Maradona denies having asked for money to receive Napoleonic honorary citizenship

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Rome, July 4 (EFE) .- The former Argentine player Diego Armando Maradona denied on Tuesday that he has asked for money to receive the honorary citizenship of Naples (southern Italy) and stressed that when they proposed to participate in the event he accepted immediately.

Maradona said at a press conference that the society is enslaved by money and lashed out against those who accused him of asking for 230,000 euros for participating in this Wednesday’s event in the Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples.

“I swear on my mother, who looks at me from the sky, that nobody has told me about money … Nobody … When they proposed citizenship, I immediately accepted Why do you always have to ask for money? For me it is not like that,” he said.

“Surely who thinks that is wrong in the head, very bad, money, money, money, I would like to have a hand in hand with him that spoke of the 230,000 euros I won, or 450,000 euros, to spit in his face”, sentenced.

The Argentine legend defended his values ​​and said that he perceived that he would have a particular relationship with the city of Naples from the first moment.

“Today I am a Neapolitan citizen, but the citizens of Naples already had it since the first day I wore the number ten shirt of this club (…) I have been in my heart for a long time,” he said.

In the press conference, Maradona also spoke of the constant comparisons with his compatriot Lionel Messi and asked that the Barcelona player be left alone, adding that people will realize in the future of the “great race” he did.

The “Golden Boy” also expressed his willingness to meet with the president of Naples, Aurelio De Laurentiis, to talk about an eventual future collaboration and insisted on the close relationship he has with the Neapolitan people.

There was also time to resume the debate on whether it is appropriate that the shirt number 10 of Naples, which has been withdrawn in honor of the Argentine, may again be available to current players.

Specifically, Maradona was asked if he considers that Lorenzo Insigne is ready to be his heir and answered: “If you score more goals than me, take it”, provoking the laughter of those present.

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