19 Best “Friends” TV Show Merchandise of 2021


It has been 17 years since Friends has released a new episode (how long has it been so long ??), but the series’ fan base continues to grow with each generation. And with the reunion finally on the screens, it never was Following acceptable to feed a semi-unhealthy obsession with the classic ’90s sitcom.

Friends is now one of the most watched TV shows on Netflix, which means there are some pretty sick products out there. Right in front, the coolest Friends gifts so good that you wouldn’t think of returning them afterwards (I’m looking at you, Rachel).

Friends Body Butter

You to know Rachel would have gone crazy over this vanilla scented body cream.

Friends: Kara Mickelson’s Official Central Perk Cookbook Gift Box

This gift has “Monica” written on it.

Friends Logo Light

With this one lamp, your room will already be better decorated than Joey and Chandler’s apartment.

Monopoly: Board game with friends

Typo x Friends Christmas turkey decoration

Okay listen to me: a Friends-themed Christmas tree.

Friends Central Perk Cooler Tote Black

Wait, I’m just trying to figure out how many meatball subs you could fit in this bag.

Friends Chandler Pink Clay Sheet Mask

This mask is the secret to Jennifer Aniston looking like Rachel Green all these years later. (I don’t know if that’s true, but I’ll pretend it is.)

Fizzers for friends’ baths

Put one in the tub, pull up Friends on your laptop, preparing for the perfect evening.

Friends Frame Buckle Vegan Leather Belt

You to know Rachel would have gone mad about this ornate belt.

Friends K-Bling Cable Reinforcement Kit

Imagine how the show would have ended if Rachel forgot to charge her cell phone.

Makeup Revolution X Friends Grab a Cup Face Palette Dark to Deep

Friends mini donut maker

Why is there a Friends logo on this miniature donut maker? No idea. Do i need it? Yes. Absolutely yes.

Friends peephole photo frame

All big Friends the fan will recognize Monica’s iconic peephole mount. Use it on your own door or use it to frame a photo of you and your friends.

Bowl of friends feed me

For the friend who really related to this scene.

Funko Pop! TV: Friends – Ross as Sputnik

An icon Friends moment that deserves to be commemorated.

Unisex Friends Print Hoodie

All Friends fan needs this sweatshirt.

Friends Stickers

Friends-HydroFlasks theme >>> all other HydroFlasks

Poop bag

Pay homage to the incredible character of Paul Rudd on Friends with a literal bag of shit!

Friendship Banner

The perfect Zoom background for this year’s Virtual Friendsgiving.

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