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Over two decades of some of electronic music’s most memorable songs and live performances have come from legendary duo Daft Punk, who announced their shocking breakup in early 2021. The iconic robots have inspired many musicians in their craft, but their influence extends far beyond music. and in different facets of art and culture.

An example of this inspiration came to Arnaud Chastaingt, director of the Chanel watch design studio, who channeled Daft Punk’s legendary career for his latest collection, Chanel Electro. A bit of a maverick force at Chanel, Chastaingt sought to give the J12’s 20th anniversary collection a makeover.

The J12 Chanel Electro watch inspired by Daft Punk in black.

Splashing Chanel’s classic J12 watch with a neon sapphire bezel and hour markers undoubtedly inspired by Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo helmet, Chastaingt took some artistic liberty with the black and white colourways to which Chanel is so well known.

“Chanel is a house in black and white,” said Chastaingt the Telegraph. But his collection was created with the intention of emulating what he calls “the universe of the night,” with the effervescent rainbow sapphire seemingly springing from the J12 Electro models in matte black and white ceramic.

The J12 Chanel Electro watch inspired by Daft Punk in silver.

The J12 Chanel Electro watch inspired by Daft Punk in silver.

Chastaingt credits the work of longtime manager of Daft Punk and Ed Banger Records to Busy P as a major part of the inspiration behind the concept of the new collection, but it is evident that the creator of the iconic robot helmets of the duo, Tony Gardner, surely played a role as well. However, French electro music and culture had the biggest impact on Chastaingt and really brought the pieces to life.

“I designed this capsule collection as a performance program,” said Chastaingt, “inviting our classics to take turns on this stage and draw inspiration from the codes of this world.”

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