Army of the Dead: the 7 movies and shows it puts together

Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead laid the groundwork for a franchise filled with prequels, sequels and spinoffs – from a Dieter movie to a global epic.

Zack Snyder planted the seeds for a vast franchise filled with sequels, prequels and spinoffs in Army of the dead. The zombie flick gave Snyder the opportunity to explore original ideas without the hassle of studio intervention or the blame that often comes with established properties like Superman and the Justice League. Obviously, Snyder used this level of freedom to create an exciting zombie myth and a lived-in dystopian world with lots of interesting characters and mysteries.

The choice to link the origin of the zombie outbreak to the infamous Zone 51, as well as the choice to set the story long after the virus has started to spread, allows Army of the dead to set up future stories in the same world. Two related projects are already on the verge of being released soon: the Army of thieves prequel movie and the Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas anime spin-off. These two installments should answer many questions and ask even more, but they’re not the only titles the franchise will be able to release in the future.

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Since Army of the dead is an original story, future stories might follow the more unexpected characters or use the strangest formats. But with the information provided by the first film, viewers can begin to get a sense of what some potential sequels might look like. These are the most likely.

Army of thieves

Army of thieves

Army of thieves is confirmed as the first title to follow Army of the dead. In fact, the film has already finished production and is slated for release in 2021. It will focus on Ludwig Dieter and a team of clever criminals trying to exploit the instability of society during the early days of the zombie outbreak. Army of the dead spent a lot of time developing Dieter as a goofy yet charismatic safecracker, so it’s only natural that he’s the protagonist of the prequel. Matthias Schweighöfer, who plays Dieter, will direct and perform. The main cast also includes Ruby O. Fee, Nathalie Emmanuel, Guz Khan, Stuart Martin, Jonathan Cohen and Noémi Nakai.

Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas

Army of the Dead Poster

The other installment confirmed in the world of Army of the dead is Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, a six-episode animated series that follows some of the characters from the original film: Scott Ward by Dave Bautista, Kate Ward by Ella Purnell, Maria Cruz by Ana de la Reguera, Marianne Peters by Tig Notaro and Vanderohe by Omari Hardwick. However, Joe Manganiello will play the role of Rose and other notable actors such as Harry Lennix, Anya Chalotra and Vanessa Hudgens will join him. The series will focus on Scott and Rose’s attempts to save the survivors and keep the zombies at bay, but it will also reveal many important events that happened before the outbreak. How Zeus got infected and how Area 51 is involved will likely be relevant.

Army of the dead 2

Army of the Dead Vanderohe and the Zombie Horde

Vanderohe’s tragic realization that he was bitten comes to an end Army of the dead on a disturbing note. Having survived the zombie horde, a direct attack from Zeus, and a nuclear blast, Vanderohe knows he could become the new harbinger of the zombie virus. Unarmed to end his own misery and prevent disaster from happening, he is called to turn into a zombie on a private flight to Mexico. One can’t help but wonder how quickly the virus is spreading once the jet lands and Vanderohe launches out to attack everyone in sight. The Las Vegas nuclear explosion was supposed to wipe out all the infected. No one expects a zombie to book a flight to a new country. The direct sequel to Army of the dead could fix this problem.

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Post-Army of the Dead Dieter fallout

Army of the Dead Matthias Schweighöfer as Dieter Ludwig Vertical

Dieter sacrificed his place inside the casino safe to save Vanderohe, and the last we see of him is Zeus who grabs him before he closes the safe. Since Dieter is a major figure in the Army of the dead franchise, a new movie or show could detail either his escape from the Alpha or his transformation into a zombie. Either way, Dieter could have found a way to survive the nuclear blast. A spin-off focused on him would continue its arc through Army of thieves and Army of the dead, perhaps concluding it by making him a new Alpha on his third appearance.

Bly Tanaka Spinoff

Army of the Dead Bly Tanaka and the Casino Vault

The main plot of Army of the dead launched due to Bly Tanaka’s proposal. The mysterious millionaire asked Scott to collect a large sum of money from the safe before the nuclear weapon landed in Las Vegas. However, what Bly Tanaka might have really wanted from Las Vegas was to militarize the zombie virus. Hence the reason he sent Martin with the team and why Martin made the terrible mistake of beheading the Queen. In the Army of the dead universe, zombies are almost super powerful, and a powerful man like Tanaka can have ambitious plans with such a valuable weapon. A future movie or show, possibly after Army of the dead 2, can reveal that Tanaka was successful in arming zombies for his own benefit.

Spinoff olympus

Statue of Zeus from the Casino Olympus from the Army of the Dead

Another story that takes place before the nuclear explosion could take place in the Olympus casino. Olympus has provided some of the most spectacular backdrops in Army of the dead, and the typical Las Vegas imagery delivered distinct visual elements that set the film apart from dozens of other films in the zombie genre. A future sequel could continue to explore zombified Las Vegas with a stronger emphasis on the mythology-inspired casino. After all, the statue of the Greek god of thunder inspired Zeus, the king of the horde.

Army of the Dead: Global Epidemic

Army of the Dead Horde of Zombie Shamblers

Finally, the most obvious result of Vanderohe’s infection is the uncontrollable spread of the zombie virus across the world. Las Vegas could hardly be quarantined – the rest of the world might not be so lucky. A Army of the dead a film about a global epidemic would have the advantage over ambitious films like Second World War, which often have to deal with the backstory, infection, conflict, and zombie virus ending in one movie (and often lack an appropriate level of world-building). the Army of the dead The franchise seems to take its time exploring all aspects of the Zombie Crisis, and a possible global disaster movie could be an ideal blockbuster.

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