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Without a doubt, music is an integral part of our lives and every celebration deserves the best sound quality. With the buy now, pay later option offered by All Home Living, you can take advantage of this splendid offer and get the best home theater system of their choice.

Here are some of the best brands you can buy from All Home Living:


Focal is one of the most prominent brands based in Saint-Étienne, France, which offers hi-fi audio equipment. The brand manufactures audio devices with smart and modern technology in various models, sizes, shapes, with versatile features and unique aesthetics at a reasonable price. Besides home theater systems, Focal has an endless list of impeccable products to buy, such as:

  • Loudspeakers
  • Wireless speakers
  • Ceiling speakers
  • Built-in speakers
  • Wall speakers
  • Bookshelf speakers
  • Floor Speakers
  • Center channel speakers
  • Listeners
  • Audio monitors
  • Sound bars
  • Subwoofers
  • Wireless subwoofers
  • Accessories and cables
  • AV processor and amplifiers
  • Automotive speakers
  • Car audio kits

Music enthusiasts and always looking for a realistic listening experience should choose Focal. Here are the 10 best features of Focal audio devices:

  1. Distortion-free sound
  2. Soft diffusion
  3. Super bass
  4. Wide sound dispersion
  5. High definition sound
  6. Low resonance
  7. Easy installation
  8. Competitive price
  9. High quality cabinet
  10. Very resistant


Devialet is an acclaimed French audio technology brand located in Paris, France, which manufactures a range of speakers and amplifiers based on hybrid digital-to-analog technology. It has a wide range of wireless speakers called “Phantoms” and amplifiers called “Expert Pro” with advanced and revolutionary technologies. Made after decades of research, it offers an incomparable listening experience. Besides home theater systems, you can also buy other devices such as:

  • Listeners
  • Wireless speakers
  • Amplifiers
  • Stereo amplifiers
  • Dual amplifiers
  • Mono amplifiers
  • Audiophile system
  • Multi-amp
  • Devialet Accessories (Devialet, Stand Treepod, Tree, Gecko, Remote, Arch, Cocoon, etc.)

Traveling with music has never been easier; the portable size of these systems allows you to take wireless devices with you wherever you go. Audiophiles, this is the best deal for you. With the class design of its own, enjoy these 10 best features of Devialet audio devices:

  • Full coverage
  • Subwoofer properties
  • Omnidirectional
  • High precision
  • high performance density ratio
  • Zero background noise
  • Implosive bass
  • Pure audio quality
  • Ultra dense sound
  • Portable

Gallo Acoustic

Gallo Acoustics is one of the world’s most outstanding speaker manufacturers based in Scotland, UK. It is known for making compact hi-fi spherical speakers with unique designs and high audio quality. Manufactured using smart technologies, the speakers deliver the best possible performance at an affordable price. Besides the home theater system, you can also buy other high quality devices, such as:

  • Loudspeakers
  • Ceiling speakers
  • Wall speakers
  • Suspended speakers
  • Floor Speakers
  • Center channel speakers
  • Weatherproof speakers
  • Outdoor speakers
  • Home theater
  • Subwoofers
  • Accessories

If you are looking for chic and powerful speakers, Gallo acoustics is your go-to choice. The attractive design and beautiful surfaces will make you fall in love with the speakers at first sight. Here are the top 10 characteristics of buying Gallo Acoustics devices:

  1. Zero distortion
  2. No resonance
  3. No internal diffraction
  4. Natural audio reproduction
  5. Wide dispersion and deep bass
  6. Extended frequency range
  7. Efficient power management
  8. Portable
  9. Cost-friendly
  10. Extremely durable

All the brands mentioned manufacture the highest quality speakers with special attention to exceptional sound quality. The sound produced is a thousand times better than speakers of the same price.

This offer is for all music lovers who cannot buy the home theaters they love for various reasons. AHL ensures that customers receive the product of their choice without paying the full amount or any interest rate.

You can now buy home theater and other audio devices from EMI with 0% interest rate from All Home Living. All Home Living offers complete home solutions with its online store and premium offline store named Ozel Homes in Pune, Maharashtra. It delivers its products all over India. On you will find a collection of furniture, wall art, decors, mirrors, bed linen and furnishings, lamps and lights, clocks, exhibits, gifts , speakers, amplifiers, headphones, appliances, accessories and much more. Following. In addition, it also offers services such as home audio installation based on nearby locations and customization of various furniture and home theater sets.

With such an offer, bring home the best sound experience with the wide range of home theater packages from All Home Living.


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