Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct: Every Big Announcement

Nintendo dropped an Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct this week that was way beyond anything I expected. It includes 20 minutes of new features, items and events that will be introduced to the game on November 5th. It introduced so many new things that I almost needed to buy a new Moleskin, so let’s go.

The roost!

The much-requested Brewster returns, adding his coffee to the museum. You will be able to witness the visit of other characters while you drink your coffee. You can invite characters through Amiibo cards, and there is also a multiplayer feature so you and your friends can have coffee together.

Kapp’n is back!

The former captain has finally returned to the island. He hangs out on the docks of your island, he is ready to take you to sea. His iconic sea songs are back.

It’ll take you to new islands with new flora and items never seen before in Animal Crossing before including vines that allow you to climb walls that can be brought back with you.

Harv Island is growing

Harv’s Island is expanding with a new area that allows you to fund booths for various characters to set up shop anytime. Characters that normally only appear at random like Redd and Kicks can shop there.

Long-gone characters are finally returning like Katrina the fortune teller, Harriet who can teach you new hairstyles, Reese and Cyrus who can customize furniture you normally couldn’t, and even Tortimer who, well, I don’t. have no idea what’s going to happen with Tortimer because i thought he was dead.

Other big announcements!

  • Group stretch
    • This one is completely unexpected, but group stretches allow you to get a group of island characters together to do a great morning stretch like many places in Japan do on a daily basis.
    • You can also use the movement controls to do this with the other villagers.
  • Return of prescriptions!
    • You can now talk to Isabelle and establish city ordinances like in previous games. These are especially useful for people with different hours as it allows you to tell them that you want the shops to open and the villagers to get up earlier in the day or later. Night owls can finally discover the game!
  • New exterior options for the home!
    • You will be able to customize the look of your home to better match the theme of your island.
    • Everything from Japanese minkas to castle-inspired themes and shapes was shown.
  • Increase your storage
    • Additional upgrades will be sold by Tom Nook, allowing you to store up to 5,000 items in your home storage space.
  • New items redeemable with miles
    • The Miles store is going to receive MANY more items, including new types of fountains, furniture and decorations for the whole island.
  • Agriculture and cooking ?!
    • Not only are you finally going to be able to grow more than pumpkins, but you are going to be able to grow wheat, tomatoes, potatoes, sugarcane and more.
    • These ingredients can be used in the kitchen to cook and discover new recipes that you will store in a recipe book.
    • These cooked items can be used as peaceful items, eaten for 5 energy points, or offered to other characters to improve relationships.
  • Professional decoration license
    • New options for decorating the interior of your home will be available.
    • Add ceiling lights and other ceiling décor to add depth and lighting to your home.
    • Accent walls will allow you to place a pattern on one wall instead of all of them to really make the look stand out. As someone who has lived in a condo where I painted an accent wall in every room except the bathroom, I will overdo it.
  • The possibility of having more bridges and stairs
    • Up to 10 bridges and up to 10 stairs will now be allowed on the island, allowing more crossing options.
  • A new fence will be added
    • Additionally, some of these new designs can also be customized to allow for a more thematic look.
  • Improved camera mode
    • You will now be able to switch to POV mode where you descend to ground level to take better photos of the characters and events.
    • You can also put the camera on a tripod so that you can take the picture.
  • Custom design templates + can be used on more things
    • Now, the custom design templates you unlock can be worn, used on walls, and just about anything that templates allow.
  • New hair and reactions
    • There will be 11 new hair styles added, including the ones Harriet can teach you.
    • New reactions will be available, including a very cute one that vibrates to the beat of the music.
  • Island Life 101 app
    • A social media-like app will be added to the Nook Phone to give players ideas and recommendations on what to do around the island.
    • Great tool for new players or people who need a boost on what to do.
  • Cabinets and ATMs
    • Adding cabinets around the island will allow you to access your home storage space from elsewhere on the island.
    • ATMs will allow you to place the ability to access bells and miles from anywhere on the island.
  • New KK songs!
    • KK Slider adds a full album of new songs to its library.
  • Music box element
    • There is going to be a new item which is a little music box. Playing any of your songs on it will turn it into a simplistic rendition of the music box.
  • Return of the gyroids!
    • We all knew it was going to happen and here it is.
    • Gyroids have some really interesting new looks.
    • Finding fragments of the Gyroids and planting them in the ground and watering them allows them to be dug up the next day.
    • There will also be more that will appear the day after a rain.
    • Gyroids are customizable with different color themes so they don’t stand out in a themed room.
  • Permanently placed ladders
    • Announcing that Nook’s Cranny will be getting new items, they announced a new craftable tool.
    • This ladder tool will allow you to place a ladder and keep it there so everyone can climb smaller places without needing to grab a giant piece of dirt for the stairs.
  • Villager invitations
    • The villagers will be able to invite you to their homes to spend some time. It will be a very good way to improve relations with them.
    • Likewise, sometimes they will ask you to come to your home as well. Since my house is on a remote island that can only be accessed via a warp pipe, I’m curious how this will work for me.

Okay, that’s it for the FREE content. They also announced that it will be the last free major update to the game. They also announced paid DLC. Now, before he moans, he’s a BIG.

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