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ENJOY a celebration of culture, tradition and festive pleasures with this Hari Raya Aidilfitri at Pavilion REIT malls.

Get in the mood with stunning decorations, cultural delights and, of course, plenty of party shops.

Immerse yourself in the festivities with Riang Riuh Raya celebrations at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, immerse yourself in the beauty of traditional Malaysian kites at Intermark Mall with Wau Raya and celebrate Aidilfitri together at Muhibbah Mesra Raya by Da Men USJ.

“Malaysians come to malls during the holiday season to admire the grand decorations, get in the festive mood and afford dining and shopping,” said Datuk Joyce Yap, CEO of Pavilion REIT Malls.

“As Pavilion REIT malls continue to create festive campaigns to delight visitors, we hope our Hari Raya celebrations will also bring appreciation, optimism and positivity by highlighting our rich cultural heritage.

“I wish all Muslims Selamat Berpuasa and Selamat Hari Raya. May this season of forgiveness bring peace and light up your life with joy, ”said Yap.

Kuala Lumpur Pavilion

Malaysia’s premier shopping destination features the Riang Riuh Raya – a celebration of Malaysian heritage, culture and traditions.

The mall’s decorations are inspired by the floral patterns of batik and the vibrant colors of the mosaic design, with the central courtyard showcasing a lively party garden with floral flowers and traditional lamps.

Brightly colored fabric and twinkling lights add sparkle and color in an ode to Malaysian craftsmanship and heritage.

Pavilion KL is proud to partner with the Ministry of Home Trade and Consumer Affairs to support the ministry’s Malaysian product buying campaign by presenting the Malaysian market to the central court to enable local entrepreneurs to sell their products.

Home Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi launched Riang Riuh Raya and Malaysian Marketplace with KLP Sdn Bhd advisor Datuk Abdul Wahab Khalil.

The decorations at the Kuala Lumpur Pavilion are inspired by the floral patterns of batik and the vibrant colors of the mosaic design, with the central courtyard showcasing a lively festive garden with floral flowers and traditional lamps.

Deputy Minister Datuk Rosol Wahid, Ministerial Secretary General Datuk Seri Hasnol Zam Zam Ahmad and Deputy Secretary General Dr Alauddin Sidal were present at the launch.

Alexander visited the Malaysian market where he was presented with a variety of goods on offer – including trendy batik, delicious Raya goodies, beautiful handicrafts and other locally made goods on Arfa Batik stalls, masterpiece by Masrina Abdullah and Batek from Rasta, Zaahara, Asma Batik, Little Fanna, Borneo Essential, Jeiwa, Swag, Myziff, Yusa Food, Dalucia and Hana Medic.

As part of the Riang Riuh Raya, also look for Spritzer’s The Original Rainforest Water pop-up booth at the main entrance.

By May 23, Spritzer will educate shoppers about the importance of recycling and preserving Malaysia’s rainforest and water sources. Buyers can use Spritzer Natural Mineral Water and Acilis by Spritzer for free, and recycle empty bottles in the Spritzer recycling machine. To mark Earth Day, buyers can view Spritzer’s sustainability initiative at their booth.

Get rewarded when you buy this Hari Raya. With a minimum spend of RM150 or RM100 with Maybank credit or charge cards, buyers will receive exclusive Pavilion KL Raya packages for free.

Free RM20 vouchers are available for a minimum amount of RM250; RM50 checks with a minimum spend of RM1,000; and RM300 vouchers for RM 3000 spent as a single receipt in retail stores or restaurants.

With Maybank as Pavilion KL’s official banking partner, cardholders will receive a free Solecasa teapot with a minimum spend of RM 500 or a free Corningware covered casserole dish (1.25 liter) with a minimum spend of RM 800 in a single receipt in retail stores and food outlets.

Intermark Shopping Center

Immerse yourself in the beauty of one of Malaysia’s national symbols – the wau, an intricately designed Malaysian kite, at Intermark Shopping Center.

Woven with a rich Malaysian tradition, cultural heritage and delicious masterpieces, be wau-ed in Wau Raya by May 23.

Intermark Mall worked with award-winning wau maker Razi Said to showcase their craft. This rare and astonishing exhibition showcases the rich heritage and tradition of the wau.

Discover Razi’s lingering fascination with wau and his colorful creations, brought to life by intricate floral designs that took him around 3,200 hours.

Intermark Mall showcases the creative designs of Razi Said, a showcase of the beauty of one of Malaysia's national symbols.Intermark Mall showcases the creative designs of Razi Said, a showcase of the beauty of one of Malaysia’s national symbols.

Razi will also hold wau-making demonstrations every Saturday at 2 p.m. until May 15 for buyers to learn more about Malaysia’s ancient art form.

Stock up on your Raya treats at the Jaya Grocer Raya Delicacies Fair, which is held in the lobby from now until May 23. From festive treats, baskets, imported dates to chocolates, shoppers will be able to get all of their favorite snacks just in time for Raya giveaway.

Buyers who spend RM500 and more on two cumulative receipts can redeem a Pyrex gift, RM50 meal vouchers, and an exclusive set of Intermark Mall Hari Raya packages. Shoppers who spend RM300 and more on two combined receipts throughout the mall can purchase a Bacarat scarf for RM50 (normal price is RM139). Those who spend RM200 and more on a single receipt throughout the mall from May 3-9 can redeem a free RM10 cash voucher from Grandmama.

