35 best gifts for teachers of 2021

it was a really It’s been a tough year for teachers – to put it mildly – so when the time comes to show some appreciation to teachers, now is the time to take these teacher gifts a step further.

You will never be blamed for choosing a Kudoboard. The site allows everyone to upload a photo, video, GIF, or note and then deliver it in one package, so each class member can add a little something extra. It’s an easy collaborative project for kids in remote classrooms who might not see each other in person to create or sign a real IRL card. You can even purchase (or download) a poster of the painting after it’s delivered.

And, of course, you can always donate to Donors choose (if your school participates). On this site, teachers let parents know specific projects they want to fund – things like a new classroom library, a collection of STEM materials, or flexible seating options – and parents can directly contribute to those projects and get involved. feel good knowing exactly where their money has gone. . But, if you’re looking to give something beyond gift cards and classroom supplies, you can make a teacher very, very happy with one of these creative student gifts for teachers.

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