54 best 18th birthday gifts for girls 2021

TURNING 18 is a milestone in every woman’s life, and it should only be celebrated with the best 18 year old gifts.

If you’re looking for ideas, we’ve rounded up a selection of the best birthday gifts for every budget and every 18 year old girl.

Eighteen is an exciting age as your teenager navigates leaving childhood behind.

This means it’s harder to get the right gifts. It’s probably best to avoid buying anything specifically aimed at kids (unless they’ve specifically asked for it – we think the Lego Friends set is really cool!).

But you also want to avoid any boring adult stuff that might turn you on, but not an 18-year-old. Sound complicated? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Then you have to decide how to celebrate the moment. Your daughter may want to throw a party with her friends or a low-key dinner with the family. However, if she wants to commemorate the day with a bit of panache, you might be interested in some of the best decorations and cake toppers to help you throw the celebration.

From beauty sets to fashion accessories to timeless jewelry, here’s our pick of the best 18 year old gifts for girls.


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18th birthday decorations

Amazon, Ginger Ray, John Lewis, Amazon

Birthday decorations always capture the essence of a person at their birthday party.

Your eighteen year old might want bright bold colors or soft pastels, they might prefer gold or silver.

We have selected a handful of decorations in different styles that would suit the occasion.

  1. Gold Fringe Foil Curtain Decoration, £4.99 at Ginger Ray – Buy here
  2. Eighteen Year Old Sparrow, £6 at John Lewis – Buy here
  3. Pink Tassel Fringe Garland, £18 at Meri Meri – Buy here
  4. LED Photo Clip String Lights, £9.99 at Amazon – Buy here
  5. Personalized Happy Birthday Cake Topper (in 14 different colours), £3.99 at Amazon – Buy here
  6. 18th Birthday Number Cake Candles, £5.99 at Amazon – Buy here
  7. Rose Gold 18th Birthday Decoration Set Including Garlands, Balloons and Confetti Balloons, £8.99 at Amazon – Buy here


18th birthday gifts for girls

Ginger Ray, John Lewis, party pieces, not on the high street

Instead of regular birthday balloons on an 18th birthday, you can always watch giant number balloons or even take on the challenge of inflating and assembling an entire balloon arch.

  1. Rose Gold Number Balloons, £4.99 for each number at Party Delights – Buy here
  2. 5 Pack Happy Birthday Rainbow Confetti Balloons, £3.99 at Ginger Ray – Buy here
  3. Deluxe Custom 18and Rose Gold Birthday Balloon Set, £54.99 at Party Pieces – Buy here
  4. Metallic Multicolor Self-Inflating Happy Birthday Balloon Banner, £6.99 at Amazon – Buy here
  5. Rose Gold Birthday Balloon Holder Kit, £10 at John Lewis – Buy here
  6. Pastel multi-coloured DIY balloon arch, £19.99 from The Booth in a Box at Not on The High Street – Buy here

18th birthday memories

18th birthday gifts for girls

Posh Totty Designs, Etsy, not on the main street, Lisa Angel

We always love to cherish these milestones in life and what better way to remember an 18th birthday than with a sweet keepsake? Whether it’s a piece of jewelry, a personalized print, or even a bottle of champagne, here are some ideas to commemorate the anniversary for years to come.

  1. Pandora ’18’ Silver Charm, £34.44 at Amazon – Buy here
  2. Custom Sweatshirt of the Year, £34.95 at Not on The High Street – Buy here
  3. Script Name Necklace, from £79 at Posh Totty Designs – Buy here
  4. Custom 18and Anniversary champagne bottle with gold label, £43.99 at Not on The High Street – Buy here
  5. Personalized Rose Gold, Gold or Silver Charm Necklace, From £28 at Lisa Angel – Buy here
  6. Custom Wizard Inspired Illustration Print, from £59 at Honeyduke Designs via Etsy – Buy here
  7. Personalized wine glass, £12 on Etsy – Buy here

Birthday Cakes

best 18th birthday girl gift

Cutter & Squidge, Lola’s Cupcakes, Not On The High Street, Patisserie Valérie

On your birthday, nothing better than enjoying a delicious cake made especially for you.