Da Men USJ

Da Men USJ celebrates Muhibbah Mesra Raya, an unforgettable festive celebration with decorations inspired by the beauty of traditional Malaysian woven anyaman art – symbolizing the beauty and cohesive nature of our multicultural society.

For Raya essentials, shoppers can head to Da Men’s Muhibbah Mesra Market, located on the lower ground floor with decorations, crafts, kuih-muih, and delicious snacks.

Don’t forget to stop by and enjoy the music, with buskers playing party tunes every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (noon to 3 p.m.) and (4 p.m. to 7 p.m.).

Da Men USJ's Muhibbah Mesra Raya decorations are inspired by the beauty of traditional Malaysian woven anyaman art.Da Men USJ’s Muhibbah Mesra Raya decorations are inspired by the beauty of traditional Malaysian woven anyaman art.

With a minimum spend of RM180 in a maximum of two combined receipts throughout the mall, shoppers have a chance to win exclusive woven crafts, merchandise, and vouchers in one lucky choice (maximum two choices per buyer per day; minimum expenses at Jaya Grocer are RM280).

Buyers will also have the right to purchase a Stainless Steel Faber Slow Cooker at RM 70 (normal price RM 109), Faber Electric Kettle at RM 90 (normal price RM 169) or Nextgen Hand Sanitizer Spray at 1 RM (normal price of 19.90 RM) with a minimum spend of RM80 in a single receipt throughout the mall.

The first 1000 buyers also have the chance to experience a Turkish cultural photoshoot. With a minimum spend of RM180 throughout the mall, shoppers will get a free 15-minute photo shoot in traditional Turkish costumes at Blue Eyes, as well as a RM20 discount with any RM100 spent in-store.


This Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Fahrenheit88 presents Rimbunan Raya – a celebration under a canopy of lights and towering palm trees in the ground floor atrium.

A dazzling Ramadan bazaar greets shoppers with attractive traditional souvenirs and an assortment of assorted delicacies by May 31.

Fahrenheit88 is proud to partner with Belokal to present Sama-sama Raya Bazaar with 20 stalls showcasing all kinds of handcrafted goods including sustainable and recycled fashion items, handmade accessories, craft candles, masks and bookmarks, designer tote bags, handmade soap, handmade shoes and bags.

Fahrenheit88 presents Rimbunan Raya - a celebration under a canopy of lights and towering palm trees in the ground floor atrium.Fahrenheit88 presents Rimbunan Raya – a celebration under a canopy of lights and towering palm trees in the ground floor atrium.

Make your way to the second floor where the Kriup Kriup Kuih Bazaar features a range of cookies and snacks from local bakers.

Buyers looking for unique Hari Raya gifts will find the most comprehensive collection of gift ideas in Fahrenheit88. Celebrate the season with festive offers at Afternoon, Aldo, Bookxcess, The Body Shop, Carlo Rino, Celebrity Fitness, Curiosity, Eye Tech, Feith, Leather Avenue, Mr DIY, Pandora and Skechers. Love the Lucky Raya rewards, from now until May 31st. Buyers can simply spend a minimum of RM100 on a single receipt to redeem a reward (limited to two exchanges per customer per day).

Buyers can purchase an assortment of special Raya Fahrenheit88 cookies for just 1 RM with a minimum spend of 150 RM in a single receipt (limited to one purchase per customer per day, while supplies last).

All redemptions can be made on the second floor of Fahrenheit88.

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Meow Wolf Denver to open in fall 2021 and some readers can’t wait Sun, 02 May 2021 13:42:00 +0000


I support

  • Local
  • Community
  • Journalism

Support Denver’s independent voice and help keep Westword’s future free.

For over a year, drivers have been looking at the future home of Meow Wolf Denver climb at the junction of the I-25 exit towards the Colfax viaduct. Some people think it looks like a piece of pizza, others think it looks like a boat. What’s going on inside the building is still top secret, but over 100 local artists are working on the content.

This week, however, Meow Wolf revealed a little more information about what’s going on in Meow Wolf Denver: a performance hall that will host over 450 people at night, and transform into another setup room by day. ; a café showcasing local cuisine; a store with over 1,500 items, many of them from Colorado designers.

And like any worthwhile creative endeavor, Meow Wolf Denver is already generating discussion, as evidenced by comments on the Westword Facebook post new developments there. Said Joe:

I can’t wait for Meow Wolf to open up to see what’s inside. This building is already a landmark that adds to the Denver skyline. It’s perfect!

Sophie counters:

Go home, gentrifying scum! Chain art galleries are antithetical to DIY, and these entrepreneurial brothers in Santa Fe don’t care about our town or the Sun Valley neighborhood.

Matthew answers:

Talk for you. I am an artist from Denver and I am very happy that Meow Wolf opens. More art is more art, and that’s a good thing.

Jake admits:

I still don’t know what the shit is about that Meow Wolf shit.

Christy answers:

It’s interactive art. House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe is a mazelike space where the visual and audio themes change as you cycle through it. Lots to watch and sometimes to play, very entertaining and stimulating. No medication is really needed!

