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Who has pets, you know how very photogenic they are, right? They always make great photos, whether it’s funny moments, the damage they’ve done, or even when sleeping in a weird pose. This is why there is always a lot of affection when it comes to taking pictures of pets.

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So today I came to give you some tips for taking the perfect photos of your pet. Are there some camera settings on cellphones that can guarantee better quality when taking photos. Want to know what the tips are? Take a look at this article!

How to take the perfect photo of your pet

Before we start, it should be remembered that these camera features are already present in most cell phones. But, I will also highlight some advantages that exist in the cameras of Android and iOS smartphones, okay?

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1. Activate grid lines

When taking photos, displaying grid lines is a great way to create an image composition. Check it out! The meeting of these lines shows which are the focal points of the image. This way you can create a photo that is well aligned with your pet’s face or position.

Plus, professional photographers say the picture becomes more harmonious if you position the objects at the intersections of the lines. These points of intersection of the lines are called “focal points”. They are therefore very important for the composition of the image.

Ah! And the grid feature is already available on most Android and iOS smartphones these days. On Android, you can activate it directly on your camera by pressing the “Settings” icon. On iOS, you can enable it in “Settings”> “Camera”. Quick, right?

2. Avoid using flashes

Flash photos of your pet are not recommended. Do you know when we take a photo with a flash and our eyes have small imperfections due to the large amount of light? It’s so weird, isn’t it? This excess light can also make your pets very uncomfortable. So there are workarounds, check this out!

  • Check the ambient lighting: Always choose to take photos in environments with more natural light. If it is at night, in poorly lit places, cameras can also increase the exposure of the brightness of the photo;
  • Night mode: some more modern cameras allow you to use “Night mode” to increase the quality of your photos in poorly lit environments;
  • 3. Adjust the focus well

    Another important tip is to always set your camera’s digital focus to the highest point in the photo. The camera’s portrait mode still can’t recognize animals either, but they offer some great alternatives for that. On Android and iOS, you can “lock” your camera’s focus by long-pressing a location in the photo. This makes it easier to take a better quality photo when your pet is lying with its stomach up.

    But if your pets are too restless at the time of the photo, you can take advantage of features like “Pro Mode” and “Sport Mode” to take advantage of more dynamic focusing. What’s more, the ‘Sequential Photos’ feature is also great for capturing that perfect moment of your pet.

    Bonus tip

    Take advantage of other camera modes

    These days, too, there are some really cool features on cameras that people barely use, you know? For example, on iOS, we have the “Live photo” mode. It allows you to take a photo of a few seconds so that you can see what is the best pose of your animal by placing the image (frame) at the time of your choice. To use “Live foto”, it’s very simple: just activate the option at the top right before taking your photos.

    On Android, the camera offers many advantages. You can use Pro mode, dynamic focus, HDR, and more. These more advanced camera features are usually grouped under the “More” category.


    Ready! With these tips, it’s easier to take great photos of your pets. Did you like this article? Share these tips with your friends.

    Did you like this article?

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