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Not all movie fans are created equal. While some have an encyclopedic knowledge of their favorite genre, only true moviegoers can show off memories that reflect their love for cinema. Whether you’re looking for sets to complete your favorite moviegoer’s collection, technology to enhance their home theater game, or special finds that show their devotion to the medium, we’ve rounded up the best chic, classic, and unique gifts that will have no matter what. what a cinephile on the edge of their seat.

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100 Film Scratch Poster

This artistic poster not only helps your favorite moviegoer keep track of their movie list, but it also doubles as a pretty poster once all the boxes are scratched.

Cinemaps: an atlas of 35 great films

Cartographers won’t be able to resist this collection of maps tracing the whereabouts of Marty McFly in Hill Valley, Indiana Jones globetrotters and more than 35 iconic films.

Martin Scorsese Film Course

Ticket stubs journal

Like a scrapbook for moviegoers, this ticket stub journal will help preserve cinematic memories.

Movie streaming service

For the movie buff who’s seen it all, this streaming service expertly curates 30 movies per month, from classics to cult favorites, indie films and foreign films.

Eat What You Watch: A Cookbook For Movie Lovers

From the creator of the hit YouTube channel “Binging with Babish,” this movie-loving cookbook recreates recipes from over 40 films, including Bourbon French Toast Sticks. Kramer vs. Kramer, the pastrami “I’ll Have What She’s Have” by When Harry meets Sally, and Annie halllobster poached in butter.

Mondo’s art

Austin, Texas Art, Mondo Gallery has become a pop culture sensation for its gorgeous modern renditions of movie posters inspired by famous films like Jaws, Ferris Bueller’s day off, and Dirty Harry. Here, many of their poster designs are brought together in the form of a tabletop book, with behind-the-scenes stories from the history of the company.

Mini Portable LED Projector

This easy-to-use (and portable!) Projector will kickstart any movie night. With the USB and HDMI ports, you can plug in media from phones, laptops, tablets or traditional set-top boxes to give your next frenzy session a boost on the big screen at 1080p.

Custom retro videotape printing

Give your gift a personal touch by adding the names of their favorite movies to this modern and quirky art.

Film festival in a box

You might not have been able to make the festival circuit this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up enjoying a good film festival. Get in the mood for the movie with these boxes that feature independent shorts from specific genres like horror, romance, action, and dark comedy that you can watch and then digitally vote for you to distribute your best movie staff.

The Godfather’s notebook

For moviegoers who still count their days “Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday!” this printed copy of the notebook which The Godfather the director Francis Ford Coppola used to create the iconic film is a must see. Filled with Coppola’s own notes on the novel as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, this will be an offer no gift recipient can refuse.

The cinema quiz book

Put your favorite movie to the test with this booklet filled with real-life film, awards and film industry trivia.

Inflatable cinema screen

Let your gift enjoy a movie in the park from the comfort of its own backyard. This self-inflating screen measures 12 feet diagonally, ensuring that even movie buffs will be happy with this improvised big screen experience.

Microwave Single Serve Popcorn Maker Set

For moviegoers who want a stand-alone snack. These disposable silicone cups are the solution. Just pour the popcorn kernels up to the marked line, no oil or butter needed, fold down the flaps and microwave for an almost instant treat.

Personalized Movie Marquee Photo Print

For the movie-loving couple, this personalized art will help you celebrate your favorite co-star.

Plastic retro popcorn containers

Recreate the theater experience at home with a good old fashioned bucket. (Bonus: at home there are always free top-ups.)

A Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holiday Classic

It doesn’t matter which side of the “is Die hard A Christmas Movie Debate “you stumble upon, this illustrated and rhymed tale from Bruce Willis’ film is sure to inspire some holiday nostalgia.

Alfred Hitchcock: The Ultimate Collection

Satisfy any thriller fan’s appetite for suspense with 15 films from the undisputed master of tension, Alfred Hitchcock. In addition to classics like Rear window, The birds, Vertigo, and psychopath the set also includes special features for each movie and 10 episodes of Hitchcock’s TV companies, Alfred Hitchcock presents and Alfred Hitchcock Time.

Movie Poster No510 My Vertigo Minimal

A minimalist movie poster like this ode to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller Vertigo, can be a perfect gift for the design-conscious movie lover.

100 all-time favorite movies of the 20th century

Like a luxury art-filled dictionary for movie buffs, this richly printed tome includes synopses, tech info and awards, cast lists, trivia and more for 100 of the greatest movies of all time.

Totoro Fluffy Soft Toy in Gray

Animation geeks, young and old, will turn against this precious little Totoro. (For the uninitiated, this little guy is a cuddly character from Hayao Miyazaki’s beloved My neighbor Totoro.)

Pixar socks, set of 4

Your pint-sized animation fan will feel right at home in these socks featuring a selection of characters from some of Pixar’s most beloved movies, including Toy story, Monsters Inc., and The world of Nemo.

Aspect Ratio Coverage

What better way to curl up for a movie night than this mod-cool aspect ratio blanket.

Gone with the Wind 3 memories framed by cells

Movie buffs can keep a piece of history on their walls with a framed film cell, like this one from the 1939 classic Blown away by the wind.

Agnès Varda tote bag

Agnes Varda was known for her distinctive and whimsical look as much as for her directorial skills, making her the perfect filmmaker to receive the tote bag treatment. In addition, this accessory is made by the Criterion Collection, the most beloved publisher of many moviegoers.

Popcorn Seasoning Library, Set of 6

Shake things up at the next movie night with this popcorn seasoning set with flavors like sour cream and onion, kettle corn, jalapeño cheddar and vanilla cinnamon.

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Vintage Cinematography Patent Prints, Set of 3

Enjoy the technical side of filmmaking with three historic patents for a motion picture film, a projection machine and a film reel.

Cinema lovers – Puzzle 500 pieces

There are few things better than a puzzle and a movie. Do it on the theme by offering this “Cinephile” version.

Director’s chair, classic height

Is your cinephile also a thriving director? Make them feel legitimate with a director’s chair. Even if they only use it in their living room, it is sure to unleash their creativity.

Movie night gift bucket

No movie experience is complete without candy. And, if you like sweets, you might as well choose the best. This Dylan Candy Bar Basket is designed for your movie watching needs.

The Stanley Kubrick Archives

Kubrick fans will learn to stop worrying and love this gift. The Coffee Table Book delves deep into Kubrick’s archives and features previously unseen materials.

What to watch streaming Decide Dice

Does your “what to watch” conversation extend beyond the length of a reasonable TV show or movie? These dice will help you make the decision for you (or, at least, advise it).

Truffle razor

The most welcome addition to any kind of popcorn, trust us.

Soundtrack of the movie “Psycho”

In a scary mood? Nothing sets a weird tone like putting on the psychopath soundtrack on the record player.

Clueless graphic t-shirt

Would Dear Horowitz wear a graphic t-shirt? As if! But, we still enjoy this nostalgia-fueled tie-dye moment.

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Montecito floor pillow

A movie watching experience is not complete without a warm atmosphere. These floor cushions should elevate any legitimate (or improvised) screening room.

HARRY POTTER â„¢ Cookie Cutter Set

Harry Potter fans of all ages will love these themed cookie cutters, featuring Hedwig, a Deathly Hallows symbol, Hogwarts Express, Broomstick, Sorting Hat, Snitch, Glasses and a lightning bolt.

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