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A little over 26 years ago, the popular series Friends first premiered on NBC. Since then, it has grown into one of the most beloved, most cited, and most memorable sitcoms ever created.

Know someone who is again obsessed with the show all these years later? They are definitely not alone, which is why we created this Friends– a themed gift guide filled with must-have purchases for all Monicas, Joeys, Chandlers, Phoebes, Rachels and Rosses around the world. After doing our own shopping, we found there were lots of memorabilia – kitchen utensils, tote bags, necklaces – celebrating the best scenes from the show. Remember Ross shouting “Pivot!” by moving the sofa? It’s covered. And that scene where Monica is dancing with a giant turkey on her head? Yes, there are also giveaways online that commemorate this hilarious moment.

Whether you are shopping for a cute Christmas stocking, a fun gift for the Friatic (Yes, that’s what they call fans of the series) in your life, or just a little treat for yourself, browse this list of Friends gift ideas:

Wine glass “I’ll be there for you”

Because everyone loves to cheer on the iconic theme song. The next virtual wine party with your team, toast your friendship with these fun glasses – who knows, anyone can start shouting the Rembrandts song.

“Friends” apartment keyring

Cute, right? Without having to pull out the purple paint, fans of Monica’s New York City apartment can have their own purple door no matter where they live.

A “friends” pillow

This cushion is perfect for warming up your boyfriend’s living room decor. I mean, who wouldn’t love a pillow with a cartoon Joey hugging his favorite foods? Exactly.

Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey Shirt

For that person who has no favorite – because everyone is therefore relatable and kind – this is the gift for them. There is nothing that declares his love for Friends like having all the names of the characters from the show front and center on a comfy sweatshirt.

A “Friends” clothes peg hanger

An “OMG” mask inspired by Janice

Wearing the mask will instantly become more fun with Janice’s signature “Oh … my … GOD!” line. Put one or two in their socks and you’ll help keep your loved one safe while making them smile.

The official gift set for the “Friends” cookbook

Journal “I wish I could help, but I don’t want to”

A pink notepad with Phoebe’s most iconic quote will make a one-of-a-kind gift. Just think about how much fun your best friend will have jotting down or writing down her most random thoughts. Maybe the next “Smelly Cat” will be written in this diary, you never know!

Central Perk Cookie Jar


$ 28.00

Brighten up a kitchen space with a cookie jar emblazoned with the logo of the gang’s favorite cafe. One can only hope that future cookies wrapped inside will be as delicious as Monica’s!

“Pivot!” Iphone Shell

Your friend will seriously appreciate the added protection of the phone while remembering Ross hilariously yelling “Pivot!” All you need to know is your best friend’s phone type (this case comes in 22 different sizes) and you are gold.

Coffee mug “The one where ___ becomes a mom”

Such a beautiful gift for a Friends passionate and future mother. Get this mug personalized with the fan’s name and it’s like the mug was made just for them.

Collage Puzzle “Friends”

With this challenging 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, each section completed results in a classic hit sitcom moment. A gift like this is sure to bring joy to any fan (not to mention providing hours and hours Entertainment).

Monica Turkey Head Tote Bag

Remember when Monica put a turkey on her head to cheer Chandler up? Of course you do. This iconic moment in television history can now be proudly celebrated while shopping with this adorable tote bag.

“It really puts me in a better mood” t-shirt dress

After gifting this t-shirt dress we are sure it will really put your best friend in a better mood. Because there is nothing like a Friday night with pizza, wine, romantic comedies and comfortable clothes.

“You are my Monica’s Rachel” coffee mug

Fnians, your name is written on it! Show your love for your closest best friend with this bright and cheerful mug – you’ll make Rachel’s mornings in your life so much better.

Chandler and Joey Throw Pillow

This sassy pillow says it all with our favorites Chandler and Joey doing the loser and thumbs-up poses. Talk about a hilarious housewarming gift!

“I’ll be there for you” activity book

Get dating tips from Joey, take fun quizzes on the Friends‘and LOL on a list of Chandler’s best comebacks. Notable recipes from Monica and profiles on each actor’s journey to filming the series are also included in this must-read book for fans.

Wine and pilsner glass “I found my lobster”

Wedding / engagement gift alert! Both single and single will love toasting their new life with these incredibly adorable glasses. Plus, you can even add the couple’s names to the back of the glasses when ordering.

Girl Sweatshirt

Remember Monica and Rachel’s famous “Girls” sweatshirt and t-shirt? If you’ve ever said to yourself “I want one!” “, You’re in luck. Grab one for you and your BFF on Etsy now to show off your love of the hilarious duo.

“The one where it’s my birthday” t-shirt

If you buy it for your friend, they will probably wear it every year on their special day. This shirt is practically begging to score likes and “where did you get that from?” comments on Instagram.

Pink ‘Friends’ make-up bag

Your friend can use it for makeup, toiletries, pens and pencils – name it! The bag features fun illustrations from the show, including the Central Perk couch, Phoebe’s cab, the iconic intro fountain, and more.

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