4 houses in Ahmedabad which are masterclasses to mix interior and exterior

The structure is made of rough Dhrangadhra stone masonry, highlighted by a leather-finished kota stone floor and fitted with an exposed concrete ceiling. The H-shaped layout has two main sections: the living room with adjoining dining area and kitchenette, and a master suite. The two sections are connected through a courtyard, in order to receive maximum exposure to the outdoors, to simulate the experience of being nestled in nature. It also hosts many courtyards, making the exterior of the house as vibrant and multifunctional as the interior. “The constructed form was ultimately minimized, as it was designed as a shelter for essential activities,” says co-founder Bhadri Suthar, “The idea was that psychologically, we humans seek to connect with the nature, and we were trying to get that right for the owners.

A half-interior, half-exterior house with courtyard in Ahmedabad

Photo courtesy: Ishita Sitwala / Modo Designs

In a dense district with surrounding concrete forms, this house breaks with the traditional residential archetype, offering in its place, a unique experience half-interior, half-exterior. “The clients, a couple and their two daughters, wanted an open and airy layout, with all bedrooms facing the rear garden. We started by mapping the existing trees on the site and developed arrangements that remain faithful to them. The house is dotted with several open-air courtyards that blend seamlessly into the internal spaces, ”says Arpan Shah, founder and principal architect of Modo Designs.

Photo courtesy: Ishita Sitwala / Modo Designs

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