10 gift ideas for Eid and Ramadan

Less than two months before Ramadan, more and more people are looking for unique gifts to give to their loved ones

Less than two months before Ramadan, more and more people are looking for unique gifts to give to their loved ones. The Internet gives us endless choices. But there are several must-have gift ideas that really stand out.

Chocolate and dates

As of now, many pastry shops across India are already offering Eid gift baskets. These pretty baskets contain Mithai, which can be anything from candies and chocolate cookies, to mixed dried fruits and, of course, beloved dates!

Some people choose to make their own gift baskets. If you’re planning on doing the same, nougats, nuts, dried goji berries, banana nougats, and sesame Malbon are great additions to your Ramadan and Eid gift baskets.

Toys / Eidi

Every child will jump for joy when they receive toys as gifts for Eid and Ramadan. But instead of the usual toys, parents can make it more meaningful by choosing Eidi who will educate the children on the real essence of this Islamic tradition.

Many stores have Ramadan themed toys, such as Eid puzzles, storage mosques, Ibtihaj Barbie dolls, Muslim dolls, and Eid craft sets. These toys aren’t just fun to play. They are also a great way to incorporate Ramadan teachings and Islamic values ​​into children.

Home accessories

Nothing like decorating your home to instill the holiday spirit. Modern home accessories are popular gifts for Eid and Ramadan.

From beautiful wall decors to handcrafted rugs and rugs, decorative lanterns, Ramadan calendars, door decals, glassware, baskets and trash cans, and much more – a few well-designed pieces can go a long way in improving the look and feel of the house. ambiance of any home.

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Choosing home accessories is both stimulating and fun. It is important to choose the style that will blend beautifully with the recipient’s home. When in doubt, go for neutral tones. Metal pieces such as brass and copper will also appear in traditional and contemporary homes.

Quran Books and Hadith / Islamic Books

Ramadan is the most sacred time of the year. During the 40-day fast, Muslims refrain from pleasures and pray to draw closer to God. Speaking of strengthening one’s faith, nothing does more than read the Quran – the most important book for Muslims.

In addition to the Quran, others Hadeeth books also make ideal gifts for Eid and Ramadan. There are plenty. Among the best choices are:

The great flight: Fight against the Islam of extremists by Khaled Abou El Fadl

● The story of the Koran by Ingrid Mattson

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Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time by Karen Armstrong

Servants of Allah: African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas by Sylviane A.

Spending time with the family

No gift or money can replace the gift of time. There are many ways to make this year’s Eid special for your family. Here are some ideas:

● Eat together. Eid is about feasting and celebrating. Nothing binds a family together more than good food. But instead of ordering, consider making some tasty Eid dishes at home. The bond becomes even stronger when everyone can chat, laugh, and talk about great things while cooking up family recipes.

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● Visit relatives. Eid is a great time to go out and visit family members you haven’t seen in a while. It is also a great opportunity to familiarize children with parents they have not yet met.

● Plan an evening of family fun. Go to the movie marathon, play hide and seek, let the kids zoom around the house with their cardboard racing cars (girls can make their cardboard dollhouses), wash the car, get dressed and take lots of photos (think family photoshoot) indoor camping etc. The list is long!

Donate to charity

Part of the profession of faith in Allah is showing love to others, especially those in need. Donate to charity is one of the best gift ideas for Eid and Ramadan just because it showcases compassion and kindness.

There are many ways to donate to charity. The easiest way is through institutions and charities. Some people choose to fundraise themselves and buy toys, food baskets and clothes to distribute to those in greatest need.

Prayer beads

Prayer beads are lovely gifts for Eid and Ramadan. They come in varied colors, materials and styles. Choices can range from simple and inexpensive rosary to luxurious pieces that feature precious and valuable stones, like Swarovski crystals.

Jewelry & Watches

Jewelry is also a popular gift option for different occasions. Women will surely appreciate stylish necklaces, earrings and rings, while men will find watches endearing gifts. 2021 is a year where we would see designs that encourage optimism to counter post-pandemic anxieties.

Therefore, trendy options include jewelry that stimulates mood that sparkle in different colors and unusual combinations.

Abaya / Clothing

Fashionable Abaya Clothing are always a hit during Ramadan and Eid. Two-tone abayas are very popular right now, as are tie-dye styles. Hijab fashion allows veiled women to wear more fashionable pieces in an elegant and orderly manner.


Giving money especially to younger family members and parents is a tradition still observed by modern families in India and other Islamic communities. When gift shopping gets a little tedious or overwhelming (especially when you have a lot of people to give gifts to), Eidi is the way forward.
Giving gifts is one of the most anticipated traditions of Ramadan and Eid. It is a symbol of love, generosity and appreciation not only for family and friends, but also for others.

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