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Which botanical shower curtain is the best?

Plants are all the rage in interior design. One way to bring their natural aesthetic into your bathroom is with a botanical shower curtain. From minimalist jungle prints to veritable forests of wildflowers and grasses, you can transform your bathroom into a verdant sanctuary without all the upkeep of potted plants.

Botanical shower curtains come in a variety of materials, sizes, and designs, so your choice will depend on your bathroom layout. You can’t go wrong, however, with the Qahing Tropical Shower Curtain.

What to know before buying a botanical shower curtain

What is a botanical shower curtain?

A botanical shower curtain is one that features images of plant life. These are printed directly onto the fabric or vinyl shower curtain. Depending on your taste, you can choose a shower curtain with one or two types of plants, or intricate arrays of many different plant species.

Benefits of decorating with plant prints

A botanical shower curtain may not be made from real, living plants, but you can still enjoy many of the benefits associated with greenery. Known for its peaceful and soothing properties, the color green reminds us of life and renewal. Plant images can also prompt the mind to receive the same mood lifts that real plants inspire. When it comes to bath time, these properties can make every shower feel like a spa treatment.

How to Style a Botanical Shower Curtain

From Renaissance paintings to chic contemporary design, plants have always had a prominent place in interiors. This means that they are quite versatile among a myriad of decors. Rustic and country interiors are some of the best settings for botanical prints. When decorating with these themes, look for shower curtains with depictions of forests, wildflowers, and seagrass.

More minimalist graphic prints of popular jungle flora, such as monsteras and rubber plants, work well for modern or mid-century contemporary design schemes. And for a more classic, vintage or antique interior, look for botanical shower curtains that weave their plant life into richly detailed and intricate patterns.

What to Look for in a Quality Botanical Shower Curtain


Shower curtains are made from three main materials: vinyl, polyester and cotton. What you choose depends on your budget and the texture you are looking for.

  • Vinyl: Ideal for small budgets, vinyl is a totally waterproof and easy to clean plastic. If you’re worried about the chemical smell, look for more environmentally friendly plastics such as PEVA and EVA.
  • Cotton: Soft and luxurious, this premium fabric is more expensive than vinyl but more durable and refined. It’s heavier and warmer, blocking drafts while you shower. But you will need to machine wash it once a month and pair it with a liner as cotton is not water resistant.
  • Polyester: A happy medium between cotton and vinyl, the polyester fabric is water resistant and textured. Although not as soft as cotton, polyester offers a similar look at a reduced cost.


Shower curtains typically measure 72 inches by 72 inches. This is how they can cover a long edge of the standard tub. But with so many different types of showers and tubs, there’s no longer a one-size-fits-all when it comes to curtains.

  • Extra large: If you have a freestanding tub or a tub that has several sides that don’t touch a wall, you’ll need an extra wide shower curtain. Ranging from 108 to 180 inches, they are designed to provide splash protection and privacy.
  • Extra long: Those coveted high ceilings come at a cost – like used jeans, your curtains won’t reach the floor. Luckily, extra-long shower curtains add 1-2 feet of length so you don’t have to worry about stepping out in a puddle.
  • Narrow: Smaller bathrooms and shower stalls leave you with an excess of difficult curtain fabric. For these scenarios, choose a narrow shower curtain, which halves the width to 36 inches so you have a clean fit without unsightly wrinkles.


There are two ways to hang your shower curtains. You can use eyelets or hooks, but it will depend on the design of the curtain.

  • Eyelets: All shower curtains have holes sewn into the top which are reinforced with stainless steel or plastic. If your grommets are large enough, you can slide the curtain rod through these holes or clip them in if they have a snap feature. Grommet installations are easy and don’t require you to purchase hooks separately. A downside, however, is that your curtain will be harder to pull and won’t lay completely flat.
  • Hooks : Although a bit trickier than grommets, hooks can be a fun and decorative way to hang your shower curtain. These slide over the curtain rod and then hook individually into each eyelet. They are easy to slide back and forth and provide enough slack for your curtain to lay completely flat.

How much you can expect to spend on a botanical shower curtain

The cost of botanical shower curtain depends on the material. If you’re shopping on a budget, a vinyl curtain will cost around $5-25. Polyester curtains usually cost between $30 and $60 and a good cotton shower curtain can cost up to $80 and $120.

Botanical Shower Curtain FAQ

What colors go with botanical shower curtains?

A. Plants are a great way to cultivate a natural palette in your bathroom. If your curtain uses a lot of green, try pairing it with warmer colors like rusty orange and dark yellow. These work as great accent colors for navy or turquoise backgrounds. But you also can’t go wrong with the contemporary classics of beige and white – or even the natural wood tones of mid-century modern furniture.

How do I wash my shower curtain?

A. You should wash your shower curtain once a month. Polyester, cotton and vinyl can all be machine washed. You can also hand wash these materials or use household cleaners on the vinyl, but do not bleach on a fabric shower curtain.

What is the best botanical shower curtain to buy?

Botanical shower curtain top

Qahing Tropical Shower Curtain

What do you want to know: Qahin’s shower curtains combine large plant prints with fun, minimalist designs.

What you will love: Crafted from polyester, each tropical print shower curtain has a dark, natural palette. All four prints look great in a variety of interiors, especially bohemian or mid-century modern decor. This curtain measures 72 inches by 72 inches and comes with hooks for easy installation.

What you should consider: You cannot get this print in extra large, long or narrow sizes.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Best Botanical Shower Curtain for the Money

Jawo Fabric Floral Shower Curtain

Jawo Fabric Floral Shower Curtain

What do you want to know: The Jawo curtain offers a beautiful floral pattern from edge to edge for decorators on a budget.

What you will love: The watercolor pattern of this curtain is delicate and airy, bringing elegance and light to your bathroom. It’s made from a blend of polyester and EVA, an eco-friendly vinyl alternative used for waterproofing, giving you both weight and durability. The curtain measures 72 inches by 72 inches and comes with rust-proof hooks.

What you should consider: You cannot get this curtain in other sizes.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Home Dufour Single Shower Curtain” alt=”Bay Isle Home Dufour Single Shower Curtain” src=”″/>

Bay Isle Home Dufour Single Shower Curtain

What do you want to know: This luxurious premium fabric shower curtain features simple depictions of greenery on a white surface.

What you will love: Treat yourself to this soft cotton blend curtain. The all over print is rendered in a watercolor style for a light and modern look. It has a considerable weight and as it is cotton you can be sure that it will last for a while with routine cleaning. The curtain grommets require hooks, and at 72 inches by 72 inches they should fit most tubs.

What you should consider: You will need to purchase hooks separately.

Or buy: Sold by Wayfair

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