Camelot should make a new RPG for Switch, not a fourth game

Fans are still waiting for a Golden Sun conclusion, but Camelot’s time could be better spent building a whole new project for Nintendo Switch.

At the turn of the millennium, golden sun it looked like it was going to be the next big name in RPGs. Despite a simple story, the first two games had enough charm to win a dedicated fan base. Their aesthetic was bright and colorful, complemented by perfectly crafted characters and a magical system that allowed players to interact with the world the way older franchises, like Final fantasy and Dragon Quest, did not allow. This created a Game Boy Advance adventure that thousands of people still fondly remember. The long wait for closure, however, puts the thought of a new golden sun title in perspective.

The second chapter of the story, Golden Sun: The lost age, concluded the main plot but opened the door to potential sequels. However, the only one to have ever surfaced was Dark dawn, a distant sequel that ended on a much more unsatisfying cliff-hanger. More than a decade later, there is still no real ending in sight for the series, and only the most die-hard fans are still waiting for one. Maybe that in itself demonstrates that developer Camelot should move on and build a new franchise.

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golden sun

golden sunThe story of s was about the protagonist Isaac and his quest to reclaim the Elemental Stars, magical relics capable of reviving the ancient power of alchemy. As the series progressed, this once destructive force became more nuanced, and the hero was faced with the idea that keeping it sealed might not be in the best interests of humanity. The narrative wasn’t particularly deep, but it was an interesting foundation that future games could build on.

Unfortunately, Golden Sun: Dark dawn was the only one, and he failed to advance the story or gameplay in any meaningful way. The mechanics recreated the old systems without any significant evolution, and the plot ultimately went nowhere. Despite some new complications, like political tensions between growing nations and an expansion of the series’ magical system, the game felt more like a side-quest series than a coherent narrative on its own. Once again, the ending teased a sequel, but this time, no conclusion was in sight. Its sales were nowhere near as strong as it used to be, and games have since died out.

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Even if the series were to miraculously continue, it would be the conclusion of a story that had been abandoned for over a decade. Most fans of the original games have long evolved and continue Dark dawnThe tale of ‘would require potential newcomers to familiarize themselves with three story games to get up to speed. That would be a tough sell for any story-driven franchise, let alone a franchise that continues to take ten-year breaks with every other game.

golden sun

The fact that Dark dawn had an incredibly straightforward cast, even by golden sunstandards. The story explored a varied world but dispersed its narrative too widely to accommodate the group of eight. Characters like Himi sadly had nothing to do with the main plot, and there is simply nothing quite iconic or interesting in the rest to warrant their return. As sad as it may be, it’s probably best to leave golden sun die with dignity instead of trying to fall in love with it twice.

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Despite golden sunHowever, there is arguably still room in the JRPG market for some sort of successor. golden sun already had all the right ingredients for a deeply immersive game. Not only were buffs and support effects useful in combat, the freedom to mix and match powers gave players plenty of choice when it comes to party building. The problem was, the games were never difficult enough to warrant a major engagement with these systems. However, a new title with a stronger focus might change that, not to mention any new stuff Camelot might want to bring.

golden sun was a unique blend of magical puzzles, monster catching, and epic battles, making it a surprisingly groundbreaking portable title. It’s a shame the developers will likely never continue the story, but a fourth game just has too much work against it. However, there’s no reason to think Camelot couldn’t create something so unique for the Nintendo Switch. Provided the studio has strong leadership, bold creativity, and a story worth telling, classic JRPGs can still be successful in today’s market. That sun may never rise again, but that doesn’t mean that something else can’t come up in its place.

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