10 Unusual Things You Can Buy From Costco

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Everyone knows the giant Cheerios bricks and human-sized bags of rice that keep members coming back to Costco to save money on wholesale purchases. But the nation’s largest warehouse membership club has so much more to offer than pallets of paper towels, pots of tamales, and, of course, roast chicken.

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In its warehouse stores and on its website, Costco is full of weird, unusual, and unexpected products in all shapes and sizes. Here’s a look at some of the weirder finds just begging to be discovered at America’s favorite wholesale club.

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If spa therapy is your thing, Costco sells saunas starting at a hairline under $ 1,600. But, if you are interested in the high end infrared version, you can spend up to $ 5,000. There are also steam options and saunas designed for indoor and outdoor use. Sizes range from one to two people up to saunas that can accommodate six people.

A huge moss water lily

If your idea of ​​summer fun includes great bodies of water, Costco lives up to its reputation for big packages in the water toy department. You can mark a foam lily pad measuring 17 feet by 6 feet and made by the aptly named Aqua Lily company.

It’s not a $ 380 gimmick.

The UV-resistant foam floating island can support up to seven adults or 1,200 distributed pounds, pets included. It’s made from a proprietary foam that retains its shape even after being rolled up and unrolled, and it comes with a tether that anchors it in place.

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A giant wheel of aged imported cheese

Parmigiano Reggiano lovers can score a 72-pound wheel of aged Italian cheese imported from the famous provinces of Parma and Reggio Emilio. It’ll set you back $ 949.99, but it’s guaranteed to be at least 24 months old.

A digital grand piano

The Roland CG-1 Mini Grand Digital Piano is known for its world-class touch and fingerboard action and piano modeling that delivers perfect sound. It has a polished ebony case and comes in a set that includes a luxury bench, built-in bluetooth, and a metronome.

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A 15 pound ham drumstick

There’s the ham – and then there’s the Jamon Iberico Bellota. If you’re feeling aristocratic and very hungry, Costco will sell you a 15.4-pound leg of the world’s most coveted pork product. Each leg is aged for over three years, certified 100% Iberian and produced from acorn-fed pigs that roam free over three-quarters of a million acres in the Valle de Los Pedroches in southern Spain. , in the largest extension in the world for centuries. old oak trees. For $ 550, you get not only the leg but also a presentation stand and a slicing knife.

A 10-foot teepee

For $ 900, you can invest in a real wooden teepee that stands almost 10 1/2 feet in the air. It is designed for ages 3 and up, but it is not a children’s toy. Made from FSC-certified wood from sustainable sources, it weighs almost 200 pounds, but two adults can put it together in two hours. The exterior arrives bare and is meant to be painted, stenciled, or improved upon after settling into its new home in your backyard.

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Octopus tentacles

Costco has an impressive selection of premium seafood, but the choices go beyond lobster tails, shrimp, and shrimp. You can also catch a six pack of 14-ounce octopus tentacles – 5.25 pounds in total – caught in Spanish waters. Pre-cooked in Mediterranean style, they ship frozen and ready to add to your favorite recipes, all for $ 160.

An air hockey table

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your rec room, Costco has you covered. An 89-inch air hockey table from Medal Sports can be yours for $ 469.99, with four pucks, four lifters, a powerful fan that provides even and stable air across the table, and an electronic scoreboard to LED with sound effects.

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A greenhouse and a solarium

For $ 2,000, you can combine outdoor recreation and your love of gardening in a T-shaped sunroom / greenhouse with a cathedral design. It features wide, lockable double doors and a sturdy yet lightweight powder coated aluminum frame. The polycarbonate roof and wall panels are strong and weather resistant and provide UV protection to plants and people.

A smart toilet for a thousand dollars

About $ 1,100 might seem like a lot of money for a toilet, but the OVE Decors Saga smart toilet comes with a comfortable heated seat and a built-in memory system that regulates water flow and seat settings. As fully customizable and ecologically designed as it is technologically impressive, its features include self-cleaning and automatic deodorization.

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