Ask Cameron:

So it’s like a hippie IKEA?

Definitely not … but you really have to experience it House of Eternal Return, Meow Wolf’s flagship installation in Santa Fe, to accurately describe the place. same for me Omega Mart, which just opened in February in Las Vegas. Meow Wolf Denver promises to be taller than the two.

And he needs a name that will capture that. While the exact date of the opening is still unknown, so is the name of the facility inside the building. What would you suggest naming the Meow Wolf Denver installation? Post a comment or share your thoughts at

Keep Westword Free … Since we started Westword, he was defined as the free and independent voice of Denver, and we would like to keep it that way. Provide our readers with free access to cutting edge coverage of local news, food and culture. Producing stories on everything from political scandals to the hottest new bands, with bold reporting, elegant writing, and staff who have won it all, from the Society’s Sigma Delta Chi Award for Feature Writing of Professional Journalists for the Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism. But with the existence of besieged local journalism and the decline in advertising revenue having a bigger impact, it is more important than ever for us to rally support for funding our local journalism. You can help by participating in our “I Support” membership program, which allows us to continue to cover Denver without any payment walls.

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Princess Charlotte is 6! See her celebratory royal birthday portrait Sat, 01 May 2021 22:50:07 +0000

NORFOLK, ENGLAND: (EDITOR’S NOTE: NEW EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NO COMMERCIAL USE. NO MERCHANDISE, ADVERTISING, MEMORIES, MEMORIES OR SIMILAR COLOR. DO NOT USE AFTER DECEMBER 31, 2021 WITHOUT PERMISSION DU PALAIS DE KENSINGTON. This photograph is provided to you strictly on the condition that you do not charge any fees for the provision, release or publication thereof and that these conditions and restrictions will apply (and that you pass them on) to any organization to which you provide it. use of any photographs (including by way of example only) any use in merchandising, advertising or any other non-topical editorial use. Photographs must not be digitally enhanced, manipulated or modified in any way. All other requests for use should be made in writing to the presidential office. se from Kensington Palace. MANDATORY CREDIT: The Duchess of Cambridge.) NORFOLK, ENGLAND: In this undated photo posted on May 1, 2021 by Kensington P alace, Princess Charlotte poses in a photo taken by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge this weekend in Norfolk, before her sixth birthday on Sunday May 2, in Norfolk, UK. (Photo by The Duchess of Cambridge via Getty Images) NOTE TO EDITORS: This handout photo may only be used for editorial reporting purposes for the purpose of contemporary illustration of events, things or people in the image or facts mentioned in the caption. Reuse of image may require additional permission from the copyright holder.

Princess Charlotte is growing up! On May 1, Kensington Palace released a new adorable photo of the royal in honor of her sixth birthday the following day. The cute photo was taken by mum Kate Middleton over the weekend in Norfolk.

Charlotte’s birthday comes days after her parents Prince William and Kate celebrated their 10th anniversary wedding birthday, and just over two weeks after the funeral of her great-grandfather, Prince Philip, at Windsor Castle. Buckingham Palace also released unheard of pictures of the royal great-grandchildren as part of a sentimental tribute, including a photo of Charlotte as a toddler.

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Fahrenheit88 celebrates ‘Rimbunan Raya’ with dazzling Ramadhan bazaars Mon, 26 Apr 2021 10:12:47 +0000

This Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Fahrenheit88 presents Rimbunan Raya, a celebration under a canopy of lights and towering palm trees in the Atrium, ground floor. A dazzling Ramadhan bazaar greets shoppers with attractive traditional souvenirs and a range of assorted delicacies by May 31, 2021.

Fahrenheit88 is proud to partner with Belokal, present Sama-sama Raya bazaar with 20 stands presenting all kinds of handicrafts goods, including durable and recycled fashion, handmade accessories, handcrafted candles, masks and bookmarks, designer tote bags bags, handmade soap, handmade shoes and Bags.

Make your way to the 2nd floor where the Kriup Kriup Kuih bazaar showcases a range of treats to satisfy sweet cravings. Discover a wide range of cookies and snacks from talented local bakers.

Buyers looking for unique Hari Raya gift sets for loved ones, family and friends will find the most comprehensive collection of gift ideas in Fahrenheit88. Celebrate the season with a shopping spree with festive offers at Afternoon, Aldo, Bookxcess, The Body Shop, Carlo Rino, Celebrity Fitness, Curiosity, Eye Tech, Feith, Leather Avenue, Mr. DIY, Pandora and Skechers.

To thank buyers, Fahrenheit88 is delighted to return love with Lucky Raya Rewards, by May 31, 2021. Buyers can spend a minimum of RM100 on a single receipt to redeem a lucky reward. (Limited to 2 exchanges per customer per day.)

Buyers can buy an assortment Fahrenheit88 Special Raya Biscuits at only RM1 with a minimum spend of RM150 on a single receipt. (Limited to 1 purchase per customer per day. While stocks last.)

All redemptions can be made at Fahrenheit88’s 2nd Floor.

Fahrenheit88 is to keep our local cultural heritage alive by celebrating festivities such as Hari Raya Aidilfitri with contemporary cultural elements.

