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Home is where our heart lives, we try to live in a place where it offers comfort, peace and protection. A house is an extension of our individuality. Designing a perfect home for a family that helps with day-to-day functions takes a lot of work.

In addition, the interior design of a small house is a difficult place to conceive. It needs both designs to fit and design to look good. While the great outdoors give the freedom to design anything and everything. To design a big house, we can follow our imaginations and stretch ourselves to go beyond the limits.

But for a small house, let’s think the other way around.

The challenge for a small house interior design can also be small with its area.
The only challenge would be to try to meet all the necessities and make it look bigger, brighter, and stylish.

Therefore, our HSAA professionals, interior designers, have great ideas for tempting challenges. Our knowledgeable artists can help you with smart solutions tackling various obstacles for you and make everything more rewarding. For more information you can visit at https://hsaa.co.in/

1. Light shades of wall color –

In this, the rooms in quieter tones deceive the eyes.
One of the simple rules to make your small room look bigger and brighter is to paint the walls in light colors. White can make the small space look large, while dark decor tones make the limited space look tiny. If viewed as shades of white or gray, rooms can appear more comfortable than cramped. Additionally, lighter shades are available in different colors and if constructed correctly with colorful fabrics and textiles, the place can appear more lively. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make the area more attractive. Fabrics and furniture of similar colors can make the atmosphere flat and boring, so it is necessary to contrast the accessories.

2. Organized kitchen –

An organized kitchen can help save a lot of space. The more shelves you incorporate, the less space you get, so opt for vertical storage like cabinets. The shelves look best in a large open kitchen when the porcelain dishes are on display; but for a small space in a kitchen it will look rather crowded.

One can also opt for folding kitchen cabinets, as they can fill the whole kitchen with requirements. A folding kitchen can hold a lot and can be kept folded when not needed.
For a fully functional regular kitchen, smart ideas such as storing most of the kitchen’s personal belongings when not in use only can help the kitchen appear less cluttered and easier to move around.

3. Customize the storage space –

Does this look more like storage than a house ??
So, here’s why you need a tiny house interior design. A plan without a smart design could make your tiny home look like storage space. But here’s the game changer, a well-integrated design by an interior designer can make your place look great.

For example, under the stairs a large storage space is hidden and can be made useful.

4. Wall tables / Folding chairs –

A study area is as important as a bed as are important types of furniture. Think again, if you have not thought about it in the decoration of your small house.

A wall mounted desk wouldn’t take up much space. Rather with a bit of customization, it can work for tidying up books. At HSAA, Interior Designer has transformed many corners with smart ideas.
Pairing the table with a folding chair is an even smarter idea. It can be used for various purposes such as social gatherings, studying, etc., and can only be removed when requested.

A colorful or patterned chair and table based on the theme of the room can look appealing.

5. Perfect lighting –

A well-lit room appears larger, providing as much natural light as possible. It’s a great way to improve the size of a small house. A well-lit room makes it attractive and more spacious. When it comes to a tiny place, the interior designer should keep in mind to incorporate good lighting. Toilets with tiny spaces become cramped without proper organization. They can be more beautiful with ventilation like a small window which also allows light and bright decorations.

6. Furniture placement –

Play with strategy, bring big furniture but less. Thinking sensibly would make the space appear larger in places on the giant bed or a large sofa and then several small pieces of furniture. Check out other ideas – https://hsaa.co.in/interior-designer

Another design tip would be to not push the furniture against the wall, to save space, so the room appears wider and more spacious.

And if you’re looking for more seating, opt for folding chairs for receptions and family reunions. You can always put the furniture away when the guests are away.

Like folding chairs, folding beds are now also available. They are versatile because they can transform a bed into a sofa and are just as comfortable.

While saving space in the dining room, scale down your dining room with small round tables that can double as breakfast nooks as well as your kitchen island. You can also personalize the table by fixing it to the wall.

So, don’t worry about your furniture anymore, your HSAA interior designer can offer you furniture.

7. More advice….

Replace doors with curtains if there is no need to dive into a room. This provides privacy and also relieves congestion in the area.

Wall mounting the TV can free up a lot of space on a console.

Full-length windows can make a room look wider and brighter with natural light.

The above tips are enough to make a small house interior design possible. If you still don’t know how to plan such a design, consult our interior design team.

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