes on the streets and the NYPD’s overly aggressive crackdown on street vendors. The bass player, Maria, is the lead vocalist on this song and it’s so empowering to watch.

My Son the Doctor, “King of the Zoomers”

The only true pop-punk band left in Brooklyn. Lets go god!!

Tetchy, “fascist”

They put on a great live show and really captivate the audience. Maggie is such a catchy songwriter and really speaks her mind through her lyrics.

Lola Pistola, “Carroll St.”

We love Lola Pistola! This song is the best show in its class of loud/quiet/loud dynamics. Much like the live shows, it’s both inviting and intense.

Snakeskin, “Spinning Heart”

All of Shanna’s songs have a nostalgic and whimsical edge to them. She has such a vulnerable and beautiful writing style that we fall in love with everything she publishes.

Haybaby, “Total Bore”

Haybaby is a steadfast Brooklyn dear to our friends. Seeing Leslie (guitarist/vocalist) on stage at Shea Stadium (RIP) was one of Nikki’s inspirations to start the band.

America Jayne, “Memories”

Shari met America at Studio G (thanks to our home base) when she was recording and Shari was intern. Shari was so impressed with his recording and musical talent that she became an instant fan.

Namesake, “I’m Sick”

This is another band we grew up with in the Brooklyn music scene. FKA “Honduras”, Namesake maintains the raw energy we fell in love with years ago.

Tilden, “Daddy’s Shoe”

Tilden is basically a supergroup of a group of musicians we love. They have such a welcoming and inviting energy to them. They’re like one big family and their live shows make you feel like you’re part of it.

OUA, “Any Other Day”

Saara is an amazing musician – we loved Boytoy and we love her solo project SUO. It’s a really beautiful song that’s part of a 7 inch that goes through the phase of falling in love and then follows it up with this song about the end of a relationship. It is a deep feeling that we can all identify with.

Big girl, “summer sickness”

Nikki saw them perform Garbage Prom at The Gutter and was wowed. The performance is crazy, with dance moves and choreographed costumes – it was quite a production. It’s such a unique show, and everyone involved is talented at what they do.

Dropper, “Working Memories in a Bowling Alley”

Andrea writes extremely catchy and honest songs. We love this extra one because we know the bowling alley she’s talking about – it’s always fun to figure out the origins of a song.

Joséphine Network, “Music is easy”

Music only comes easy to Josephine – she’s Brooklyn’s most prolific and best songwriter right now. The melodies, writing and delivery of these beautiful songs are amazing. Basically, Josephine Network is perfect.

Brower, “hacksaw”

A song from Nat Brower’s solo project. We met Nat while playing with his other Metalleg project and think he’s the best. Brower is such a cool vibe – which is to say in the absolute best way this song sounds like it could have been on the almost known soundtrack. So rock.

It’s almost time for Christmasworld, Ambiente and Creativeworld. Here’s what you need to know now Fri, 30 Sep 2022 12:14:15 +0000 Shoppers see a tableware display at a previous Ambiente event. Photo by Petra Welzel.

In light of major international challenges, including supply chain delays, rising inflation and energy costs, and concerns over declining consumer spending, Messe Frankfurt and its three international consumer goods fairsAmbiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld, are gearing up to tackle 2023 “on the offensive” with their combined 4,700 exhibitors.

“Opening new perspectives and opportunities is our greatest concern in our role as an active trade promoter and reliable partner of the global consumer goods industry,” explained Julia Uherek, vice president of consumer goods shows for the organizer The Messe Frankfurt Group. “We understood that we had to rethink and radically change our show formats. That’s why we’re creating a new physical tradeshow experience, with three premier tradeshows at the same time, covering all the key metatopics and trends that specifically drive manufacturers and retailers forward.

In addition to combining its lounges, the Mess Frankfurt team will complement its physical lounge experiences with smart digital services and even go beyond events.

“This means that we are increasingly becoming a year-round business enabler, with a wide range of digital services that we offer 24/7,” added Philipp Ferger, also Vice President of Trade Shows. consumer goods for the organizer.

Ambiente Preps for new spaces and faces

From February 3 to 7, 2023, Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld, which actually start on February 4, will be held simultaneously at the Frankfurt Trade Fair, located in Frankfurt, Germany, offering consumer goods for holidays, home and gifts. spectrum. Currently, 4,700 exhibitors from 80 countries are expected, with 85% of all exhibitors coming to the show from international locations.

Vibe will showcase a mix of new ideas and products for home and catering through exhibitors such as Cristel, Dibbern, Robbe & Berking, Rosenthal, Sodastream, Tramontina and Westmark.

A special trend on focus for 2023 will be baking in Kitcen, Accessories & Baking Halls 9.0 and 9.1 of the show. The new Clean Home product group will also be exhibited in halls 9.2 and 9.3. The HoReCa/Hospitality segment in hall 11.0 will host exhibitors such as BHS tabletop, RAK, Steelite and Villeroy & Boch Hotelerie.