# F88RimbunanRaya # F88Raya2021

For more information on Rimbunan Raya, visit Fahrenheit88’s Facebook page here or Instagram account here or contact Fahrenheit88 customer service at 03-2148 5488.

Also Read: This Online Store Sells Baju Raya For Your Furry Friends!

follow us on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest stories and daily updates.

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20 best kindergarten graduation gifts Wed, 07 Apr 2021 07:00:00 +0000

It’s been a strange school year, to say the least. Whether your students are attending school in person, learning virtually, or a little of both, the end of the 2020-2021 school year is a reason to celebrate. Commemorate this milestone with one of the best kindergarten graduation gifts for kids. Our suggestions below are sure to put a big smile on any 6 year old’s face (even if they get so mature).

The list includes picks from the Good Housekeeping Institute, which constantly tests children’s products and toys, as well as Editor’s Picks and Amazon’s bestsellers. Some mark the big day with personalized graduation gear. Others are projects they can undertake during the summer, thus avoiding the dreaded “summer slide”. Others are intended for use outdoors, so your graduate can spend more time in hot weather. And some are meant to prepare them for the big transition to grade one. They all encourage very special family fun times, which you’ll want to enjoy as much as possible before moving on to the rest of elementary school. (You still have a few years before they reach the embarrass me! “phase.)

First year, I’m coming!

Grosset and Dunlap

Personalized graduation gift for kindergarten children

Personalized graduation bear


$ 12.00

These cuties are unique to your graduate because they come with your child’s year and name on the paws. You can choose from a blue, pink, or black graduation gown, and there are three different fonts to choose from as well. 3 years and over

Premium Smarty Pants Card Set

Melissa and Doug

$ 13.99

Lunar chalk

The textures of these chalk pieces help create cool patterns when pushed, pulled, or turned on the sidewalk. It’s the perfect summer art activity. 3 years and over

Personalized graduation gift for kindergarten

Kindergarten graduation shirt


$ 20.00

This shirt is very special because it is personalized with the graduate’s name, class year and school. They can wear their pride all summer long. Sizes 2 – Youth Large

Diplodocus 3D Puzzle

Keep that scientific mind buzzing through the summer with this 3D dino puzzle. It’s made from recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable inks, and it will look great on a shelf after the puzzle is completed. No age recommendation given

Graduation wish bracelet


$ 6.99

The idea is simple: Graduates make a wish on these star shaped bracelets, then wear them until they drop. Once it falls, the wish can come true! No age recommendation given

Classic piggy bank

Kids learn budgeting skills early by segregating funds for saving, spending, and sharing into the three separate sections of this bank – it even comes with a paper passbook to track deposits and withdrawals! If they get money to graduate from parents, they’ll have a place to put it all. 3 years and over

This book is a planetarium

Chronicle Books

$ 40.00

This is a pop-up book that kids and adults can enjoy together. Each page turns into different amazing things, all made of paper including a working speaker, planetarium, spirograph, and instrument. 8 years and over

Zoom on the freshman shirt


$ 17.00

It’s been an unusual year, to say the least, so it deserves a few more celebrations at the end. (These “I Survived Masked Kindergarten” shirts have a similar vibe for hybrid kids.) You can personalize it with the school name, and you can get it in gray, white, blue, or pink. Sizes 12M – Youth L

Ultra rocket

Stomp Rocket

$ 17.99

Large Rainbow Delta Kite

Take this kite for a blustery day and wow your little ones as it flies from its 200ft rope. It claims to work best with winds from 5mph to 16mph, so check if before you set things up! 5 years and over

Pizza garden kit

Creativity for children

$ 14.99

Graduation from kindergarten requires pizza night! But homemade pizza becomes even more special when you grow some of the ingredients yourself. This kit allows you to grow basil, tomatoes, and peppers indoors – and you can replant outdoors if you want even more herbs and veggies. 6 years and over

Craft Eco Crafts Scrapbook


$ 29.99

Help them document the past year with this Alex Toys scrapbooking kit. It includes everything they’ll need like the book, stickers, picture frames, pencils, buttons, a glue stick, scissors and more – kids just need to add photos of their friends or illustrations they’ll need. ‘they want to save. 6 years and over

Incredibubble wand


$ 12.52

School is out for the summer and kids are never really too old for bubbles. This wand allows children to create giant bubbles with a wave of the hand. 3 years and over

Soft cover photo book

Uprising of artifacts

$ 15.00

Document everything from the first to the last day of school with this printed photo book. Starting at 5.5 “x5.5” for 30 pages, you can connect your Instagram or Dropbox account to collect your favorites of the year. 4 years and over

Crayola Inspired Art Box


$ 24.99

Inspire a little artist with this 140 piece art set. It comes with 64 colored pencils, 40 markers, 20 colored pencils and 15 sheets of paper. Everything fits in the foldable case, making it perfect for summer travel. 5 years and over

Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab

Learning resources

$ 25.32

This set comes with two of 35 collectible “beaker creatures”, and they are unveiled in a seething reaction. But once the surprise is revealed, the set becomes a home science kit with instructions for hands-on experiments. 5 years and over

Write on: My History Journal

Clarkson potter

$ 14.99

Now that they are reading and writing on their own, help them keep their creativity moving. This story journal offers fun, silly prompts and story starters to get young writers on a roll. 6 years and over

Grow n ‘Glow Terrarium

Creativity for children

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and uploaded to this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content on

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The best DIY dessert kits in London for delivery Tue, 30 Mar 2021 07:00:00 +0000

You Knead This: Shuk’s Bake-Your-Own Babka Kit

Not yet at the Vic-Sponge lockdown stage, but have yet reached the point where you want more interactivity from your desserts than the Iceland Party Food range can offer?

