3 easy ways to use the space in your mini bedroom

Anyone with small bedrooms would understand the feeling of missing out on these lovely accessories and decor items without taking one home. The constant urge to make a little more space in your already flooded room, often leaves you to move a few objects here and there but to no avail.

So, what do we do ? Give up the dream of buying pretty sets? Not really. Here are some ways to use the space in your bedroom and make room for more items of your choice.

Furniture with storage will be useful to you

If you have a small room, it goes without saying that you should go for furniture that offers storage. This will help you use all the space. Choose a bed with a box or drawers so you can store all the clothes out of season and your closets will stay tidy. A bedside table with drawers will help you organize all of the night’s essentials without compromising on extra space.

The shelves on the walls will go a long way

Put a few shelves on the empty walls instead of filling them with wall hangings and paintings. The shelves will allow you to store your belongings and all other decorative items. It will look chic and help you use all the extra space on the walls. Don’t go for the huge shelves as they can look weird and clutter up the room. Those with a wooden texture and a small space may be just the option for your mini bedroom.

wall shelves

Place organizers in your closets

Organizers help you space things out and make room for more. They not only make your stuff easily accessible, but are a good option for rooms that don’t boast of space. Therefore, the next time you go shopping to fill your wardrobe with more clothes, don’t forget to buy some organizers as well.

Storage towers

These are a great option for utilizing the space in your small bedroom. They won’t take up a lot of space but will certainly allow you some. From books to cosmetics, and decorations to other essentials, you can keep everything in these towers.

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