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Which framed wall art is the best?

Every mature home decor scheme needs good wall art. But you don’t want your living room or bedroom to look like a college dorm. A frame is a great way to add a touch of class to your favorite painting, print, photograph or poster. If you’re looking to decorate your home, you can’t go wrong with the Signford Framed Canvas Wall Art. But depending on your taste and design scheme, there are other great framed options to check out.

What to know before buying a framed wall decoration

Why use a frame?

Frames aren’t just fancy for guests. They are also important for protecting the art they contain. With a glass surface and reinforced support, the frames help keep moisture and other environmental hazards – from smoke to dirty fingers – away from your precious art.

How to install framed art

Gone are the days of taping or sticking your favorite band’s poster on the wall above your bed. If you are installing framed artwork, you will need nails or anchors, a hammer, a stud finder, a laser level, and a ruler. These tools will not only help you securely mount your art to the wall, but also keep it upright at eye level (center your art about 57 inches off the floor). Make sure that if you’re not nailing into a stud, that you use an anchor, as the frames can be heavy and stress the drywall plaster or even fall right off after a loud thump or earthquake.

Match your art to your interior design project

The type of framed art you choose should complement your home decor.

  • Minimalist: Abstract and expressionist works look great to add sparkle to a tastefully subdued interior.
  • Modern: Color blocks and graphic prints give that urban intellectual vibe popularized in the 20th century. Minimal photographs and icon posters also work well here.
  • Bohemian: Funky patterns, hippie aesthetics and colorful photographs go really well with the messy chic boho aesthetic.
  • Classic: Dynamically lit landscape or portrait paintings and photographs return to the long history of Western interior styles with a touch of luxury.
  • beach house: Think boats, seascapes and coastal towns.
  • Rustic: Photographs and paintings that celebrate craftsmanship or nature help nestle the interior of your home in the countryside as if it were a villa in Tuscany.
  • American: From a reproduction of Norman Rockwell to a tattered American flag, the imagery and cultural references to small town life and the post-war era offer heaps of nostalgia.

What to Look for in a Quality Framed Wall Decor

Frame type

Much like what your art represents, the type of frame you surround it with can say a lot about you and the aesthetic you hope to achieve in your home.

  • Gold: A gold-plated frame exudes a sense of opulence. Ornate frames pair perfectly with high-quality paintings and photographs in classic design schemes, or even with the over-the-top bohemian interior. Flat gold frames are best for minimalist settings that want brief visual moments of luxury.
  • Black: A square black frame is the modern benchmark for all art. Just about anything looks good with a black frame around it as it immediately draws the eye to the work. These are best suited for mid-century modern, minimalist, modern and art deco design schemes.
  • In wood: A wooden frame is a calming presence in the home. These look great in mid-century modern beach house and craftsman style interiors. When buying a wooden frame for your art, consider the grain and species to choose the right color for your home and your art.
  • Colored: Colored frames may seem awkward at first, but a tastefully matching colored frame can add that touch to a minimal room. These work best when the art is not competing with the color of the frame for attention.

mounting points

Frames can be mounted to your walls in several ways.

Many framed works available on the market have a small support on the cardboard backing of the frame. This is a single point of attachment that you will need to align and balance on a single nail.

Other frames, especially heavier ones, use D-rings. These small hooks are drilled into the frame and allow the photograph or painting level to be hung on two nails in the wall.

Smaller frames can also use wire. This stretches across the back from edge to edge. Wire allows you to adjust the frame to a single point on the wall so that it is level. Be sure to account for this clearance when measuring how high you want your frame to hang.

How much you can expect to spend on a framed wall decor

Printing can be expensive, but it’s definitely cheaper than a genuine original. That said, depending on the size and quality of your art and frame, you’re going to spend between $50 and $150 for small works (individuals and sets) and upwards of $250 for large, high-resolution prints.

Framed Wall Art FAQs

What if I want to trade the art?

A. All pre-framed artwork is not interchangeable. Some are sealed with a glued paper backing that you will need to cut to access the artwork. This can damage the frame or just be a glitch, so be sure to read the product description before purchasing to see if you’ll be able to rotate your wall art.

How can I protect my prints from damage?

A. Make sure your frame is glass, or buy a thin sheet yourself if it doesn’t have a protective coating. Glass is essential to prevent fading from the sun, as well as environmental damage caused by smoke or humidity.

What is the best framed wall art to buy?

Top framed wall art

Signford Framed Canvas Wall Art

What do you want to know: This sophisticated and minimalist print goes well with a number of interior design themes.

What you will love: The print is simple, but references much of the great modern art of the 20th century. Its palette isn’t too strong, so it pairs well with a variety of color palettes. The black frame measures approximately 2 inches deep for an impactful sculptural spot on your wall. With print, the set measures 24 inches by 36 inches and comes complete with tools and mounting hardware.

What you should consider: Some users felt the frame construction was a bit sloppy when they tried to modify it themselves.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Framed Wall Art For The Money

Martha Stewart Rustic Gray Framed Landscape Painting Gallery

Martha Stewart Rustic Gray Framed Landscape Painting Gallery

What do you want to know: This solemn landscape series is perfect for starting or solidifying a cohesive design scheme in your home.

What you will love: Five beautiful watercolor painting prints in different small sizes depict misty seascapes. Perfect for the beach house or rustic interior, the prints are mounted on canvas and encased in gray wooden frames for a substantial look. The smaller print and frame measure approximately 19 by 15 inches and the larger ones measure approximately 16 by 36 inches. With so much variety, you’ll be able to place them in unique areas around your furniture to take the look around the room.

What you should consider: These use two different mounting styles, so installation will require more tools and patience.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Decor Arts Impression Sunrise, Claude Mone

Decor Arts Impression Sunrise, Claude Monet

What do you want to know: This beautiful reproduction of the painting Impression, Sunrise (1874) by Claude Monet will make any classic, bohemian or rustic home a European getaway.

What you will love: Printed with giclée technology, the ink is archival and vibrant to prevent deterioration. The impressionist painting is surrounded by an elaborate and ornate gilt frame available in three sizes: 20 by 16 inches, 24 by 20 inches, and 30 by 24 inches. Although there is no glass cover, the print is coated in semi-gloss acrylic for the same protective effect.

What you should consider: Some felt that the colors were not as close to the original painting as they should be.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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