7 Key Reasons Why You Should Opt for Rudra Security and Maintenance Services

May 23, 2022 3:48 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India], May 23 (ANI/GPRC): Cybersecurity, along with security guards, are no longer considered separate professions. Companies that already have security systems often want to add private security guards to improve their security.
For the past few years, security forces have been among the frontline workers to keep people safe and healthy in our society, but on the other hand, these guards, these frontline workers have not got a lot of credit for risking their precious lives for the duration of the pandemic.
Even now, every day brings another news of theft or robbery in the society, which brings about the need for trained security personnel and to step forward and protect the harmony within the society; these services are provided by Rudra Security and Maintenance Services (RSMS).
RSMS’ mission is to protect and empower the local community by providing security that deters crime, protects you, and generates jobs and revenue for the local economy.
While trying to provide superior and exceptional workmanship as well as security services at all levels, ensuring the safety of you and your property.
The mission is to provide people, industries and communities with comprehensive safety and workforce solutions. Built on the implication of having a high level of security and safety in your society, which is on the doldrums.
The 7 main services provided by Rudra Security and Maintenance Services (RSMS):
1. Guards (with stick): In the surveillance and service category, a guard is responsible for managing the basic level of security of the site, such as ATMs and shops. In addition, he ensures the maintenance of the site.
2. Armed/unarmed security guard: At sensitive locations such as banks and cash, an armed security guard is deployed. Vans, cash loading services and remote and isolated areas, to name a few examples. Unarmed security guard; colleges, banks, hospitals and other institutions can use it.

3. Technical security service: You can install a CCTV system and sensors on your property. They will operate around the clock, ensuring your location is always safe.
4. Interior Design & Decorator / ATM-TIS: Stand out from your competition with RSMS or simply make a lasting impression in today’s world of office and ATM interior designs and decor. -wall decorations, prop designs, products for well-designed ATM or desktop, to meet all your creative needs.
5. Event Management Security Service: Any private party, wedding or large event with hundreds of people. RSMS security services provide enhanced security during events in several ways. A security guard ensures that only those with the required pass enter and those who do not are quietly turned away without a scene.
6. Fire watch service: A security service can train its guards in fire watch. This allows their security guards to spot dangerous situations that could lead to a fire.
7. Mobile Patrol Security Service: If you have a large premises or multiple locations that you want to protect, you can hire gas-powered mobile security. GPS Security uses state-of-the-art technology that enables the client to perform real-time tracking of the patrol unit.
By including these high-level services, they also include housekeeping and facilities management and labor outsourcing, respectively. Housekeeping focuses on cleanliness, hygiene and good housekeeping. RSMS uses quality cleaning materials from reputable companies such as Diversey (Taski products), SGH Herbals, Unilever, Mo-Clean, etc.
The products provide 100% results to your satisfaction and maintain the beauty of the office. While, on the other hand, Manpower Outsourcing is involved in providing cars for office use, vehicles for mobile ATMs and vehicles for logistics purposes, as well as the trained workforce.
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