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Which coastal wall art is the best?

Whether you’re decorating a cottage by the sea or looking to bring a bit of beach house charm to your home in town, coastal wall art is a great way to evoke summer vacation nostalgia. There are many creative ways to capture this feeling, from objects found on the beach to hazy watercolor images.

There are so many great options to choose from, and they all work together to give off that nautical theme. One of the best choices is the SIGNWIN Framed Canvas Abstract Sunset. This abstract piece works well with all kinds of decor styles and colors.

What to know before buying a coastal wall decoration

What Furniture Goes With Coastal Wall Art?

To get that seaside summerhouse vibe, you’ll need quaint wall art and the right furniture to set the mood. For this coastal theme, it’s all about finding the right type of wood and stain.

Shiplap wood walls have a rich history in the Cape Cod style, which comes to mind when you think of nautical themes. You also can’t go wrong with wicker furniture, such as decorative baskets, chairs, side tables and sofas. Light-colored woods like white oak, maple, red oak, hickory, and birch open up the room to give that bright, sunny feel of a beach bungalow. These can be in any style, from rustic and farmhouse to minimal and mid-century modern. It ultimately depends on how you want to style them.

What colors go with coastal wall art?

Coastal colors revolve around white and pastel colors. An abundance of white and beige helps flood the room with light and brings to mind the sand of the cove and the lapping of the waves. However, that doesn’t mean your whole house has to be pale.

Use whites and pastels to accent your home by painting one wall a beach color. Or choose a light sand color for your bathroom and bedroom walls. Pastels work wonders for nautical accents. The blues and greens are obvious because you can’t go wrong with the colors of the sea. But also think about sunset and sunrise. A subtle pink, orange or purple can really set the mood in your home. Finally, consider stripes or coastal patterns, especially on upholstery.

Other coastal themed decorations

Coastal wall art pairs well with physical objects from the sea. If you want to be subtle, find some seashells for your side tables. Consider hanging old-fashioned life jackets with nautical rope around them, or perhaps fishing nets or buoys. Surfing culture is pretty simple and will show up even if you just put a surfboard in a corner or repurpose one as a coffee table.

What to Look for in Quality Coastal Wall Art


The ocean has inspired artists for centuries. Whether impressionistic, realistic or even abstract, it can provide any room with a reminder of that peaceful place in the sand. Watercolor paintings will amplify the hazy, watery qualities of the coast. The oils and acrylics show off the artist’s brushstrokes and are perfect for capturing the textures of rolling sand dunes, windswept grasses, and boiling ocean.


Like coastal paintings, photography can capture fleeting memories of beach-themed subjects. Induce that feeling of a summer getaway with photos of boats in the harbour, or find photos of fishermen hauling in their latest catch. If you love surfing, look for images of surfers lining up for the next big wave. Spruce up your decor with black and white photographs or let bold colors keep your room looking radiant and sunny.


nautical clock

Coastal wall art can be more than a picture; you can also use objects or sculptures. Sea creatures, seashells, driftwood and sea glass all make great three-dimensional wall decorations. Crossed oars, anchors or a good nautical clock are also good choices.

How much you can expect to spend on coastal wall art

A quality printed painting will cost between $50 and $250 depending on size, medium and availability.

Coastal Wall Art FAQ

How do I hang my art?

A. It all depends on the weight. At the very least, you’ll need a hammer and nails, but you should also have a stud finder, level, and tape measure. Invest in wall anchors if the art is heavy or you can’t find a stud to support its weight.

What subtle beach themed decorations are there?

A. If you’re going for a more sophisticated or minimal aesthetic, rustic charm might not be your thing. Depictions of white flowers or coastal flora work well, as does black and white photography. When in doubt, abstract art in coastal colors can complement minimal decor without the cliché.

What is the best coastal wall art to buy?

Top coastal wall art

SIGNWIN Abstract Sunset Framed Canvas Wall Art

SIGNWIN Abstract Sunset Framed Canvas Wall Art

What do you want to know: This watery abstract painting is colorful enough to blend in among wicker and beach items without overpowering the tranquility of minimal decor.

What you will love: It is available in two sizes and has a light colored natural wood frame. The painting has thick brushstrokes of rich blue tones and the subtle oranges of the sunset. It is printed on canvas with fade resistant ink. The print comes with mounting hardware.

What you should consider: It’s incredibly high resolution, but since it’s not an actual painting, the texture of these rich brushstrokes is flat up close.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Top coastal wall art for the money

Set of 3 beach themed sunset and sunrise photographic prints

Sunset and Sunrise Beach Themed Photographic Prints, Set of 3

What do you want to know: If you’re decorating on a budget, this gorgeous set of photographs features three melancholic sunsets over the ocean.

What you will love: Rich pinks, oranges, and purples with a nostalgic faded effect make these three photographs the perfect addition to your beach-themed home. Archival ink prints are 8 inches by 10 inches.

What you should consider: It’s a budget option, so they don’t come with a frame, and some users think the resolution could be higher.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

FirsTime Co. Ellison Shiplap Accent Wall Mirror, 27, Aged White

FirsTime & Co. Ellison Shiplap Accent Wall Mirror, 27″, Weathered White

What do you want to know: This beautiful circular linen canvas mirror accentuates your walls and brings even more light to your room.

What you will love: This weathered white mirror pairs perfectly with a rustic, country or coastal style home. The white color allows it to blend in with more modern decors.

What you should consider: It does not come with hanging hardware.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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