Animal Crossing New Horizons gets its latest free update and new paid DLC

Nintendo today hosted its Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct to announce all new Switch game features in November, including a major free update and new paid DLC.

When it comes to free content, there’s plenty to get excited about next month.

For starters, the game will finally introduce Brewster, the resident barista at the museum’s Roost Cafe. Not only can you go to the cafe to sip coffee with Brewster, but you can also invite friends and other islanders to come and have a drink with you.

Resident representatives (i.e. you) can now issue island ordinances, which essentially means you can choose when residents wake up based on your own sleep schedule and attend stretching sessions in groups on the square. You can even use your Joy-Cons to stretch at home.

There are new options for the home exterior, so you can better tailor your home to your island design, and the home’s storage capacity has increased from 2,400 to 5,000 items, which means you can store more. twice as many articles.

There’s also a new storage shed that you can place anywhere on your island to free up your pockets, and a new ABD to drop and remove bells when you’re on the go.

At home, you can now use your Professional Decorating License to add lighting, ceiling decorations and accent walls to different rooms, while the Professional Building License will now allow you to build up to 10 bridges and slopes.

There are also nine new types of fences, a new ladder configuration kit that can be used to place ladders permanently around your island, and now you can grow and customize gyroids for your home.

Players will be able to use DIY recipes to cook food using their own local ingredients, including tomatoes, wheat, sugarcane, potatoes, and carrots. Meanwhile, the NookPhone’s Camera app gets a new portable eye-level mode and a tripod mode.

As for the other islands, Kapp’n Boat Tours now offers more islands to explore, while Harv Island will ask for contributions to build a place with shops.

Visitors to the new plaza will include Sahara and Kicks, as well as Reese and Cyrus who will customize furniture you can’t do on your own, Katrina who will tell you your fortune, and Harriet who will test the newly added hairstyles on you.

A total of 11 new hairstyles are added to the game, including the ones Harriet will teach you, as well as 11 new reactions including saluting, stretching, and bouncing to music.

Islanders can now also invite you to their homes and even make surprise visits to your home.

All of the above will be included in the latest upcoming major free update. Animal Crossing New Horizons November 5.

Nintendo also surprised users by announcing a brand new paid DLC titled Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise.

In Happy house paradise, you will help the Paradise Planning resort developer design dream vacation homes for the characters according to their specifications.

You will select an island for the vacation home, position the furniture requested by the customer, and then decorate the home according to the character’s preferences.

You can change the size of a home’s interior and use partitions, pillars, and countertops to change the shape of the space. You can even adjust lighting and add soundscapes to change the mood and polish furniture to see animated effects.

Outside, you can place furniture, build fences, plant trees, and create paths around the house, as well as change the season, time, and weather. You can also recommend roommates for the characters and design schools, restaurants, and hospitals on their islands.

Once the design is complete, you can return to the office to collect your paycheck and purchase rare furniture to bring back to your own island.

Once back on your own island, you can use the design techniques you learned while working in your own home and provide keepsakes for residents to entice them to hire you to build their dream vacation homes or even renovate. their homes on your own island.

There’s also the new Happy Home Network app, which lets you view and visit all of your past customers’ homes on your NookPhone and share your creations with other players online.

Happy home paradise will be available from November 5 for $ 24.99, with pre-orders open from October 29.

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