30 best Schitt’s Creek gifts of 2021

canadian sitcom Schitt Creek May have said goodbye after six sweetly hilarious seasons, but the endlessly quotable and heartwarming TV show starring Catherine O’Hara, Annie Murphy and father-son creators Eugene and Dan Levy will live on in our hearts forever. While frequent Netflix covers could take us right back to fictional Canada, a few of the gift ideas on this list might even make you feel like you live there, too. Channel your inner Stevie with this Rosebud Motel keychain. Or, pretend you’ve just dropped by to see Patrick and David in your cozy Rose Apothecary sweatshirt. And with that Ravens Have 3 Eyes: The Crowning tee, it’s like attending the movie premiere, a swarm of birds.

Sites like Etsy and Amazon are full of clever tributes to the Rose family and their adopted hometown – and if you’re really tormented by reunions and the like, don’t worry. Here, we’ve taken the time to simply select the best items for the devoted fan in your life. In fact, this merchandise is so creative that we won’t blame you for it if you want to “take a selfish” and buy them all for yourself (we’re looking at this Moira Rose Christmas sweatshirt). I love this trip for you! Have a glass of fruit wine, sit back and discover 3o of the best Schitt’s Creek gifts.

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