We’ve rounded up restaurants, cafes, bakeries and market stalls sending DIY kits to keep your hands busy and your face sticky.

Biscoff is a sticky fist of dough, which you slide with a thick layer of caramel, top with chocolate sauce, fill until puffed with Biscoff spread, and top with additional cookies. If that sounds like too much for you, then for sure it is: the description is pale next to the gloopy reality.

You will need: maybe a shower afterwards: this stuff is everywhere.

How: £ 20 for a kit, makes four donuts.

Delivery: free on orders over £ 30, delivery across UK on weekdays only.

Crazy Pizza, one of Flavio Briatore’s brilliant Italian restaurant international chains, really makes things easy for you when it comes to DIY. Their tiramisu delivery kit includes everything you need: an apron, a cocoa powder sieve, a small pot of coffee prepared for you, some vanilla cream already stuffed in a pastry bag (alcohol free in this one) and a little rambunctious – but relatively silly – instructions.

At £ 30 for the adult-sized kit, the cost per fluffy and rich fork is steep – but the kit comes with enough ribbons, flourishes, and lasting keepsakes to make a great gift.

You will need: just a serving plate – everything else is in the kit, right down to the apron and the sieve to sprinkle the cocoa on.

How: £ 30 – makes two servings.

Delivery: within a radius of their rooms in Marylebone and Knightsbridge.

cheers Laboratories – the toasted cookie dough mixture

This one is more of a liquid-style baking mix – think Betty Crocker’s prepackages – than an interactive DIY extravaganza. Such limited customization, but a brilliant and pretty silly end result, and you can peacock your way with different ice cream / sour cream / stuff-that-isn’t-even-cream toppings. Notable home efforts we’ve seen on Instagram include a freshly baked cookie topped with a pile of whipped Dalgona coffee.

You will need: vegetable oil and an oven, and any additional frills like ice cream that you want to add.

How: £ 8.95 (£ 1 of each kit goes to charity supporting UCLH staff affected by coronavirus)

Delivery: £ 3.95, across London.

It is, against strong contenders, the most OTT dessert on this list. The Kings of Pleesecakes Frozen Cheesecake have come up with a DIY delivery kit that matches the hyper-intense, heavily loaded sumptuousness of their homemade creations.

When you arrive frozen, all the DIY is in the decoration, without cooking. The options are the Pick ‘n’ Mix version, which comes with a white chocolate ganache filling and lots – lots – of Haribo-y toppings, or the fully loaded version, with a milk chocolate gananche, a jar of chocolate crumble and so many of the all chocolate toppings we only managed to use 2/3 and our cake was still threatening to curl nicely under the weight of it. We’ve seen more loaded efforts than ours on Instagram, so the problem is with our topping placement / counterweight choices rather than the structural integrity of the cake.

Choose between a classic and digestive vanilla base, or if you’re worried that something might pass your lips that doesn’t involve chocolate in some way, a double chocolate and salted caramel version.

You will need: no equipment, but ideally 12 to 14 people to help you eat it.

How: options from £ 28 to £ 32.

Delivery: £ 8, through London.

Shuk – the babka

These borough market stalwarts make a DIY chocolate, hazelnut and cookie babka (and apparently a date, pistachio and dark chocolate version is also in the works). Tougher than some of the frozen and take-out desserts on this list, but the payoff is food that smacks of fresh baked pastry and warm Tel Aviv evenings. Babka is also quite a high reward for the effort involved – she looks ornate, but is actually within the grasp of anyone who can braid anything.

You will need: an egg and an oven. Everything else (rolling pin, rolling pin, etc.) you can probably improvise.

How: £ 20 for a babka or £ 32 for two, with free delivery.

Delivery: Free on the M25, with delivery slots available Wednesday through Saturday. Delivery slots are made available online seven days in advance.

You know what it is: you wait years for a do-it-yourself babka kit, then two arrive at the same time. This one takes a bit more effort than Shuk’s: more ingredients / equipment needed, more mixing and elbow grease involved. If you are there for the sake of cooking for yourself, that should be fine.

You will need: milk or milk substitute, a bread pan, baking paper, an oven.

How: £ 24 for a kit.

Delivery: £ 7.50, delivery slots across London.

Pancake like a pro with these chilled kits, containing everything you need for a big North American-style stack (although buttermilk is replaced with keffir). Each kit includes the ingredients for the pancake mix itself and a promising amount of toppings – bananas, bacon, blueberries, and maple syrup. It’s good DIY kit territory, simple if you just want to follow the rules but still easy to throw in some extra big flourishes if you’re feeling flamboyant.

* Peanut butter is what we’re trying to say. You can add your own peanut butter.

You will need: bowl, pan – just the usual cooking stuff.

How: £ 29.50, makes about 6 servings.

Delivery: Delivery across London – price varies depending on location.

