5 home remedies to cure a hangover after the New Year’s party

The year 2021 is knocking on your door! The New Year is about celebrating in a good mood and welcoming the year with a bang! We dress in our best clothes, put on our party hats and gulp down those tempting shots of vodka to ring in the festivities. However, the celebrations are fun and people will be consuming alcoholic drinks and like every year people will wake up with throbbing headaches and a massive hangover.Also read – How to keep your toilet new and fragrant for longer

If you don’t want to waste the first day of the New Year feeling nauseous with a sharp headache, then our first tip would be to control your drinks so you don’t feel that way. But as we know, it can be a bit of a chore when we are in party mode. Here we list the proven ways to beat that intimidating hangover, thanks later! Also Read – Summer Skin Care: Anti-Tan Facial Masks Shahnaz Husain Swears By

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Your body becomes dehydrated after excessive alcohol consumption and automatically decreases in vitamins and nutrients. Continue to sip water throughout the day. Drink an empty glass of water as soon as you wake up, the day after a drinking bout.

Lemon water to the rescue

You can also switch to a glass of lemon juice with a drizzle of honey. Do not add sugar to this mixture.

Fruits in water

Have a bowl of melons and grapes to curb that throbbing headache. Water-based fruits will help you stay hydrated and can cure hangovers.


You can use the jaggery to cure your hangover, just take it with sesame seeds (til) and ginger to beat the headache.


Have a banana or two to replenish lost salt, potassium, and magnesium levels. This will help you recover.

Pro tip: Never consume alcohol on an empty stomach. Make sure you eat a small snack before you binge. In addition, continue to drink water between drinks in order to stay adequately hydrated.

Drink responsibly!

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