Bamboo applications to try

By Désir Mbabaali

Bamboo is a magnificent evergreen that flourishes not only as it grows, but even in its seemingly endless uses. The tree-like herbaceous plant grows to have round stems that are naturally decorated with cane-like segments. With its wide range of varieties, bamboo grows in different sizes, lengths and colors.

It has also been credited for being environmentally friendly, as bamboo plants do not need any fertilizers or pesticides while they are growing.

Its woody stem can be put to a list of uses in construction and other aesthetic functions due to its compatibility with other decors, its timelessness and versatility, not to mention its elegant touch that is capable of creating modern and traditional touches.


Like Chris Musiime, an architect, sharing, bamboo is a building material with good potential for both decorative and structural use in building. He notes that bamboo can be used for roofing, walls, and as a flooring option, among other uses.

“I would highly recommend it to someone looking for a touch of a traditional chalet, as bamboo brings that traditional, domestic, yet unique touch. Although not very common in Uganda, bamboo is also a good flooring option which can be used in place of hardwood flooring, ”explains Musiime, adding that it is not only beautiful in appearance. eye, but that its versatility also gives it an added advantage as it does not contract. or expand due to changes in weather conditions that normally affect wood floors.


“I would also recommend bamboo to anyone who is passionate about green building materials. Gradually, people are becoming aware of environmental changes and the impact of deforestation. I find that bamboo is a perfect substitute for wood and that it can be used in a variety of ways, ”explains Musiime, adding that bamboo can be used from foundation to finish in construction.

Alternatively, bamboo was used and can be used for ceiling finishes. “Whether it’s used partially as part of the main ceiling design or the entire ceiling is made entirely of bamboo, it will stand out,” says Sharon Chemutai, interior designer confidently. She also gives it its natural touch that breathes freshness into any space.

“Some countries have taken it a step further to show what bamboo can really do, using it in public places such as airports. For example, Madrid-Barajas International Airport which has a magnificent exceptional bamboo ceiling that screams both nature and class, ”she says.

She also says that bamboo poles can also be used in an open space. “Adding African inspired art to this will totally bring the African spirit home,” adds Chemutai.

Additionally, Chemutai notes that bamboo is another material that can be used to make stunning African-inspired wall finishes for interior and exterior walls. The quickest example she sees is the finishing of the surrounding wall of Kasubi’s tombs. “I don’t know if they used reeds or bamboo, but the concept is the same,” she notes.

Aesthetic functions

In addition to all the building functions that bamboo can be assigned to, it can also be used in aesthetics.

“It cannot be denied that bamboo is an excellent decorative material and that it lasts a long time. It can be used to make wall inserts in any room, it can be used to accent a part of the wall, can be used to create natural blinds and is used to make decorative items such as lamp stands, wall / photo frames, decorative baskets, rugs and other crafts. The list is endless, ”says Rona Nakaweesi, an interior designer.


Nakaweesi also adds that bamboo is used in making a variety of utensils and kitchen utensils such as plates and dishes, mugs, platters, cutting boards, cutlery, storage containers. , kitchen organizers and placemats, among other kitchen utensils.

Outdoors, bamboo makes beautiful planters and is used for natural evergreen hedges, but can also be planted decoratively within the enclosure. Bamboo is also a beautiful houseplant.

Why bamboo

Bamboo has been credited with being versatile / flexible, yet very strong, especially in construction. It also has a long lifespan, which makes bamboo products durable. Whether it grows or not, bamboo has an antibacterial component, which makes it ideal for combating bacterial growth.

Bamboo has so far been highlighted as the fastest growing plant on the planet, making its supply sustainable but also ideal when fast growing tree-like plants are needed.

It also absorbs carbon dioxide, releasing much more oxygen than the normal plant, making it ideal for use indoors and outdoors. It is also low maintenance as it does not need fertilizers or pesticides and can thrive in a wide range of weather conditions.

Therefore, whatever your needs, bamboo looks like something that we all need.

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