8 exciting wall decor ideas for game lovers

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Hello to all the games out there! Do you want to renovate your games room? Have you moved into a new house and have a spare room? Let’s turn it into a majestic game sanctuary of your fancy.

Whether you love the classic Vegas-themed mini-casino or want an 80s-inspired arcade room, our game room wall decor ideas will enhance your space.

So, read on and try a few to transform your play space.

1. Giant Wall Scrabble Board

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Do you or a member of your family enjoy the classic Scrabble board game? Then mount a gigantic full-fledged playable version of the game on a wall.

You play it vertically on the wall using letter tiles supported by strong magnets. On one side of the board, hang a board that helps you write down and monitor scores.

This giant Scrabble game board isn’t just awesome; it also adds fun and excitement to your life. Scrabble is full of fun. It helps expand your vocabulary and is aimed at children and adults. So give this a try and play Scrabble on the weekends and / or on an exciting party night.

2. Decorate with video game CDs

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Do you have a good collection of video game CDs and / or DVDs? Most of them often end up having dust in your drawers.

Indeed, these old fashioned methods of video game storage have now been replaced by portable hard drives, flash drives and other storage technologies.

What if you don’t want to throw away that obsolete collection? Maybe these CDs and DVDs mean a lot to your fond memories.

Then put it to good use by decorating your walls with these glittering video game CDs. There are plenty of creative ways to repurpose those old CDs and turn them into charming home decors.

3. Place a shelf against the wall

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Although game consoles are key items in a game room, having a bookshelf can create a unique focal point. Plus, a shelving unit in the playroom adds a unique personality and style to your space.

In the library you can store the books of your choice and some that might be useful to the players. Arrange the books creatively so that they add charm to the room.

In addition to books, place tiny decorative items on the shelves that have a print and color on the wall. You have countless styling options when it comes to buying a bookshelf for your bedroom.

4. Gaming themed wall art

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With the right wall art, you can instantly make your space unique. It’s easy to buy wall art and hang it on your walls. So, choosing a gaming themed wall decor is a great way to transform and amplify your playroom.

Fortunately, there are many online art galleries like Elephantstock where you can find an awesome selection of game wall art.

5. Wallpaper


Transform the whole look of the room by simply covering one wall with interesting wallpaper. Whether it’s a fun night of family gaming, playing the casino with your friends, or playing board games, wallpapers can make your space inviting.

Again, you have endless options to choose the perfect game themed wallpaper for your dedicated room. It will make your space inviting for a pleasant and memorable gathering.

Give your family and playroom an expressive look with a mural or wallpaper. Not only is this a quick and easy way to refresh your space, but it’s also a great way to reflect your personal interests.

6. Jungle gyms

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There you are, you are done with setting up your playroom. Is there a wow factor still missing? If you think about it, then you can think of incorporating a jungle gym on the white wall.

A jungle gym is suitable for bedrooms whether or not you have screens or table games. Sometimes you can start to get bored with board games and cards. In such cases, climbing the rocks of a jungle gym can give you energy and revitalize you.
And did we mention that a jungle gym also makes unique and truly striking wall decor? It can add wonderful colors to your playroom when using colorful climbing rocks.

7. Black painted accent wall

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Lighting plays a major role in any play space, large or small. The effect of the lighting helps to maximize the overall gaming experience of the players. You have endless choices when it comes to choosing colors for a wonderful effect in your playroom.

The choice of color depends on the games you play frequently in the room. The light in the room should complement the lighting reflected from the game console screen.
But, for most games, a complementary dark shade is an ideal choice. This is due to the scalable visual effects available in different colors.

The dark and cool shades of the room lighting make it safe and pleasing to the eyes. You can easily adjust it according to the changing visual effects on the screen. Dark colors also make you feel energized and immersed in an interactive game world.

8. Stylish storage shelves

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Finally, on this list, it’s worth mentioning that games often need huge storage space to store their gaming accessories safely. These items typically include records, pads, titles, setups, and many more. All of these things need safe storage space when not in use.

Instead of letting them wander the floor aimlessly, you can create a stylish storage shelf on your playroom wall.

These shelves will add a decorative element to your space while keeping your things safe and in good condition. Plus, you can easily pick up your gaming essentials as and when you need them. With precise labeling and organization, you don’t have to go through your entire accessory collection every time you need an item.


So, as you can see, there are several cool ways to add character to your playroom just by decorating your walls. Hope these playroom wall decorating tips help you transform your space.

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