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Adding character to your home isn’t just about installing shelving and rugs. You should also dive into your options in the design of each room. Try thinking outside the box if you want a more unique taste for your home and check out these unique pieces you can get to transform your space with Wilcon Depot.

Patterned tiles

Choosing patterned tiles is a great way to bring eye-catching designs and stunning statements to your home. You can easily create a decorative space and add exceptional aesthetic value with the tiles you choose.

Whether you like geometric, floral, mosaic, Moroccan, wood and stone style, tiles are a versatile element that gives you the freedom to style and add flair to your room however you like it. There’s no better way to achieve a classic, elegant and comfortable style than with patterned tiles in your home.

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Geometric paintings

A key part of making your living room look stunning and stylish is finding furniture that matches your space, layout, and style. Tables serve as the focal point of your room and choosing geometric tables in different patterns, curves and lines can make your space more pleasing to the eye. It imparts harmony and balance that brings out a comfortable feel and welcoming ambience in your place.

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Unconventional chairs

When furnishing your homes, make sure you find the right pieces of furniture and know how to spot the perfect piece for you. Chairs can also have a big impact on the style and design of your home.

Choose a seat with unique features, versatile styling and a sophisticated look that can perfectly match your space. Among modern, classic and contemporary chair designs, look for the best ones that are ergonomic, high quality and comfortable.

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Metal frame shelves

Wall shelves can keep your space more organized and clutter-free and save you floor space. In addition to this, shelves can also be a great choice to design your interiors and adapt your favorite pieces to a specific place. Beautify your walls with elegance and install metal frame shelves in various shapes and styles.

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Ultimate Fixtures

Lighting helps set the mood in your space. Light up every room in your home with uniquely designed light fixtures. Pendant lights are stylish and versatile additions to your home. It can make an elegant touch with different designs, types, materials, colors and shapes.

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Refreshing wall decors

Fill your empty walls with some stylish wall decor additions to freshen up your space. Bring out your personality and your tastes; Whether you’re a nature lover or an art enthusiast, you can find the perfect decor pieces and surround yourself with the things you love. You can also quickly spruce up your walls with beautiful wallpapers that serve as decoration and add protection to cover stains and cracks in your walls.

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Welcome a fresh, fashionable new look to your home with these interior products from Wilcon Depot. Shop now at any of its 73 retail locations nationwide or shop online at the Wilcon Online Store by visiting

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