7 photography tips for fashion bloggers

Fashion photography, outdoors, indoors, or anywhere in between, can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re shooting for your own fashion blog. What can you do when you’re running out of creative ideas for fashion photography and have a lot of seams to cover?

Here are our top fashion photo shoot tips for fashion bloggers. We’re ready for our close-up, Mr. DeMille.

1. Avoid over-editing your photos

A man posing for a fashion photo shoot.

Fashion photography, at its core, is a celebration of human beauty, not bizarre perfection. Too much editing can keep your mind from breaking through when all is said and done.

There’s nothing wrong with things like smudge removal and the like, of course – it’s your photos, after all. When you start to tiptoe into the realm of heavy body modification, unnatural skin correction, and other major deviations from the original image, you run the risk of ending up with something something that seems less real than life.

In many cases, the real deal is so much more attractive and interesting to see.

At the risk of sounding too sentimental and bodily, every fashion blogger should fully embrace themselves, flaws and all. Simplicity in post-production is essential.

2. Stay organized

A person getting ready for a fashion photo shoot.

Ask any professional production designer, art director or wardrobe specialist: you can work with the most beautiful model and the most talented team in the world, but if an essential outfit is missing or someone someone has coffee on it, no one will. get the shot.


Take a leaf out of their book, even if you only maintain your fashion blog for fun. Start with a plan and make a list of what you need to do.

If possible, you’ll want to use garment bags to protect your wardrobe, hanging each piece to avoid unsightly wrinkles, tears, and snags. Items such as accessories, jewelry and other goodies should all be accounted for and kept safe in a dedicated space. Your camera bag, of course, should always be packed up and ready to grab when not in use.

Location scouting, equipment rental and collaborative coordination can be very difficult to manage if you are shooting solo. However, the more you think ahead, the more production value you’ll find in each frame.

3. Professional gear is awesome

A woman taking fashion photos in her home studio.

Tripods, remotes, lights and other gear can all help you make every photo a memorable one. The basics of your camera kit will also be imperative; your choice of camera, lenses, lighting options, and even things like filtration and diffusion should all play a part in how you shoot.

If you’re new to the game, you’ll definitely want to invest in both a 50mm lens and a longer lens, an 85mm or a 100mm, whichever you find more useful most often. You might also consider buying an extra battery, along with a few extra SD cards.

Strobe lighting usually comes with many additional required accessories, such as transmitters and softboxes. if you’re hoping to keep things simple, an inexpensive continuous light source like a task light will be more than enough with the right spread and placement.

A 7-in-1 reflector kit and stand with an arm to train it can also be a lifesaver in many different situations. They include silver and gold specular reflectors, diffusive material, and even blue and green keying screens if you like to mix things up in post.

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4. Sit down

A model posing in front of a beige cyc.

Many fashionistas have a natural sense of balance at their disposal. The rest of us can fall flat when caught off guard.

Always give your hands and feet something to do when photographing yourself; it can be a simple fashion pose or a lifestyle pose, one in which you pretend to do something in diegesis.

Your arms and legs draw attention to the entire ensemble, as do the lines, curves, cuts and patterns of each outfit. Your pose adds a lot of personality to each shot, and you step into a totally different role with each outfit, shoot, project, or location.

5. Coordinate with your surroundings

A woman posing in front of a striped wall.

Whether you’re shooting in the cutest part of your home studio or hitting the town, you’ll want to look the part, wherever you are. A fully layered winter outfit at the beach can seem weird and distracting enough to spoil both the scene and what would likely be an awesome outfit at the right time and in the right setting.

We’re not saying you can’t wear a gala ball gown to a casual picnic – what we encourage you to do, however, is represent your style and lifestyle authentically. . Would you be wearing a lingerie set on a staged day at the fair? Probably not, but if that’s you, go for it.

Great role models wrap themselves in the world their art directors drop them into. You can do the same for your own fashion blog photos. Think about where you would like to shoot and what you would, honestly, naturally wear for the occasion. A bold accessory or an unexpected shoe choice can be enough to take the look from your everyday style to something seriously cool.

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6. You don’t always have to include your face

A model holding a straw bag.

Sometimes you’ll come across something truly iconic. When you do, it’s always best to let the accessory or outfit speak for you instead of showing your face. Not every photo has to be a glamorous full-body shot — a pair of choice diamond studs or a jaw-dropping pair of stilettos can be substantial enough to warrant their own moment in the spotlight.

If you’re shooting on your own, the switch can be as simple as swapping out a longer lens or opening up your aperture for a more intimate, purposeful shot. Cropping a photo in post-production is a way to capitalize on this principle after the fact, but the photo will inevitably take a hit in resolution. It’s always best to strike while the iron is hot during your shoot.

7. Be true to yourself

A woman posing for a fashion photo.

When you only shoot what you love, you give your audience unrestricted access to who you really are as a person and an artist. There are so many people in this world who introduce themselves through a fashion blog. What makes your story worth listening to?

Anyone can wear a cool outfit and make it shine. It takes a unique mind to transform even simple or affordable pieces and create a look that feels truly unique.

Models aren’t just beautiful people who wear beautiful clothes, they’re artists in their own right, and this truth is never more apparent than when a talented model is able to create mesmerizing and dramatic images on their own. same.

If you have a vision that excites you, all you have to do is mount the camera on a tripod and grab the clicker. With enough heart, you will find exactly what you are looking for.

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Elevate Your Fashion Blog With These Photography Tips

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