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Small bathrooms can seem like an interior design challenge. On the one hand, they are compact and allow you to save on materials and decoration. On the other hand, small bathrooms tend to feel cramped and lack space for storage and organization. Luckily, with a few design tricks, you can make your small bathroom feel more spacious. Get inspired by these innovative small bathroom design ideas.

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1. Opt for an oversized vanity

Even though it seems counterintuitive, an oversized or taller vanity gives you more counter space and will make the vanity space look a little bigger.

2. Be smart about mirror placement

Mirrors are a tried and tested trick for making many small rooms look bigger. Always try to place mirrors in a location that can catch as much light as possible. You can also install smaller mirrors on the sides of the vanity to reflect light off each other.

3. Choose airy and bright colors

It’s easy to make any small room look bigger with light colors. But keep in mind that neutrals don’t have to be boring. Play around with lighting, decorative accents, and fixtures to add depth and visual appeal to the space. Think beyond white, neutrals can include; shades of grey, nudes, light blues, pale greens and more. w

4. Make a statement with wallpaper

Try a wallpaper accent wall instead if you want to make a decorative statement but don’t have the space for it. Choose one of the walls to add a colorful or playful wallpaper that blends well with the overall style of the bathroom. Because the room is small, you won’t need to add much more decoration-wise once the wallpaper is installed.

5. Use greenery as decor

The more natural accents your small bathroom has, the better. Natural materials add visual interest without overwhelming the room. Greenery can enhance the look of a small space. Orchids, snake plants and air plants will all thrive in a bathroom thanks to their moist environment. Or, you can opt for faux greenery accents to bring the outdoors inside (but without the hassle).

6. Avoid pedestal sinks

While there’s nothing wrong with pedestal sinks, and many small bathrooms will benefit from them, they take up valuable real estate. The pedestal creates wasted space that can very well be used for storage instead.

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7. Use the same tile color for walls and floors

Another interior design tip is to use the same color and pattern of tiles for the walls and the floor. When you get rid of the separation, the eyes think the walls are further away and create the illusion of a bigger space.

8. Look for strategic storage locations

Completely rethink the layout of the bathroom. Instead of having a mirror above the sink, consider using a floating shelf and adding a small mirror to make enough space for toiletries and other items.

9. Use vertical space to your advantage

With limited space, you have to turn to vertical storage to make the most of the room. Ladders and shelves are a great option for small bathrooms because you can use them to store towels, cleaning supplies, and even place decorative accents on them to customize the look of your space.

10. Declutter Your Products

With a small space, you really have to take the time to declutter as much as possible. This means keeping only necessary beauty products, toiletries and cleaning products in the bathroom. Everything else should be stored in your bedroom, pantry, or laundry room for use as needed.

11. Get good lighting

The obvious things are the ones we most often overlook when decorating. Having good lighting in the bathroom will add a decorative element and help the space appear more open. Don’t forget to add extra lights near the sink, mirrors, and shower or tub.

12. Use curtains to create the illusion of space

Curtains hung as close to the ceiling as possible will instantly make the room feel more spacious. Try a shower curtain that looks like a drape and hang two on either side of the shower to make the bathroom look bigger and more expansive.

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13. Get Floating Shelves

A floating shelf can be a lifesaver for storing essentials like candles, extra soap, tissues, and decorative accents in any small room. Install a floating shelf in a strategic location to display accents and provide extra space to store essentials.

14. Don’t be afraid to sink

Dare to be bold and adopt a dark color palette for your bathroom. If possible, try to keep the floors and the lower part of the room in lighter colors to create the illusion of space. Play around with lighting and other dark colors to tie the different elements together.

15. Opt for glass doors

If you have a shower, avoid foggy doors or curtains and opt for glass doors. This will make the shower feel like part of the bathroom and extend the length of the space. The only downside to installing glass doors is that your shower will need to be kept organized to prevent clutter from taking up too much visual space.

16. Build a shower niche

To maximize space in your bathroom, remember that the shower is also a living area. Build a shower niche to keep all your products organized and accessible. For a cohesive look, use the same tiles or finishes for the niche as featured on the walls.

17. Install a skylight

Natural light is the best way to expand any small space. Install a skylight to let in all that natural light if you’re designing your bathroom from scratch.

18. Continue the shower tile

Run the tile from the shower floor straight into the bathroom floor. This will make the room much more important. It will help you even more if you opt for glass doors instead of curtains.

19. Install a medicine cabinet

A small medicine cabinet above the sink can serve a dual purpose: it adds a mirror to the bathroom, gives you hidden storage space for toiletries, beauty products and other items of bathroom.

20. Choose a Floating Vanity

Opt for contoured drawers and cabinets with a lip or handle of the same material instead of protruding pulls. A floating vanity takes up less physical space and allows the eyes to see the floor, creating more space. Additionally, you can use the area under the vanity to place small storage baskets to store essentials such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

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