31 of the best gifts for teachers, according to them

Believe it or not, my favorite gifts are handwritten letters and personal drawings. “Stuff” is used, lost or broken. The letters and drawings go straight into my memories binder, which I love to flip through on difficult days. ♥️


The best gift I have ever received was the letter I received from a student on his graduation day. He explained that he could never have come this far without me, I’m the reason he didn’t quit and the reason he graduated. He told me that I had changed his life. The most amazing gift ever.


Mine was a handmade Christmas card by a student during my first year of teaching. I speak French and was teaching words and phrases to the children at the end of the day. Turns out this kid came home and begged his dad to use his high school French to help him write my card in French. It was so thoughtful and cute. I still have it!


I work in a low-income area so I don’t get gifts from my students, so I was especially grateful when I received a handwritten note from a student during the holidays. The note was written on a torn piece of paper and his parents did not speak/write English, so I knew the note came directly from the student himself. So meaningful. 😊


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