13 wall decor ideas to modernize your home

August 26, 2021 by Alison Bentley

Updated August 26, 2021

Wall art is often the finishing touch that brings an entire home together, whether you’ve recently moved to a new location or are remodeling your current home. And art can evoke feelings of motivation, happiness, or tranquility, especially when you see the rooms all over your home every day. So if you are looking for wall decor ideas to take your home to the next level, look no further.

We contacted artists from Toronto, Canada To Huntington Beach, California, and everywhere in between, for their best wall decor ideas. This way you can put the finishing touches on your home.

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Wall art still plays a vital role in the overall success of any well-designed room in my home. One of the best ways to create a “Wow” moment is to consider categorizing a drab wall or corner with a neatly organized gallery wall. A collection of 5-7 works of art, hung organically in a similar color palette mixing both old and new frames, will make your wall sing. Need help getting started? Discover my DIY tutorial here and more design tips on InstagramAnthony G. Rodriguez, 136 Home

Play with the arrangement of art. There is no “one way” to organize our wall decals. You have a style all your own, so let it shine. How you outline and plan your design may depend on the size of the decals you choose or the space you install in. Layer, space and create the garden, bouquet or motif of your dreams. You have ultimate control and our wall decals give you ultimate flexibility. – Kristie Trenholme, Urbanwalls.Inc

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Art should be the focal point of your wall. When choosing wall art as the focal point of the wall, make sure it doesn’t get lost in your space. Consider filling in at least 50% of the wall, whether with a single statement piece or with multiple artwork, so always hang the art at eye level. It is a great joy to be able to appreciate the work of art when you come home every day. So be sure to pick a room that you can’t get enough of. – Liza Zhurkovskaya, owner / curator of Kéfi art gallery

Think of your home as an art gallery and the room / wall space in your home or business as an art exhibit inside your kitchen where your artwork is going to be hung. Ask yourself if you want your wall art to be the focal point or to blend in with a mosaic of others home decor elements. Consider adding things like small plants, string lights, floating shelves, and family photos. And don’t forget to select your wall art in return for the color matching of your furniture, it is the foundation of your home / art gallery. – Jordan Van Maanen, The porch swing store

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Find something you really like. It’s that simple. Art should elicit a sincere (and hopefully positive) response, so it’s extremely important to make sure that whatever art you choose brings feelings of happiness, calm, and happiness. excitement or joy. Wall. Art is also an opportunity for self-expression – you can look at your walls as a blank canvas and as a chance to showcase your personality in a fun way. Remember, it’s usually what we choose to surround ourselves with and hang on our walls that gives a space a unique feel. – Brittany Russell, owner and artist at Letter Ways Design Studio

The living room is a place where you can let your art run free, but since it’s a heavily used part, it’s important to get it right. Large-scale rooms tend to work best in the living room, the general rule being that they should take up between two-thirds and three-quarters of the wall space. When in doubt, go bigger. You don’t need to add a single piece to fill the space. You can always create a gallery wall or get two or three pieces that work well together. – Kace art

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Remember to mix and match. Bring memories to life with 3D-like depth and color. The shiny aluminum panels add a sophisticated touch giving your walls a “floating” look. Try to mix and match the sizes for a unique gallery wall. Here you can find the aluminum panels, where you can customize the panel. – MailPix

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Don’t forget to showcase artwork in your home office. Did you know that art improves productivity and creative problem solving? That’s why we encourage you to hang artwork in your home office space. Not only will it impress your Zoom calls, but you’ll soon find that it improves your workflow as well. – IPaintMyMind

Photo courtesy of Unleashed Gallery – “A Walk in the Countryside” by Michal Rotman Laor

Consider the complexity of the whole room decor and all the elements therein. Modern home decors tend to be very minimalist and simple or very complex. Keep this in mind when choosing your new piece of art. Art could be a great tool for adding or subtracting complexity from the overall design of a room. For rooms with a minimalist design, we actually suggest a very complex and colorful piece of art that will grab attention and make the minimalist design appear even more minimalist. – Gallery unleashed

Photo courtesy of Deborah Pendell Fine Art

Decide on the mood of the particular room. This will be based on two things: the use of the room and the aesthetics of the decor of the room. If you are looking for artwork for a bedroom for example, which is usually a quiet and relaxing retreat, artwork in soft and subtle tones will really blend into the ambience of the room. However, if you want to enhance a contemporary and vibrant living room space, colorful, bold and eye-catching artwork on the walls will do the trick, creating a sense of balance with the bold decor. – Deborah Pendell, Deborah Pendell Fine Art

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Think big when it comes to wall art. When you create that perfect space in your baby’s room, think big. Decorate the wall above her crib with her name written in large letters with wall decals. Decals are a great support for decorating as they are removable when you want to change things up again. – Ragan Shupe, Debut designed

MacGregor-Art Fair
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Don’t be afraid of the color. Colorful prints of original art can provide uplifting and cheerful notes in neutral decor schemes as well as those focused on color and texture. Try grouping the prints together in a variety of frames, grouping smaller prints around a larger plant, arranging them in neat rows, or placing them informally in an asymmetrical pattern. – Marilyn Mac Gregor, MacGregor Art

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Choose an art that will always be admired. The main point of hanging artwork on your walls is for them to be seen and admired by everyone who enters the room. That’s why we highly recommend Chromaluxe HD Modern Metal Printed Wall Art to add a “Wow” factor to your walls. We believe these metallic prints outperform traditional canvas prints hands down in quality. – Richard Byrne, C’est La Vie Prints


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