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How to invite amiibo villagers from Sanrio to your Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Fri, 26 Mar 2021 07:00:00 +0000

In February, Nintendo announced that it would be releasing a reprint of the special amiibo six-card pack featuring villagers inspired by Sanrio characters. These cards were previously available in the UK and Japan in 2017, but never made it to the US. When Animal Crossing: New Horizons first came out, scanning those amiibo cards in Harv’s Island only gave you a themed poster. In the latest update, however, players can finally invite these coveted villagers and order themed furniture.

Where to get Sanrio Animal Crossing amiibo cards

Sanrio amiibo cards are reprinted exclusively at Target and will be available from March 26, 2021. However, the supply turned out to be very limited.

VPN offers: lifetime license for $ 16, monthly plans for $ 1 and more

How to scan amiibo cards and invite villagers

  1. Head to Resident Services.
  2. Interact with the Nook Stop Terminal in the lower right corner of the room.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook StopSource: iMore

  3. To select Invite an amiibo camper. If a non-amiibo guest is currently visiting the campsite, you can choose to send them home earlier and allow your amiibo villager to occupy them instead.
  4. Scan your amiibo card. You will be prompted to touch the amiibo card to the NFC receiver on your controller. For Joy-Con, it’s located at the top of the analog stick on the right Joy-Con. If you’re using an official Nintendo Switch Pro controller, it’s located at the top of the right analog stick. Make sure the amiibo symbol touches the analog stick!

    Animal Crossing New Horizons Select AmiiboAnimal Crossing New Horizons with AmiiboSource: iMore

  5. Head to the camp site. Once you’ve scanned your amiibo card, the villager you want to invite will appear and let you know they’re on their way to your campsite.
  6. Make the object of their choice. Before a villager decides to move in, they’ll tell you they’d like some souvenirs from your island. Make the item you want and bring it to them. If you don’t have the DIY instructions, the villager will provide them to you. This has to happen 3 times before they decide to move in. For the purposes of this guide, the day this step is completed is considered day 1.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons RillaAnimal Crossing Crafts from new horizonsSource: iMore

  7. Repeat steps 1 to 6 on day 2. All amiibo villagers take three real days to convince before they decide to move to your island. If you don’t want to wait until 5 a.m. the next day, you can access the System Settings in the Nintendo Switch home menu, scroll down left to System, select Date & Time, and advance your system date by one day. If your system clock is synchronized over the Internet, turn it off first, then change the date manually.

    Nintendo Switch Changeover TimeSource: iMore

  8. Ask them to move in on day 3. Day 3 requires different action plans depending on whether there are less than 10 villagers living on your island or not. If your island has less than 10 villagers, go to Tom Nook first and ask to prepare land for someone to move in. Then repeat steps 1 to 6 and invite the villager to the empty lot you just built. If your island has 10 villagers, repeat steps 1 through 6 and invite the villager to live in your town. You must choose the villager you want to move to make room for the new villager. The villager you chose to evict will immediately see their moving boxes packed.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons Amiibo MovingSource: iMore

  9. Wait till their house is built. Day 4 is also different depending on how many villagers you had on your island before inviting the new villager. If your island had less than 10 villagers, the new villager will be immediately moved. If your island had 10 villagers, the plot will be empty on day 4 and occupied on day 5.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons New plotSource: iMore

Now that you’ve completed all of these steps, your new Sanrio-themed villager will occupy a house on your island.

How do I get Sanrio furniture and items?

Sanrio items and furniture appear in your Nook Shopping app after scanning a Sanrio amiibo card. Remember that you can only order 5 pieces of furniture per day. Here’s how to purchase these Sanrio items after scanning the appropriate amiibo card:

  1. Open the Nook Shopping app.
  2. To select Special offers.
  3. Turn to the Promotion tongue.
  4. Now buy the items you want.

Sanrio furniture cannot be used on Harv Island, but wallpaper, flooring, and rugs can be used. They also can’t be re-ordered from the regular Nook Catalog, so if you gift a friend a Hello Kitty Bed, they can’t buy more themselves unless they scan a Rilla amiibo.

Don’t worry about the limitation on these items, as you’ll be able to order them whenever you want after scanning a Sanrio character’s amiibo. That’s a big plus, as Animal Crossing: New Horizons is rated as one of the best games on Nintendo Switch, and gifting these items forever ensures that everyone has a chance to get cute at home.

Island life

Animal Crossing: New horizons

Animal Crossing: New horizons

Just chillaxing in paradise

Embark on a new journey with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Move to a desert island, make friends with the locals and decorate your whole town! Organize your experience and live as YOU want.

We can earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

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Artifacts of the Lost Year Wed, 17 Mar 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Packages started arriving at my doorstep last September: from thick cardboard invitations to digital shows wrapped in fabrics inside boxes inside shopping bags, sometimes tucked away next to additional gewgaws like candies or buttons or candles, sometimes superimposed on books. They were care packages from across the ocean and the city, Proustian madeleines intended to refresh the memory and the senses so that, seated at our desks, beds or kitchen tables, wherever we “Attending” virtual fashion shows, we could imagine ourselves sitting on benches airside, as we have done in the past.

