Benefits of living in Dhaka City

Living a Dhakaite life comes with a plethora of challenges. Like ordering online, finding the right restaurant, tolerating young people calling influencers “superstars” or helping your delivery person or Uber find your address for the umpteenth time can sometimes feel overwhelming.

How do we support it? How can we still put a smile on our faces? Are we programmed to never get tired? The answer to all of the above questions is, “We can do this all day!”

Contrary to popular belief, we evolved to be efficient and digest any adversity thrown at us. A random wide-eyed accountant with the username “Let’s get Fiscal” from the suburbs (the one near the airport) might even call us the ultimate city dwellers destined to be immune to any social outcry.

Take the recent absurd fuel price hike, for example. The people of the country are focused on how we the citizens of Dhaka will handle this situation so that they can follow this example. To them we say, “Hold my Borhani.

Rising fuel prices have accentuated the attitude of operators of CNG-powered auto rickshaws, Uber cars and Pathao bicycles, making daily commuting undesirable. Yet most don’t seize the opportunities that come our way, like being innovative and healthy. Brisk walking or cycling for commuting is your divine solution.

Imagine you are brisk walking to work; the benefits you will reap will not only be abundant, but also practical. Thanks to the absence of trees and the fresh air with an abundance of dust particles, you will no longer need hair clay or pomade to maintain the matte hairstyle while working on a tan than whites pay to have.

If that’s not enough, you will finally have the same stories as your parents about how they get to school or work. Walking miles and miles and climbing small hills made up of hundreds of meters of internet wires laid on catwalks, just to find yourself in a workplace or classroom without electricity. However, you can skip the occasional rejuvenating mud baths during seasonal rains; the next generation already has it easy with their smartphones and participatory rewards.

If you need speed, then a bike might just be what you need. Putting on a surgical mask or two to block carbon monoxide will have you training at high altitudes without your knowledge. Follow this diet for a few months or so and you’re ready to climb the most dangerous mountain of all, K2, or if you’re feeling lazy, Mount Everest.

Since bus and plane ticket prices are going to skyrocket higher than Burj Khalifa, you can push your cycling skills a bit further and travel between cities while building awesome calf muscles and abs. ‘steel.

Between intercity journeys, you can camp on the side of the highway while getting in touch with nature and life in its raw state.

With transportation and logistics costs rising, growing your own food could be the answer to your diet. By eating only a third of your daily intake, your body will be burning your fat through survival mode in no time! Start saving seeds, grains and fertilizers for your own organic farm. For DIY details, watch Matt Damon’s The Martian movie. Save and eat all the food to survive and become the best version of yourself!

As famous adventurer and ex-vegan Bear Grylls once said, “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!” Carve it into your hearts if you want to live the life of a Dhakaite, who creates memes and writes satire as a coping mechanism.

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