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HYDERABAD: We’re back in another lockdown, but don’t lose heart. Use this time to create that cozy corner you’ve always dreamed of or the office corner you’ve seen on Pinterest. We’re talking to a few interior designers in town so you can make some simple changes to your home and make this Covid-induced lockdown more interesting.

According to Arjun S, an interior designer in the city, turning used paint cans, soda cans, bottles and coconut shells into flowerpots is an evergreen technique. These items are readily available in the kitchen and instead of throwing them away, use them to spruce up a balcony or porch. And gardening is so therapeutic.

P Swetha, an accomplished interior designer, suggests that having a small space in a corner of your WFH or workout room can add a whole new vibe to the task. “Place a mat in a corner of your gym or add a desk or a small square mattress to your office. Devote a shelf to show off what you have done in your leisure time. It all creates a relaxing atmosphere that motivates you every time you are in this room, ”she said.

Take that vacuum out of the closet and get your house cleaned up fast. Another well-known name in home decorating, BH Madhuri, recommends cleaning the house thoroughly and adding mirrors to the decor. “In addition, arrange your cupboards and other heavy objects so as not to obstruct natural ventilation. It will make the house brighter during the day. Installing eco-friendly bulbs and dimmers is both trendy and calming, ”she says.

Go for handmade and eco-friendly home decors, because it is not only fun physical activities, but also looks great

Try these quick tips
Living Room: Build a gallery wall by painting basic murals on canvases
DIY origami birds make a bold visual statement. Place the birds on an empty wall with minimal furniture for the best effect. Make origami paper birds and pin them to the wall
Bedroom: hang the fairy lights; it is both pleasing to the eye and relaxing
Plants: Use acrylic paint, create your own patterned pots. To make your designs more interesting, use geometric patterns and polka dots
Decorate a windowsill, desk or side table by placing plants inside the containers

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