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What are the best curtain rods for sliding doors?

Sliding doors provide beautiful views and lots of sunlight. If you are looking for a way to cover the glass with a curtain, you will need a special curtain rod. Unlike traditional curtain rods, sliding door curtain rods have prominent design features that allow them to span greater distances without obstructing your curtain. Your choice will ultimately depend on the design of your home and your aesthetic.

The upper sliding door curtain rod is the Infinite Tekno 40 Melrose single rail curtain rod set.

What to know before buying a sliding door curtain rod

Why your sliding door needs a curtain

Sliding glass doors are a practical way to combine the exit with lots of daylight. But those tall glass fixtures can be huge energy sinks. Unless your window is equipped with high-efficiency glass, you risk suffering from the greenhouse effect in the summer and terrible drafts in the winter.

Advantages of a sliding door curtain

A curtain is the next best thing to wall insulation and UV coating. Sheer curtains provide light in the warmer months while cooling your room, while heavy curtains can keep the heat in and the cold out in the colder months. An added bonus is the protection they provide against sun damage. A curtain greatly reduces sun exposure, so you won’t have to worry about faded upholstery and finishes.

Choose the right curtain rod

The main challenge in choosing the right curtain rod is its length. In order to cover a wide area, your curtain rod will need extra support in the middle so it doesn’t sag. This gets complicated quickly, because each bracket that you introduce in the middle of the rod blocks the closure of your curtain. When choosing a curtain rod for your sliding glass door, you need to make sure the rod has the right features to avoid headaches.

Types of curtain rods for sliding doors

The following types of curtain rods will be your best bet in choosing the right length for your sliding rod:

  • Decorative: These single and double curtain rods are ideal as their brackets and finials allow you to add a decorative touch to your home. However, the further you go, the more hooks you will need to prevent sagging. And these can get in the way. So, look for decorative curtain rods with a single center bracket between the two side brackets. This way your curtains can stretch to the middle
  • to cross: As the name suggests, transverse curtain rods were designed to span long distances. These rods have a built-in hook track so you can pull your curtains unobstructed. Because they are a bit more complex, cross rods are bulkier and more expensive than their decorative counterparts.

What to Look for in a Quality Sliding Door Curtain Rod


Sliding doors are usually sized in panels. The overall width of a two-panel door is usually 60 to 96 inches (5 to 8 feet) and a three-panel door is 108 to 144 inches or 9 to 12 feet. When sizing your curtain rod, be sure to measure first. In addition to covering the full width of your sliding door, you want to make sure you have enough space at each end of the fixture to mount your rod, as well as enough height above it. Aim for an extra 3 to 5 inches above and to each side.


Curtain rods are made from all kinds of materials, and the choice you make is a matter of aesthetics. Common materials for decorative and cross rods are metal and wood. Both are solid.

When decorating, think about how the material will fit into your decor. Raw woods are a beautiful natural element to soften a modernist or bohemian interior, or enhance an antique or vintage space. Metal can be chic or utilitarian. If you don’t want your living room to look like a corporate office, look for decorative rods with a nice finish.

To finish

A proper finish can make any structural element in your home shine. Whether it’s a stain that adds shine or a faux patina that adds age, finished metals and woods look great with textured curtains. These can be particularly effective in dressing up the rather boxy and plain look of a sliding glass door.


Finials are the decorative caps that screw onto each end of the curtain rod. These are usually ball, square or cylinder shaped. Ornamental finials embellish these forms with bas-relief details. The finials look best in rustic, classic and bohemian settings. But if you’re minimalist or outfitting your mid-century modern home, a simple brass or steel end cap is also fine.

weight capacity

Even with the support of additional brackets, a curtain rod can bend when stressed by too much weight. Curtains are the heaviest culprits, weighing 25 pounds or more. Be sure to check the weight capacity before hanging your curtains. Standard curtain rods support 5 to 20 pounds.

How much you can expect to spend on a sliding door curtain rod

Because they are longer than traditional curtain rods, rods for sliding doors cost more, especially if you go the cross path. Expect to pay between $30 and $200.

Sliding Door Curtain Rods FAQ

How do I hang my curtain rod?

A. Most curtain rods come with mounting hardware so you can install the brackets into drywall. This should include anchors, as drywall is too weak to support more than 1 pound. If you have to get your own gear, use anchors if you can’t find a dowel. You will need a drill to screw in the brackets and a level to make sure your curtain rod is straight.

Should I use one curtain or two?

A. The number of curtains you use depends on the space you have and the number of panels in your sliding door. If you have enough room at each end of the sliding door attachment for the curtains to rest on, then two is fine. Otherwise, you’ll want to use a single curtain to cover the distance so you don’t block the door when the curtains are drawn.

What is the best sliding door curtain rod to buy?

Upper curtain rod for sliding door

Infinitte Tekno 40 Melrose Single Rail Window Drapery Rod Set

What do you want to know: With decorative finials and an array of lush finishes, this transverse curtain rod is perfect for antique and vintage-inspired decors.

What you will love: You’ll have no trouble covering your sliding door with this curtain rod, no matter the size. It is available in eight different lengths from 48 to 132 inches. Choose from antique silver, black, brown, sandalwood, and sienna finishes.

What you should consider: Users recommend buying the upgraded transport hooks because the standard hooks are a bit flimsy.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Top sliding door curtain rod for the money

Latitude Run Slover Adjustable Single Curtain Rod

Latitude Run Slover Adjustable Single Curtain Rod

What do you want to know: This decorative curtain rod has an understated look for contemporary interiors.

What you will love: Utilizing a single center support, the Latitude Run Curtain Rod is long enough at 48, 86, or 120 inches to cover your budget sliding door. Its cylindrical end caps are chic and modern and you can get everything in a black, bronze or nickel finish.

What you should consider: Users report that this rod can sag with heavy curtains.

Or buy: Sold by Wayfair

Worth checking out

Rod Desyne Bach Traverse Curtain Rod in Cocoa

Rod Desyne Bach Traverse Curtain Rod in Cocoa

What do you want to know: If you’re looking for a high quality, classically inspired cross sectional curtain rod, the Desyne Bach rod offers an elegant fixture for your sophisticated decor.

What you will love: Available in four size ranges, this adjustable cross rod extends up to 156 inches. It comes in black, cocoa and satin nickel finishes. The rod is sturdy enough for curtains with a weight capacity of 25 pounds.

What you should consider: It is significantly more expensive than other options on the market.

Or buy: Sold by Home Depot

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