10 Shabby Chic Home Decorations Fail That Just Look Sad And Cheap


If your house is filled with distressed furniture and mismatched dishes that you grabbed from a flea market, you’re probably a resident of a decorating style known as shabby chic.

Shabby chic was all the rage in the fabulous 80s and 90s, thanks to its de facto founder, Rachel Ashwell, and its sweet Santa Monica, California, shop of the same name.

To join in the shabby chic fun, you just had to hang lace and sand on an old piece of furniture and call it ‘distressed’. The best shabby chic pieces have a bohemian flair, which gives people more room to go wild with DIY ideas.

But alas, the reality of this decorating scheme can be downright complicated in the wrong hands. Truth: Shabby chic should really be mostly elegant, with subtle hints of seedy, folks! Otherwise, you run the risk of a trashy, almost homeless vibe in your own home.

Don’t fall for the shabby chic rabbit hole. Here are 10 no-nos when you want to go boho.

1. Mobiles and dresses

Photo by Chris Snook

A favorite shabby chic design tip is to hang vintage dresses, lace curtains, intricate mobiles, and dream catchers in an effort to appear mundane and effortless. But honestly, the eye doesn’t know where to land with things all over this crowded boudoir, so fix a few before your whole house looks like a walk-in closet.

2. DIY cabinets and sink

Photo for Centerbeam Construction

Guess it’s great that someone was able to reuse a rusty old sink, but cabinets with torn screens are a bit too much. Second-hand items are of course (why not save some money where you can?), But if it looks like you’ve dived in a trash can for something, it’s time to return it to the junkyard. .

3. Macrame

Photo by Stephanie D Poole

Knitting is fun. Ditto for needlework. And while weaving macrame is also an enjoyable hobby, when you get to the point where your creation can cover an entire wall, you have to stop. Macrame in small doses is a classic boho and shabby chic accessory – don’t let those bows and bangs get to crazy city level.


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4. Old enamel

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How many colanders and painted teapots should a person own? I would say a colander to drain the spaghetti and no accessories for the old lady’s teatime because you know full well that you don’t consume that much caffeine. Additionally, chipped enamel from garage sales and flea market finds may not be entirely safe to drink. (Use them for flowers instead.)

5. Cute dishes

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Where do you start with this creepy pile of vintage trash? When you shop at Goodwill or a flea market to set up a shabby chic display, leave the scary faces and side lambs behind. Instead, stick with graphic tees and mod skirts – and that’s it.

6. Distressed wood and trite sayings

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Signage with old adages you’ve heard a million times over isn’t just a hallmark of the ever popular modern farmhouse style; they also raise their heads among lovers of shabby chic. Yet don’t they just inspire you to hold your head and sigh (or cry)? At the very least, hang the sign behind a door so it’s not visible 24/7.

7. Whitewashed brick

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Much like the distressed furniture, the brick with stained paint looks unfinished and cold. In fact, painted brick in general is kind of a pain in the house, thanks to its chipping and discoloration. Put down your brush and your bucket, and put your stone and your brick back!

8. Ruffles and roses

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Ruffles and pinks are sweet on a baby’s sweater or your little one’s bed skirt. And you might enjoy this look too if you stayed with your 90 year old great aunt. Shabby chic walks a fine line with grandma chic, so unless you’re in your 80s, leave those fluffy shams behind.

9. Messy beds

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We understand – you are laid back and also grown up – so if you don’t feel like making your bed, you won’t. Plus, crumpled sheets channel a free spirit. But with all those plants towering over your head, you can’t help but wonder about the bits of leaves and other bits of dead plants that fall on your litter every night. Keep dirt away from where you sleep, please.

10. Rattan

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How comfortable is this bed really? And do the mirror and the lantern also have to be woven from sticks and slings? Investing in sturdy furniture is part of adulthood, so think carefully before you pull the trigger on a rickety bed frame, even if you’re a bohemian at heart.

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