Brighton photographer shares tips for getting the perfect shot

AN award-winning photographer has shared his tips for capturing the perfect photo.

Hugo, who works as a drone pilot in the television and film industry, explained that although he’s always had an interest in photography, getting his hands on a drone for film has helped push him his shoots to the next level.

Hugo’s award-winning Icelandic photo: credit – @hugohealy

He said, “I started doing a lot of traveling and filming and it all went from there.

“I love being able to explore and photography has allowed me to do more – it allows me to get up for sunrises and see places so much more.

“Using the drone is so much fun – it makes you feel like you’re flying.”

Hugo normally brings a whole range of equipment to a shoot, including two drones, a mirrorless camera with four lenses, a tripod and a GroPro – which he admits can get a little heavy at times.

The Argus: Hugo filming in Iceland: credit - @hugohealyHugo while filming in Iceland: credit – @hugohealy

He said: “It ends up weighing around 20 to 25 kilograms, so when I travel from country to country with my laptop and chargers, it can reach 30 kilograms. The hike can be a bit of a nightmare.

“I might just take the drone on my own, but then there might be an opportunity and I’ll think ‘fuck, I’d like to bring that’, so I end up taking it all.”

While Hugo captured images of waterfalls and volcanoes in Indonesia and rolling sand dunes far from the Emirati coast, he said you didn’t have to travel very far to capture the perfect shot, with his Instagram featuring several photos from different parts of Brighton and Sussex.

The Argus: Hugo also captured images of Brighton and Sussex, including Brighton Palace Pier (left), West Pier and i360, and St Hugh's Charterhouse in Cowfold: credit - @hugohealyHugo also captured images of Brighton and Sussex, including Brighton Palace Pier (left), West Pier and i360, and St Hugh’s Charterhouse in Cowfold: credit – @hugohealy

“There is beauty all around you; there are plenty on your doorstep and in the UK,” he said.

“It may take a few tries to get the right shot, but if you keep trying, you’ll get the conditions you’re looking for.”

He explains that you should always aim to shoot around sunrise or sunset to get the best lighting – and that practice really does make perfect.

“Get up early, revisit locations to get the conditions you want, and keep practicing and evaluating your own work.”

Taking the photo itself, however, is only half the process. Hugo said post-shoot editing is also important to capturing the perfect shot.

He said, “Editing is a pretty big part of photography. People can take great photos, but their editing may not be up to par.

“Spend time on YouTube and learn how to use editing software properly, and get a good eye for tones, colors and exposures.”

Above all, however, Hugo said it was important to love going out, exploring and capturing different images on camera.

“It’s about getting out there and having fun – do it because you love photography or exploring,” he said.

More photographs of Hugo can be found on his Instagram.

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