8 Lazy But Lucky Last-Minute Scenery To Prepare For CNY

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Did anyone feel like we haven’t celebrated Chinese New Year properly for a long time?

Chances are some of us forgot to decorate the house with vibrant decor and are now scrambling to make the house look festive.

To make it easier for you, here are some lazy but lucky decorating ideas to quickly liven up the house in time for the celebrations.

1. Lanterns

Image: fanjianhua/ Freepik

You can’t go wrong with the lanterns as it’s pretty much basic CNY decor. Whether store bought or handmade, lanterns can be used as outdoor decoration.

Families with young children can also make this an arts and crafts project with colored paper, scissors, yarn and glue.

2. Lucky Wishes Banners

Image: China Digital Times

Make guests feel welcome with banners or couplets of good luck wishes on both sides of the door frame.

The Chinese words on the red banners usually wish everyone who enters the house good health, wealth and prosperity.

3. Good Fortune Stickers

Good fortune ‘Fuk’ sticker or ornament. Picture: Aliexpress

Another approach to minimalist decoration is to put Good Fortune (Fuk) stickers or ornaments. It adds to the festive atmosphere at home without too much fuss.

Fun fact: it can even be put upside down and it still means the same thing.

4. Lucky bamboo plant

Image: ProFlowers

The lucky bamboo plant is another popular decor whenever CNY rolls.

Despite their different sizes, these lucky bamboos are usually neatly arranged in a shallow pot or can be twisted into beautiful shapes.

As such, these plants are sometimes also given as gifts to loved ones.

5. pussy willow

Picture: Sweetlife & Co

The cat willow is a classic decor that can last all year round. She is easily recognizable by her white-grey furry buds.

In present times, these hairy buds are dyed in different colors such as red, yellow, orange or fuchsia.

If you want to have some fun and add pops of color to your home, buying a willow tree might be a great idea to consider.

You can even decorate the tree with tiny ornaments such as the gold bar, lucky cat, or Chinese infinity knot. Think of it as a CNY tree.

6. Lucky plants

Dancing Ladies Orchids. Picture: Shopee

If you prefer to decorate your house with plants, you are in luck because there are many other lucky plants according to Chinese culture.

Some of the plants believed to bring luck are the jade plant, money plant, Kalanchoes, Dancing Ladies orchids, and tangerine (kumquat) trees.

These plants are believed to bring joy, luck and abundance into the home and who wouldn’t want that?

7. Fish ang pau

Fish ang pau. Image: Kaytee

Ang pau fish make lovely decorations and it’s sure to be a hit with young children.

Regardless of the size of the ang pau fish, it can be hung as a wall decoration with the lanterns or act as a standalone decorative piece on the table.

Hanging ang pau fish as ornaments symbolizes a play on the words “Nian nian you yu”, which means wishing abundance to everyone else every year.

Making ang pau fish is also an opportunity to use all the old ang pau packets for decorative purposes.

Doing the ang pau fish with the family can also be a bonding activity.

8. Add CNY colors

Add hints of red to the house. Picture: Ikea

If all else fails, one of the quickest ways to brighten things up at home is to use CNY colors to your advantage.

Some of the colors to use are red, orange, yellow, gold, and pink. There are several ways to incorporate these colors into your home decor.

For starters, you can get cushion covers for the living room or colorful napkins if you’re hosting a family dinner at home.

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