One day my doorbell rang and a courier handed over a brown paper bag containing two more brown bags, each containing a single croissant, from a brand theoretically committed to sustainable development.

Another time a giant shopping bag arrived containing a smaller shopping bag, containing an invitation printed on a piece of silk.

It’s the last straw, I tell my husband. Such a waste. A waste of money and a literal waste, all that packaging and promotional material going straight to the recycling bin. (Certainly we ate the sweets with pleasure.)

But then the show-in-a-box, by JW Anderson, arrived: a do-it-yourself building set of paper dolls (models photographed in the collection and then shrunk), backgrounds and props, to create your own diorama.

And then came a book commemorating an empty New York, with models silhouetted against the horizon and echoing street scenes, by Proenza Schouler. And then I started to think about all the … thing … In a slightly different light.

Two seasons and several months later, it’s just stuff. It’s more like a memorial to a sad and lost year; a year marked by the absence – of people, places, experiences – captured by random physical things.

“When everything has become virtual, the object becomes the repository of a moment,” said Steven Lubar, professor of American studies at Brown University and author of “Inside the Lost Museum”. Even if it’s a doohickey with no particular monetary value.

Such objects are, said Clara Berg, curator of collections at the Museum of History & Industry in Seattle, “witnesses to history.”

“This year, we all have collectively understood that we are experiencing something important,” she said. “We will want to remember that and save the items for the future to tell people what it looked like.”

After all, if fashion teaches us anything, it’s how easy it is to forget, even with a physical object left as a cheat sheet. As each season hits the catwalk, each new designer in a house takes out the old and enters the new.

But it also reveals how much a personal story can be contained in a dress, blouse or bag; how just seeing it can bring back, viscerally, a moment in time. Like when we were forced to live largely online.

It turns out that virtual fashion shows are even more ephemeral than the real ephemeral ones. Seen for a moment, they disappear even faster in the digital mouth, all merging into a sea of ​​pixels. Very little of this lingers in the mind (let alone what was left of the crazy cycle of physical shows). When everything is on Zoom, everything is equal, which means it’s almost impossible for anything to stand out.

Unless it can really hold up.

Questions surrounding the significance of artefacts date back to Aristotle, who struggled with them in his “Metaphysics,” and our understanding of their importance has grown and diminished over the centuries. During the last great pandemic – the 1918 flu – “hardly anyone saved anything,” Lubar said. “The country desperately wanted to forget.”

After September 11, he said, that changed. Now we are in another of those times, where everyone is “thinking about the story,” he said. “There is currently a large collection of masks in almost every museum.”

The designer who understood this most intrinsically was undoubtedly Jonathan Anderson, who treated each of the shows he created for the three brands he works with (JW Anderson, Loewe and Moncler) as a potential future archaeological find.

What started as a show-in-a-box turned into a gallery in a book, a show-on-a-wall (complete with DIY wallpaper and a glue brush), a show-on -a-shirt (a giant T-shirt plastered with looks), a collaboration of artists in the form of a poster and a large-format newspaper distributed in the dailies of thousands of people around the world. All this an experience of corporeality.

“I just didn’t see how you could make an emotional connection with a moving image on a screen if that’s all there is,” Mr. Anderson said in a conversation via, yes , Zoom in on newspaper delivery.

“Netflix, email, Zoom – it’s all in one place, so whatever you do, it never stands out,” he said. “I felt at least with one object, it occupies space and a moment in time. You interact with him physically. It’s part of the record. “

It takes commitment and consideration; represents not only the touch of the one who made it, but the touch of the person who received it. In this, his work became more than a memory, but rather an exercise that forced everyone to become an anthropologist on their own. We were already rummaging when we started to open the mail.

(Speaking of mail: Ms Berg said that one of the items the Museum of History and Industry has acquired is a stimulus check.)

I have never been a collector of fashion season memorabilia like some of my peers; I used to throw out show invites and press releases as soon as the lights went out on a runway, like crossing them off a to-do list. As my bag got lighter, so did my psyche.

But like so many others this reversed year, my practice has changed. I hardly bought anything, but I started to amass these memory containers. Think of them as amphorae, the fashionable version.

Little by little, I started to choose: a copy of “Dune” by Joseph Altuzarra, annotated with nuances and notes that reflect the relationship between fiction and fashion. Packets of fabrics from Gabriela Hearst’s beginnings at Chloé it looked like tactile snippets from the future.

Prada’s kitsch faux fur boxes, covered in the same shiny polyester down as the sets, looked like little Pokemon pets. A Thom Browne flip book of an old fashioned skier pulling downhill. A toy bus from Carolina Herrera and a DIY balsa wood airplane with an air sickness bag from Louis Vuitton, which seemed to symbolize a time when we were free to travel without thinking. Dior tarot cards for predicting what’s to come. A mock TV guide from Coach that added some levity to the fact that we all live vicariously through our TVs (or what’s going on about that now).

There is no financial value attached to anything – it was not made for sale, the materials are not valuable – but together they form a sort of reliquary. I see them and see the human desire to create and the stubbornness of hope. It is also not, in the end, a throwaway idea.

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Josh Hart’s victory in Best Fuel wasn’t the only revelation at the NHRA Gatornationals Mon, 15 Mar 2021 07:00:00 +0000


Move over, KC Spurlock

Not all new professionals will need to upgrade.