Ambiente’s Living, Giving and Working exhibitors will offer assortments of paper, office supplies and stationery for a variety of shoppers.

Ambiente Living will once again be “the international meeting place for interior design” and will offer trend exhibitions and information on the latest furnishing trends and exhibitors. At Interiors & Decoration, exhibitors in Hall 3.0 will be Greengate, Gilde, Gries Deco with its Ipuro brand, IB Laursen, Kaheku, Kare Design and Lightmakers with its Light & Living brand. Interior Design Hall 3.1 will host brands such as Alessi, Blomus, Bloomingville, Georg Jensen, Guaxs, Lambert, Schlittler and Stelton.

Ambiente Giving in Hall 4.2 will launch with displays and exhibitors focused on synergies with its new Urban Gifts & Stationery section offering trendy and designer gifts, fast-moving products, decorative accessories, writing utensils, cards greeting cards, bags and personal accessories. Exhibitors are expected to include Artebene, AvanCarte, BSB Obpacher, Braun + Co., Caran d’Ache, Diplomat, Goldbuch, Kaweco and Perleberg and modern gift suppliers such as Cedon Museums Shops, Izipizi, Mark’s Europe and Troika.

Right next to this section, the new Gift Ideas & School cluster in Hall 6.2 will feature decorative and classic giftware, souvenirs, traditional crafts and accessories with exhibitors such as Accentra, Cepewa, Sheepworld, Enesco, Modern Times, Nostalgic Art, Polyflame and Zöller & Born. In the new School zone, exhibitors such as Erich Krause, Gabol, Patio, Sportandem, Statovac and Zipit will all be present.

The new Ambiente workspace with its Future of Work presentation will be on display in Hall 3.1 and will feature office furnishing design ideas and products for offices, workrooms, coworking spaces and mobile working from domestic spaces.

The Office Products Zone in Hall 4.2 will now host new international suppliers of office equipment, supplies and technology. Exhibitors include Durable, Herma, HSM and Novus Dahle.

Shoppers will find the Remanexpo product segment in the convention center featuring remanufactured printer consumables and components, printer hardware and software, and environmental and waste management products. Exhibitors such as Static Control, Pedro Schöller Print Service, Cross Imaging and General Machines will all be present in this area.

Furnishing of the Frankfurt exhibition center for Christmasworld, Ambiente and Creativeworld 2023.

Christmasworld and Creativeworld offer new themes and exhibitors

Top brands such as Blachere, Boltze, Duni, Edelman, Exotica Cor Mulder, Gnosjö Konstsmide, Goodwill, G. Wurm, Hoff-Interieur, Inge’s Christmas Decor, Kaemingk and Koopman have signed up for christmas world. New additions are ribbon and packaging stationery manufacturers such as Francesco Brizzolari, Saul Sadoch and Zöllner-Wiethoff.

To creativeworld, the leading international trade fair for hobby, craft and artist goods, all flagships and market leaders from all product segments will be present, including, for example, Clairefontaine, FILA Group, Folia, Kreul, Kuretake , Marabu, Rayher, Royal Brush, Royal Talens, Schmincke and Staedtler. Exhibitors will showcase innovative items for DIY enthusiasts, textile makers, artists and artisans.

Also for the first time, products for creative writing and drawing will also complete the range with many manufacturers of classic writing utensils expanding their product portfolios in the direction of creative materials. New exhibitors for 2023 are expected to include Centropen, Schneider Schreibgeräte and writing utensil maker Stylex.

Education and events set up to support product presentations

In addition to the Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld trends, which are developed by the bora.herke.palmisano trend office on behalf of Messe Frankfurt, trade fair visitors should be on the lookout for major trends and top themes. Metathemes for the consumer goods sector include sustainability, lifestyle and design, new work, future retail and digital commerce expansion.

New Ethical Style Spotlights, which span the entire field, focus on sustainable consumer goods solutions and Special Interest Ethical Style Spotlights bring supply and demand together on the metatheme sustainability in all three shows.

In Ambiente’s Future of Work space, trade visitors will find out what the world of work will look like in the future and which products will take center stage. This is also where the Future of Work Academy is located, with exciting lectures on all aspects of New Work.

At Decoration Unlimited at Christmasworld, education and exhibits focus on the “wow effect”. This time, that effect is achieved with a “down to earth” showcasing how seasonal decorating can enhance the point-of-sale experience.

Other events include the Creative Impulse Award at Creativeworld which honors five products across five hobby and craft categories. Honoring young talent will continue to be an important theme at Ambient with its Talents, Solutions, Next and the BMWK space created to showcase German start-ups, young designers and new products.

Digital extensions for everyone

Visitors will also be able to participate physically, hybridly or purely digitally in all three events through Digital Extensions programs alongside the in-person shows.

This means attendees can be at each show live as well as network online before, during and after the event and learn about exhibitor highlights. Exhibitors can use the matchmaking platform to showcase their products and network directly with visitors on video calls or live streams before, during and after each show and buyers can use it to connect with resources new and old. At present, the digital extension is already operational online, offering spectators the possibility to create their company or buyer profile, search for contacts and make appointments before the shows. After all three shows are over in 2023, buyers and sellers will still be able to connect for several more weeks.

