Loan Application

The 3 things you have to start doing to get the loan that suits you

Getting the credit that suits you may be a simple task to do that can be completed in one or two days, but to be a reliable and safe credit for you it is important to start doing 3 key things before you get in touch with Credifiel.

Number 1. Develop your plan and identify the purpose of the loan

That the credit is safe for you, means that you anticipate knowing for what and how you will apply the money you receive, in such a way that it is a productive transaction for you.  

A plan should include a clear description of the intention you want to make, the income forecasts you have, the expenses you have and the way you can pay for the loan.

You will also want to be clear about the cash flow you will have in the coming months because that is the key so that you do not fall short of the commitments you have every day so that they can preserve the quality of life you have to this day.

Number 2   Make sure you are dealing with one of the best Credifiel credit institutions and that you have an agreement with the government institution for which you work.

Credifiel is a SOFOM (Multi-Purpose Financial Corporation) whose objective is to grant cash loans to the most underserved sectors of the country, particularly to government employees, who usually do not find this type of support from traditional banks. Mexico.

The majority of loans offered by Credifiel are settled by making discounts via payroll, the interest rate is lower in relation to the domiciled loans since this way the collection guarantee increases.

Credifiel is one of the companies that has gained more market penetration year after year and is located in the “Top 5” of the companies dedicated to the granting of Payroll Discount Credits for government workers, teachers, retirees, and pensioners.

Number 3. Gather in advance the documents that we will request for your credit to be quick and fast.  Apply for a credit in citrusnorth is so simple that you only need:

___   Complete the credit application

___   Submit your last 2 payroll receipts

___   Present your current INE or IFE identification

___   Submit proof of address

___   Recent bank statement

___   Complete the direct debit form

The 3 things you have to start doing to get the credit that suits you, are so easy that you can get the credit on the same day you request it.