Many bakers offer custom frostings and a wide range of flavors (and vegan options too), so there’s sure to be something the birthday girl will like.

  1. Personalized Cookie Pie Cake, £31.99 from Ruby The Cake Artist at Not on The High Street – Buy here
  2. Personalized Chocolate Fondant Cake, from £17.50 at Lola’s Cupcakes – Buy here
  3. Sprinkles Photo Cake, from £14.99 at Baker Days – Buy here
  4. Biscoff Cake, £27.95 at Pâtisserie Valérie – Buy here
  5. Wheat-Free Vegan Summer Berry Cake, £29.90 at Cutter & Squidge – Buy here

Birthday gifts for 18 year olds: fashion and accessories

best 18th birthday gifts for girls

Style this birthday with these special shoes, jackets and jewelry that the birthday girl will cherish for years.

Any of these accessories would make the perfect gift that an eighteen year old is sure to love.

  1. Fjällräven KÃ¥nken Everyday Bag 13″, £100 at Fjallraven – Buy here
  2. White Nike Air Force trainers, £100 at the office – Buy here
  3. Smooth leather ankle boots, £149 at Dr Martens – Buy here
  4. Floral Shock iPhone Case, £6 at Skinny Dip London – Buy here
  5. Rope Style Gold Hoop Earrings, £59 at Astrid & Miyu – Buy here
  6. Fluffy Lilac Logo Sliders, £90 at UGG – Buy here
  7. Trucker cropped denim jacket, £120 at Levi’s – Buy here
  8. Ted Baker Tiny Heart Necklace in Rose Gold, £19.50 at ASOS – Buy here
  9. Oodie Avocado, £59 at The Oodie – Buy here

18th birthday Gifts: technology

Tech gifts are the ones that keep on giving long after a birthday. From speakers to a Kindle or Fitbit, there’s always a handy device that will align with your teen’s interests.

  1. Apple Air Pods with Charging Case, £116 from Amazon – Buy here
  2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11, £79 at Urban Outfitters – Buy here
  3. Kindle e-reader, £69 at Amazon – Buy here
  4. Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones, £149.99 at Amazon – Buy here
  5. Echo Dot speaker in white, £49.99 at Amazon – Buy here
  6. Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker, £77 at Amazon – Buy here

18th birthday Gifts: beauty, hair, skin

Treat the birthday girl to high-quality skincare and makeup that will leave her feeling great and looking great.

Hair tools are also all the rage right now, with the GHD Rise hot brush offering those voluminous 70s bangs and the Beauty Works wave bringing you effortless mermaid waves.

  1. Morphe 350 Supernatural Glow Palette, £25 at Look Fantastic – Buy here
  2. The Ordinary Daily Set, £15 at Cult Beauty – Buy here
  3. Glossier The Make Up Set, £35 at Glossier – Buy here
  4. GHD Rise Hot Brush, £169 at Cult Beauty – Buy here
  5. Beauty Works Waver, £81 at Look Fantastic – Buy here

18th birthday Gifts: Home

Home gifts tend to target the slightly older recipient who rents or lives away from home, but there are plenty of trendy gifts the birthday girl will love to use, such as a bubble candle, a journal or a dye kit.

  1. Positive and Conscious Affirmation Cards, £15.99 at Betterday Studio on Etsy – Buy here
  2. Personalized Celestial Notebook, £19.99 at Paper – Buy here
  3. Vegan Soy Wax Bubble Candle, from £2.50 at Etsy’s MollyMadeUK – Buy here
  4. Chocolate Gift Basket, £29.95 at Hotel Chocolat – Buy here
  5. Beauty Fridge, £39.99 at ASOS – Buy here
  6. LEGO Friends Central Perk Set, £48.49 at Amazon – Buy here
  7. Tie Dye Kit with Canvas Bag, £20 at Amazon – Buy here
  8. What a Time to Be Alone book, £10.25 at Amazon – Buy here
  9. Boston Style Pink Cocktail Shaker Set, £39.95 at Twice Element – Buy here

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