Beyond networking, the new platform also makes room for extended digital services for each salon. For example, online exhibitor search with all relevant product and manufacturer information will now be available year-round on a new platform, nmedia, hub, formerly Nextrade. Over 400 brands will be open for digital ordering on the platform with up-to-date product information and images from these online stores as well. Currently, around 20,000 dealerships are already benefiting from this enhanced digital functionality.

“Going forward, we will further expand four specific areas of work for our customers – smart connect, smart touchpoints, smart data and smart reach – which will result in solutions for exhibitors and visitors,” concluded Ferger. “With these smart online offerings complementary to our physical trade fairs, we want to be the best business meeting partner for our customers.”

See also from GDA:

See RTIH’s Most Popular Retail Technology Articles on LinkedIn — Retail Technology Innovation Hub Thu, 29 Sep 2022 09:51:59 +0000

Walmart takes a big step into the Roblox metaverse

Walmart is launching two new immersive experiences on the Roblox metaverse platform: Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of Play.

The former will bring fashion, style, beauty, and entertainment items to the Roblox community of over 52 million daily users.

The latter, meanwhile, is billed as “the ultimate virtual toy destination in Roblox, just in time for those oh-so-real holiday wishlists.”

Developed alongside Journey, which supported development, and Publicis Groupe’s Power of One agency, Walmart’s lead creative and media agency, the experiences offer Roblox users the ability to “engage and interact with all the best items everyone wants from Walmart – virtually.” .

Provide a seamless customer experience, wherever you are and when people are shopping

It is not bold to say that retail is an industry that is feeling the impact of digital transformations more than most.

As the influence of technology increases, so do people’s expectations and the different ways they shop.

With 90% of shoppers demanding an omnichannel experience, according to CX Today, retailers need to test the performance of every interaction, regardless of where, how and when people buy.

buymie announces same day delivery of Woodie

DIY, home and garden retailer Woodie’s is partnering with same-day delivery platform buymie.

From October 10, customers in South East Dublin can use buymie’s personal shopping services to order 20,000 DIY and home improvement products from the nearest Woodie’s store and receive less items at their doorstep two hours.

This builds on a UK trial of Asda Express powered by buymie in Leeds and Bristol, where the latter has integrated with the retailer’s delivery options offering.

SALESmanago hires C-level executives to drive growth across Europe

Following a nine-figure euro investment from Silver Tree and Perwyn, Polish marketing automation platform SALESmanago has announced C-level executive appointments as it seeks to grow the company from 20 to 100 million euros in revenue over the next four years.

Newcomers include Vice President of Sales Auke Grondsma, Director of Human Resources James Eastwood and Director of Marketing Ian Macleod.

Scanbot SDK explains how customer needs are shaping the retail stores of the future

The retail industry is facing seismic changes and the Covid-19 pandemic has been rocket fuel for shifts in customer demands. Today, digital and contactless shopping experiences are part of everyday life for many, especially among younger generations, observes Christoph Wagner, CEO of Scanbot SDK GmbH.

IBM veteran Duncan Robson becomes chief IT architect at Next

Next hired Duncan Robson as chief IT architect.

He comes from IBM where he spent almost 30 years, taking on roles such as Retail CTO for IBM UK and Executive IT Architect for the retail industry and IBM TCG Chair.

Celia Van Wickel leaves Kantar for Mars Wrigley Confectionery

Celia Van Wickel assumed the role of Global Director and Head of Omnichannel Analytics at Mars Wrigley Confectionery.

She joins Kantar where she served as Senior Director, Digital Commerce.

Previously, she was Senior Manager, DTC & E-commerce Shopper Insights at The Coca-Cola Company.

Star Concessions teams up with Amazon on cashless store at DFW International Airport

Star Concessions announced the opening of Grab & Fly, a checkout-free shopping experience at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).

Powered by Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology, it allows people to grab what they need and walk out of the store, without having to wait in lines.

Cold drinks, snacks, travel accessories, electronics and souvenirs are some of the products on offer.

To enter Grab & Fly, travelers insert their credit card at the front door. Once inside, anything they take off the shelf is automatically added to their virtual shopping cart, and anything they put back on the shelf comes out of said shopping cart.

After leaving the store, their credit card will be charged for the items they picked up. Associates are available in-store to assist customers, answer questions and restock shelves as needed.

Displayforce pockets €500,000 in funding for retail media solution

Hong Kong-based retail media startup Displayforce has raised €500,000 in a pre-seed round involving NL Platform.

Displayforce.has developed an AI-powered in-store performance marketing automation tool.

This helps measure and engage buyers, personalize offline marketing communication, and generate new revenue through programmatic advertising.

The goal is to bridge the gap between online and offline marketing with an understanding of audiences, relevant messaging, and an understanding of different retail media formats.