Josh Hart, owner-driver of Top Fuel, became the fourth driver in NHRA history to win in his first professional appearance and the first to do so in two decades. KC Spurlock (pictured) did it in a Funny Car at the 1990 Winternationals in Pomona, Calif., And Gary Scelzi followed suit in Top Fuel in 1997. Hart is the first to accomplish the feat since Darrell Russell won his first race 20 years ago. (2001).

With guidance from team leader Ron Douglas and members of his team, Hart knocked out an intimidating roster. He faced and finished six-time IHRA Champion and always dangerous Clay Millican, NHRA Dominator Torrence, 2020 NHRA Rookie of the Year and lightning-fast outgoing Justin Ashley, and finally Top Champion. Fuel 2013 Shawn Langdon.

“Ron Douglas is awesome. And the group of guys, they did it all. This is where the real magic happens, ”Hart said. “Ron is almost like the Babe Ruth of the drag race – he was almost calling his shot, which was a little scary, but he did. It was awesome. ”

Hart, who grew up in Indiana but moved to Ocala, Fla. A few years ago, and created a large and growing classic car business that is less than 10 miles from the store and the drag racing legend museum. Big Daddy »Don Garlits. Hart and Garlits struck up a friendship, and Garlits endorsed Hart, even signed his competition license, and was a Hart client, Burnyzz. He was there last weekend to encourage and advise Hart. Her reassurance, though vague, to the 35-year-old newcomer was, “Sometimes it’s just your day.

And who can chat with “Big Daddy” Don Garlits?

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Discovery + Magnolia Network shows, rated Thu, 11 Mar 2021 08:00:00 +0000

Now that we’ve taken the stinks out of Magnolia’s preview tab, let’s explore shows that have potential, but also the potential to make you yawn. There is nothing really bad about them, but there is nothing that attracted me. These are the shows that I struggled to remember even after watching them. Having said that, one of them could be your favorite! (I see you, woman with four Johnnyswim tattoos featured on the Johnnyswim show, and I respect your life choices.)

These are the shows that are great, I guess …

18) Family dinner

Talent: Andrew Zimmern
Available episodes: 1
Length: Half hour
Basic Gist: Chef Andrew Zimmern visits families everyday to learn about the culinary traditions that keep their homes full of life and love.
Verdict: Its good! Completely good! A relatively charming look at the impact of home cooking on our families. My only two worries are that I have seen a million food shows traveling in Queens and I’m not sure what I’m supposed to get out of it.

17) Fixer for the first time

Talent: Chip and Jo Gaines
Available episodes: 1
Length: Half hour
Basic Gist: Chip and Jo offer moral support and some helpful advice for people who are starting their first flips.
Verdict: Take Chip and Jo out of this show and you’ll get a carbon copy of any filler HGTV show. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones they air early in the morning on weekends before giving us what we really want to see: seven straight hours of Chip and Jo. It’s basically just a makeover show. That’s all.

16) Home On the Road with Johnnyswim

Talent: Johnnyswim (photo above)
Available episodes: 1
Length: Half hour
Basic Gist: At home on the road is a documentary series that follows popular band Johnnyswim as they balance marriage and parenthood with the rigors of touring.
Verdict: If you’re a die-hard Johnnyswim fan – and they exist – this is probably a must-have watch for you. However, I’m not a proverbial Swimfan, so I was a bit bored watching this pic of the perfect couple go through their day. The most dramatic thing that happened in the first episode is ordering bagels. I am not joking. Amanda craves bagels, so her husband, Abner, finds a delicatessen in Texas. They order bagels and have an emotional connection with the woman who made their bagels. Do you know what I mean? Not exactly the most exciting content for casual viewers. And what was probably weird at the introductory meeting – imagine you have to WORK with your CHILDREN crawling all over you – is now very commonplace in 2021. So, yes, it’s okay!

15) Open a new path: expand silos

Talent: Chip and Jo Gaines
Available episodes: 1
Length: Hour
Basic Gist: Our intrepid chefs Chip and Jo have bought more land around their beloved silos and are building what appears to be a small village for tourists to come and pay homage to their greatness.
Verdict: Sigh, as you can see from my description of the stage, I personally feel uncomfortable with Chip and Jo’s literally ever-changing land grab in Waco, TX. They basically built a theme park that people can visit, watch, and fork out money for souvenirs. This is just a bloated advertisement for this theme park which, again, is good! I’d rather just pretend that Chip and Jo are just low-key flippers and not Texas stronghold lords.

14) super dad

Talent: Taylor Calmus
Available episodes: 1
Length: Half hour
Basic Gist: Taylor Calmus is a builder and inventor obsessed with making life fun for children. He teams up with fathers to create one-of-a-kind play sets.
Verdict: This show has a lot of potential because it taps into one of my personal favorite DIY network vibes: the random dude who walks into your life to renovate your yard with plywood and attitude. However, I have a few minor issues with the show. First, I liked the featured dad more than host Taylor Calmus (who looks like an announcer on a ’90s Nickelodeon show). Second, I wish I had spent more time on how Calmus designed the sick bike ramp and less on his home life. Sorry, I wasn’t blown away by the gravy train he built for his wife.

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