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 Savso is an entity that offers fast loans of up to 900 euros in installments. The personal microloan sector continues to renew itself and offer new products within the wide range of products that you can turn to. After having seen over the years different offers and promotions to attract new customers, such as the first free credit, loans at 5 euros or the different term and amount increases carried out by the various credit institutions that have gone Emerging in recent years in our country, now come the mini-loans in installments of Savso , which can be returned in comfortable weekly installments.

The rise of this alternative financing market means that new entities that expand the offer and also increase competition among them do not stop emerging. Thus, promotions and news do not stop appearing to access a larger audience. This has a direct impact on the client, who is getting better conditions and a lower price to apply for these quick loans.

As you know, its main function is to obtain a small amount of money expressly to deal with specific situations of need. There are many occasions in which it is necessary to resort to an external source to anticipate some money, as when we had a month with many expenses, when extraordinary expenses arrive, such as back to school or Christmas, or when an expense arises. unforeseen, such as car repair or a traffic ticket.

For all these cases, Savso’s urgent mini-loans are a very useful solution , with them it is possible to obtain up to 900 euros, although if it is the first time you request a loan with them you can only get 300 euros as much. In addition, it is possible to access financing even by appearing on Asnef’s list of defaulters.

Steps to request an urgent credit in Savso

Steps to request an urgent credit in Savso

The first step is to access the Savso.es website and select amount and term. The amount of money that can be requested is up to 900 euros (300 for new clients), and the term can be 13 or 26 weeks to return the money little by little.

After filling in this information, the amount of the installments to be paid can be seen on the screen thanks to Savso’s online calculator. If we are satisfied click on the ” Request ” button to make the final request filling in our personal and contact information.


Mini-loans in weekly installments with Savso

Mini-loans in weekly installments with Savso

The main characteristic of Savso, which differentiates it from the rest of mini-credit offers, is that of being able to return the borrowed money in small installments. With this option, the entity allows the user to deal with the debt comfortably and almost without realizing it. In addition, this option allows the expiration period to be longer, being able to choose between 13 and 26 weeks, that is, between 3 and 6 months , when the usual thing in this type of product is that at most it reaches 30 or as maximum to 40 days.

The fees will be paid weekly , and will be charged automatically on the debit or credit card that you indicated when filling out the application. If at any time the entity can not obtain the corresponding money, it will try again at 48 hours, in case it still can not charge the corresponding amount, either because it has no available balance or because the card has been canceled, it will be incorporated a surcharge of 20 euros. The interesting thing about this system is that they will charge you the fee always on the same day of the week so you can organize yourself to plan the payment, without surprises.

Savso mini-loansNow, if you accumulate up to 3 installments without paying (adding a total of 60 euros in surcharges), Savso may demand the return of the remaining total of the loan. In case it can not be paid, you will have the right to be included in the Asnef list of defaulters. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you will be able to return the money on time before starting the application (both in Savso and in any other fast credit company).

Money even with Asnef

The requirements to access the Savso installment mini-loans are very low, as is usual in this type of financing products. Here we list them, as you can see, they are easily reachable by most people.Have an age between 18 and 65 years.
Reside habitually and legally in Spain . For this it will be necessary to provide a copy of the DNI, if you are a Spanish citizen, or of the NIE, if you are a foreigner.
Have a mobile phone , a debit or credit card and a current account in a bank that operates in our country.
Have a minimum regular income of at least € 750. They do not have to be from a job as an employee, if you are unemployed your unemployment benefit will work, or if you are retired you can contribute your pension. In addition, other subsidies that reach € 750 per month will be used.
Not be insolvent .
Do not have a debt in Asnef higher than 500 euros or that comes from other mini-loans . As you can see, you can get the money even if you are on the Asnef list, as long as the reason you are in it is not that you owe money to another fast microloan entity.

In our section of credits with ASNEF you can see the whole list of loans that exist for people that appear in ASNEF and that have the urgent need to get money to face some unforeseen event.

Remember that the use of the Savso mini-loans in installments (as in the rest of financial companies) must be for specific occasions when you need money for any emergency. This form of financing should not be used regularly, since it has quite high commissions due to the high risk profile that its users usually have

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