Canon Smart Compact Camera and Posture Adjustment Concepts

Canon is showcasing a number of new and unique cameras at the 2021 Photography Show, and although the camera that catches the eye is clearly the Canon EOS R3, with people lining up just to hold it and l To try, there are a number of other cameras on display, including two new camera prototypes.

Prototype Canon Posture Fit device

Designed as a new health device for your desktop, the small egg-shaped object does not include a traditional camera, but rather measures your posture when you are seated, so that it can alert you when you have poor posture .

Canon is showcasing this unique healthcare product at the 2021 Photography Show and is seeking feedback from visitors to see if there would be any interest in the product if they launch it.

Prototype Canon Posture Fit device

Prototype Canon Posture Fit device at TPS 2021

Canon has already presented products at shows like The Photography Show which have become real products, notably the Canon Powershot Zoom.

The Posture Fit Device monitors posture position and times, and for safety and privacy, only posture position and distance to the device are measured. The device will then oscillate to inform you that it is time to move or adjust your posture. There will also be an application giving additional information allowing you to know the statistics on your sitting position and the time spent in front of the computer.

The expected benefits of this would be to improve health and improve productivity.

Canon Smart Compact Camera – Powershot PX

Looking much more like a ready-to-launch product, Canon is showing off a number of working Canon smart compact camera prototypes at the 2021 Photography Show.

Canon TPS 2021 Smart Compact Camera

Canon TPS 2021 Smart Compact Camera in White

Canon’s smart compact camera, known as “Powershot PX”, is designed to be “your own personal photographer” so you can be in the photos rather than behind the camera. The camera sits on a base with a rotating mechanism that allows the camera to move and track subjects, as well as change the angle of the camera lens.

Canon Powershot PX Smart Compact Camera

The camera, which is not yet available, is designed to capture natural expressions, with a smartphone app that would “intelligently” recommend the best photos and videos to you to save and share. The camera automatically frames shots for you, automatically tracking subjects’ faces without you having to think about it.

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