Car Designer’s Business Has Loaned To Buy Its Own Vehicles Impersonating Customers: Mumbai Criminal Branch | Bombay News

The Mumbai Criminal Branch, which is investigating the cheating case against famous car designer Dilip Chhabria, discovered that his company had benefited from loans from certain non-bank financial companies (NBFCs) by posing as customers wishing to buy cars. sports cars manufactured by the group itself. .

A preliminary investigation revealed that the loans averaged ??42 lakh per car had been used by the company, Dilip Chhabria (DC) Designs Pvt Ltd, on approximately 90 of the 120 cars sold in total. In some cases, loans were even granted after the vehicles were sold to their buyers.

Chhabria was arrested on Monday and has been taken into police custody until January 2.

Deputy Police Inspector Sachin Vaze of the Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU) was told that a two-seater sports car – DC Avanti – was driving south from Mumbai on a false registration number. A trap was set and the car was spotted in Colaba on December 18. The vehicle was taken into custody. Police learned that the car was registered in Chennai and that the owner had submitted the original documents, which were later found to be genuine, a judicial police officer said.

Further investigation, however, revealed that another car with the same engine and the same chassis number had been registered in the Haryana.

According to police, Chhabria had made 127 DC-Avanti cars in the past four years, including 120 in India. The criminal branch suspects that 90 of these cars were registered with the same engine, same chassis number in different states, under different registration numbers, said police co-commissioner (criminal branch) Milind Bharambe.

“We will find out why the NBFC did not complain when the loans were not repaid. We will also have to see how the regional transport services did not notice that the same engine and chassis numbers were used to register different vehicles in different cities with different registration numbers, ”the police officer said. .

“We also check if there is an amount of loss caused by the accused by not paying applicable taxes such as customs duty and GST (goods and services tax) etc.,” Bharambe said. .

DC Designs Pvt Ltd was incorporated on June 14, 1993 and the sports car, DC -Avanti, was launched in 2016 after official certification by the Automotive Research Association of India in March 2015. The sports car was launched in 2016. manufactured in a factory in Pune district. .

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